Increased thymus gland in infants


  1. What is the thymus gland and what are its functions?
  2. Causes of timomegaly
  3. Signs of gland growth
  4. Thymus examination in infants
  5. Thymomegaly Treatment Methods
  6. Conclusion

With an increase in the size of the thymus gland in the baby faced by many parents. It is in infancy that this organ performs its function as much as possible.

For this reason, doctors give him special attention in children up to a year. But parents themselves can, according to some signs, suspect an enlarged thymus gland and consult a doctor, who will prescribe an examination and treatment regimen.

What is the thymus gland and what are its functions?

In medical science, this gland is called the thymus. It is located in chest, adjacent to the upper part of the sternum. It is barren and an active blood supply body consisting of two lobules

The thymus begins in the middle of the first trimester pregnancy, and the maximum of its development occurs in the first year human life. In the same period, the body performs its functions in to the maximum. Subsequently, the growth of the thymus is stabilized, and after 20 years iron gradually involves, but does not completely stop work.

This organ belongs to the immune and endocrine systems.

  1. The main work of the thymus is related to functional orientation special immune cells that are part of the group of T-lymphocytes. Their predecessors enter the thymus gland of red bone marrow and undergo partial or complete ripening. AT this is the immune function of the gland.
  2. Endocrine function includes more than just excretion substances that affect the development of T-lymphocytes, but also hormones that determine the interaction of the immune and neuroendocrine systems. The thymus gland interacts with the adrenal glands, genital, thyroid and parathyroid glands, pituitary gland. It defines functioning and development of the body.

Gland enlargement (thymomegaly) can greatly affect the functions it performs. Therefore science is important reasons causing the growth of the thymus, so that you can avoid this process or start monitoring on time.

Causes of timomegaly

Why is the thymus gland enlarged in infants?Scientists before the end is not clear why the thymus gland increases babies. The cause of thymomegaly in infants is several factors:

  • Infectious diseases during pregnancy, including syphilis and tuberculosis;
  • Alcohol and other hazardous substances in the process gestation;
  • Radiation exposure of the fetus;
  • Prematurity;
  • Complicated childbirth;
  • Rhesus conflict;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • The transfer of infectious diseases by the child;
  • Allergy, rickets, malnutrition of the baby;
  • Operations.

In addition to the reasons that can lead to thymomegaly, it is necessary know the signs of this pathology, the appearance of which is worth see a doctor.

Signs of gland growth

Why is the thymus gland enlarged in infants?Parents themselves able to detect the first symptoms that may be evidence that their infant is enlarged gland:

  1. A sharp change in weight.
  2. Great birth weight.
  3. Cough unrelated to organ infections breathing. It often manifests itself or grows at the moment when the child is in horizontal position.
  4. Too frequent cases of SARS.
  5. Marbling, pallor of the skin.
  6. Cyanosis of the skin at the time of crying or another stress state.
  7. Enlarged lymphoid tissue.
  8. The appearance of a vascular network on the baby’s chest.
  9. Food allergies and other dermatitis. At an early age often atopic dermatitis occurs.
  10. Heart rhythm abnormalities.

The presence of these symptoms suggests the possibility of such a pathology, like lymphoid diathesis, which is accompanied by thymus growth glands.


But they are not a strict indicator of pathologies of the thymus. therefore it is better to consult a doctor who will prescribe examination.

Thymus examination in infants

Why is the thymus gland enlarged in infants?On inspection the doctor can visually detect only a significant increase thymus gland in infants, and also suspect thymomegaly with the presence of the above symptoms. For a more accurate statement The diagnosis is carried out 2 types of examination:

  1. X-ray with assessment of the position of the shadow of the thymus and establishment CTC index. If the value of the latter is not more than 0.33, then consider that the thymus is of normal size. CCP from the upper bound norms up to 0.40 – a sign of the first degree of increase in the thymus. Value index over 0.4 is an indicator of significant timomegaly.
  2. Ultrasound of the thymus is preferable to X-ray due to safety for babies and the ability to track changes size. Ultrasound assesses the size and weight of the gland in accordance with the weight of the child and his age.

Diagnose according to examination results. only a pediatrician, endocrinologist or immunologist can. The same experts prescribe additional tests to determine immune status and other examinations, and are also prescribed therapy.

Thymomegaly Treatment Methods

The treatment regimen depends on why the thymus is enlarged iron in infants and how this process affects well-being and child development.

If the increase in the thymus is slight and is not accompanied by severe condition, then the baby does not need special treatment, except preventive measures, including enhanced protein food.

After all, it is the lack of this nutrient component that can cause the growth of the thymus. Therefore for babies so it is important to feed breast milk, the proteins of which are absorbed as much as possible. If breastfeeding is not possible Replacement in the form of a special adapted mixtures.

Treatment for a significant increase in thymus can only be doctor. Sometimes you have to resort to surgery, which is carried out for children over the age of 2-3 years. ask why a child drinks a lot of water.

What to do when a baby is arching its back and throws back his head.

An interesting material here is whether it is possible to sleep on infants.


For babies with thymomegaly, nutrition and compliance are very important. mode. Vaccination is carried out in accordance with the calendar, if the child is not sick at this moment.

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