Increased blood cholesterol – myths andreality

Update: November 2018

The population has long formed the opinion that cholesterol is
harmful substance that enters our body with food,
causes atherosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular

Some are so sure of that, taking care of their
health, exclude from the daily rations fatty,
cholesterol-containing food, etc., knowing that high cholesterol in
blood caused by the abuse of such products.

However, several popular hypotheses about the reasons for the growth of its level
in the blood, the role of this substance in the vital activity of the human body
not true

1 Myth: Cholesterol enters the body only with food.

Нет, От чего повышен холестерин в крови на самом деле большая
part of cholesterol is produced by the human body, and only
a small part of it comes with food. It is estimated that up to 70% of it
the body synthesizes itself and only 30% comes from products
power supply.

Therefore, dietary restriction of cholesterol intake
the body does not have such a significant role in prevention
its increased level. Limiting Cholesterol-Containing Products
in the diet it is advisable to carry out not prophylactically, but already with
high blood cholesterol.

Самыми насыщенными холестерином продуктами  являются жирные
dairy products, pork, hard cheeses. Not many know that
especially large amounts of harmful cholesterol contain palm
и кокосовое масла, поэтому  все кондитерские изделия,
ice cream, pastry baking, even butter contain these
vegetable oils and is also an optional
source of.

2 Myth: Cholesterol is a harmful substance.

Far from it, cholesterol is divided into two types, one of which
performs a lot of useful functions in the body, is important
component in the production of sex hormones, is part of the bile,
nerve tissue, cleans the blood of harmful substances, patches defects
vascular wall. Another kind can really render
negative effect on the walls of blood vessels, but only when
level is in excess.

3 Myth: High blood cholesterol causes

This is the most common misconception, because
cholesterol can not cause any disease. Elevated
its level is only a signal, an indicator that in the body
there is a metabolic disorder, diseases of the liver, kidneys,
pancreas, thyroid, diabetes, etc.
diseases, которые приводят к увеличению его уровня. Is not
cholesterol is the culprit for atherosclerosis, and wrong,
unhealthy lifestyle, stress, lack of physical activity,
smoking (see cancer and cigarettes) leads to atherosclerosis, and to
find out how advanced atherosclerosis is in the body
cholesterol. При  биохимическом анализе крови можно определить
several of his indicators:

  • triglycerides should be no more than 2.0 mmol / l.,
  • total – up to 5.2 mmol / l.,
  • high density lipoproteins of 1.0 to 1.9 mmol / l.
  • and low density of 2.2- 3.5 mmol / l.

The latter (low density) is the most dangerous
and in combination with a low level of “useful” (high density) –
considered the most unfavorable factor.

4 Myth: The main fat index is cholesterol.

Among the above indicators, the most important are actually –
This is a triglyceride level. It is believed that a slight increase
blood cholesterol is not too dangerous, unlike
high triglycerides.

5 Myth: The lower the cholesterol, the higher the duration
of life

Many believe that people with less cholesterol live less
than people with low levels of it. Many studies confirm
this, however, in 1994 were studies indicating that
cholesterol levels are not 100% clear
impact on longevity. Therefore, convincing arguments
подтверждающих снижение продолжительности of life при высоком
no cholesterol.

6 Myth: Only medications can reduce

Also confusing, there are foods that contain
не только холестерин, но вещества, нормализующие обмен cholesterol
and reducing its level. These products include: nuts,
olive oil, lard, soy products, etc.

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