Indications for use of grass Borovoy uterus

Update: November 2018

Ramishia is one-sided, Ortiliya is one-sided, and finally, Borovaya uterus –
names of the same medicinal plant that has
widely used in traditional medicine. The very name of this
natural remedies points to its unique properties, which
with proper use can have an effective healing
action, “Borovaya” – means forest, “womb” – mother.

To this day, preserved information that ancient women
a thousand years ago they used drinks from this herb to
get pregnant This is an ancient means used for centuries by healers.
for the treatment of not only female diseases, but also urinary
system, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Composition and beneficial properties of the Borovoy uterus

The unique beneficial properties of medicinal herbs are determined
its constituent substances, such as:Боровая матка показания к применению


As part of the uterus of the uterus is so necessary to the female body
фитогормоны — это  фитоэстроген и фитопрогестерон. With
lack of progesterone in the female body occur
adverse processes, the probability of pregnancy decreases,
deficiency of this hormone leads to painful menstruation, threats
miscarriage or even infertility.

Considering phytoprogesterone, which is part of the uterine uterus,
the action of the medicinal herb is due to the normalization of the level
progesterone in the body, therefore, using the Borovoy uterus with
infertility in a woman increases the likelihood of pregnancy
reduced risk of miscarriage, reduced signs of toxemia.

Phytoestrogens also exist in the Borovoy uterus, they have
positive effect with menopausal symptoms, contribute to
normalize sleep, reduce the frequency of hot flashes and soften
depressive and nervous disorders in women during menopause. The
women whose estrogen levels are low, boron womb
should be taken in phase 2 of the menstrual cycle. So, useful
properties of boron uterus due to phytohormones

    • strengthens the cardiovascular system
    • prevention of coronary heart disease
    • contributes to the normalization of blood pressure
    • inhibits the growth of cancer cells
    • has a rejuvenating effect
    • with endocrine cause of infertility increases the likelihood of conception
      and gestation pregnancy
  • Гидрохинон антиоксидант
    natural, is a diuretic and antiseptic.
  • Арбутин — входящий в состав травы оказывает
    anti-inflammatory, diuretic effect on the body
  • Кумарины — это достаточно мощные
    anticoagulants also have diuretic, astringent and bactericidal
  • Витамин С — его полезные свойства
    well-known, it is both an antioxidant and normalizes the work
    central nervous system, endocrine system, hematopoietic
  • Сапонины — влияют на слизистую желудка,
    increasing secretion of glands, it helps to improve the discharge
    sputum and use as an expectorant. Opportunity
    saponins liquefy vaginal secretion also contributes
    use of boron uterus with infertility.
  • Органические кислоты — такие как лимонная и
    tartaric acid contribute to both improving immunity and speeding up
    metabolic process, and relieve stomach symptoms such as
    heaviness in the stomach, heartburn.
  • Флавоноиды — оказывают желчегонное,
    laxative effect, are natural antioxidants.
  • Смолы -оказывают дезинфицирующее действие,
    promote immunity
  • Микроэлементы — в составе боровой матки есть
    titanium, copper, zinc, manganese. With правильной дозировке все
    trace elements have a very positive effect on the body,
    stimulate mental activity, are involved in maintaining
    immunity, reduce possible allergic reactions.
  • Дубильные вещества оказывают вяжущее,
    anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial action.
  • Горечи — являются регуляторами уровня
    cholesterol and blood sugar, reduce the fermentation process in
    the intestines than has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal
    tract, improve kidney function and have a positive effect on

Given the composition of nutrients in the pine forest, in folk
medicine this valuable medicinal herb is considered a remedy
having the following pronounced effects on the human body:

  • Antitumor, is a prophylactic
    malignant and benign neoplasms.
  • Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial action.
  • Increases libido, activity and sperm count,
    is a means of helping with infertility, normalizing
    hormonal balance.
  • Immunostimulating, improving blood composition.
  • Expectorant effect.
  • Anesthetic effect for painful menstruation.
  • Diuretic.

The main applications of Borovoy uterus grass

  • Gynecology — является основным направлением
    its widespread use, it helps fight the following
    diseases of the female reproductive system:

    • Irregular menstrual cycle, lack of menstruation
    • Pronounced premenstrual syndrome
    • Infertility, hormonal disorders, adhesions process in small
    • Inflammatory diseases of the genital organs
    • Mitigation of symptoms during menopause
    • Borovaya uterus with endometriosis
    • Cervical erosion
    • Uterine fibroids and fibroids
    • Mastopathy
    • Thrush, vaginitis, colpitis
  • Желудочно-кишечный тракт — боровую матку
    используют для лечения  заболеваний желчевыводящих путей,
    the liver.
  • Сахарный диабет, дисфункции
    pancreas, thyroid, adrenal glands.
  • Мочевыделительная система — используется при
    inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, bladder – cystitis,

How to take Borovaya Uterus

For the treatment of various diseases, herbalists use
Borovoy uterus in three forms:

Настойка Боровой матки:  Для приготовления
which will require 0.5 liters of vodka and 5 tbsp. spoons of dry raw materials.
Pour medicinal herb with vodka and insist 21 days, time from
time, the solution should be stirred and stored in a dark place. how
to drink Borovoy uterus? Usually take 15-30 drops of tincture for 1
an hour before meals.

Отвар Боровой матки: 2 ст. spoon raw materials pour
300 ml. water, boil for 5 minutes, let it brew
half an hour, strain. Use the decoction inside before eating for half an hour
one article spoon 3 p / day.

Настой Боровой матки: Также как и для отвара
2 tablespoons of chopped grass should be poured over half a liter of boiling water,
wrap, insist 15 minutes, then strain. Drink in half an hour
Before eating half a glass of infusion 3-4 p / day.

Any medicinal plant after the infusion is necessary
strain, experienced herbalists recommend not to use when
this metal strainers, etc., the best way to filter
through linen cloth or cotton napkin. Withготовленные
drinks can not be stored more than 2-3 days, it is best to pour infusion
or decoction in a glass dish with a lid and refrigerate.
And the infusion and decoction for gynecological problems can be taken not
only inside, but also used for douching Borovoy uterus.
To do this, pour two Art. spoon a glass of boiling water, insist no less
3 hours, strain.

Borovaya uterus – use for infertility

If a woman during a year of regular sex life cannot
to get pregnant, she should conduct a thorough examination to
определить возможные причины  бесплодия. By recommendation
A female gynecologist may try a fertility treatment and
Borovoy uterus (see Borovaya uterus for conception). Many women
after such a phytotreatment, it is possible to get pregnant even after
many years of unsuccessful attempts. Women for conception should
take infusion for a month.


  • Do not take Borovoy uterus during menstruation
  • You can not use this drug without
    preliminary examination by a specialist, the treatment is carried out
    only when agreed with the attending physician in the complex
  • Borovaya uterus may have an anticoagulant effect,
    therefore, patients with low blood clotting should take the drug
  • It is impossible to take hormones simultaneously with the Borovoy uterus
  • Between courses of treatment should definitely take a break.
  • Arbulin, hydroquinone included in the composition of the herb is
    toxic, carcinogenic and overdose,
    prolonged use can cause symptoms of poisoning,
    intoxication. Therefore, any treatment of Borovoy uterus should be
    careful and be sure to be under the supervision of a physician.

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