Increased basophil level – what is it talking about?Symptoms and causes.


  • The role of basophils in the body
  • Causes of Basophil Growth
  • Pathological
  • Physiological
  • Signs of elevated basophil level
  • Video
  • Basophilia prevention

Basophils form in the structures of the bone marrow and represent
a special kind of white blood cells. They are the same as lymphocytes and others.
the white elements of the blood are part of the immune system, and in terms of
contents form the smallest group. Condition when
basophils elevated in an adult, called basophilia. In itself
it is not considered a disease, but may be one of the symptoms
health problems. Read more about what it is – further in

The role of basophils in the body

Baso-blood elements perform the following functions:

  • participate in the formation of immune responses instant
  • block the action of toxins, preventing them from spreading with
    blood flow;
  • support the protective functions of the body, including
    through participation in phagocytosis;
  • responsible for the permeability and tone of small blood vessels;
  • ensure the maintenance of optimal water and colloidal
  • affect the blood coagulation mechanism.

That is why they, or rather their level, are largely
can affect the state and well-being.

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Causes of Basophil Growth

Their normal blood level in an adult
is in the range from 0.5 to 1% of the total leukocyte volume, which
in absolute value of 0.3 nanol per liter
If the content is much higher than normal, then
there are problems and it is necessary to guard, because provoke
an increase in these indicators may be due to:

  • the development of pathological processes in the body;
  • human physiology.

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This category includes:

  • Болезни онtoологичесtoого хараtoтера, связанные с
    myeloproliferation when an excess amount is produced
    protective elements of the blood – erythrocytes and others. If their percentage
    elevated, then with a full diagnosis can be identified, for example:

    1. chronic myeloid leukemia – a blood disorder in which
      Leukocyte count changes significantly and appears abnormal
      many immature granulocytes;
    2. carcinoma – a malignant tumor consisting of cells
      epithelium of the organs on the basis of which it is formed. Process
      affects blood vessels and causes
      development of basophilia;
    3. Lymphoma is a form of cancer that affects lymphatic structures.
      The disease leads to an increase in the number of white blood elements, including
      which basophils;
  • Allergies. Individual immune response
    systems for some medicines, food and others,
    external and internal stimuli leads to the formation of high
    basophil concentrations. When allergens affect the body,
    histamine is released, which leads to the appearance of characteristic

    1. puffiness and lacrimation;
    2. pruritus;
    3. the appearance of a rash on the body.
  • Infectious lesions. Regardless
    pathogenic pathogens
    provokes the production of excess white blood cells,
    о чем непременно «проинформирует» анализ blood. A large number of
    protective cells are needed so that the body can resist
  • Endocrine disorders. With organ dysfunctions
    endocrinopathy is formed by the endocrinopathy, which can
    lead to basophilia. This happens when:

    1. hypothyroidism – insufficient functionality of the thyroid gland,
      the result of which is the deficit produced by it
    2. diabetes – pathology arising from violations
      work of the pancreas, leading to an increase in glucose levels
      в blood. At the same time, the number of basophils grows, which is negative
      affects the body’s ability to resist infections.
  • Anemia. With anemia caused by
    iron deficiency, decreases the amount of red blood cells –
    red blood cells. At the same time, as a rule, the level of basophils grows. Also
    may be observed with hemolytic anemia.

Article in topic: Symptoms of anemia in women. Treatments and
anemia prevention

  • Acute and chronic bowel disease. So
    the basophilicity of the blood increases when perforation of its walls or
    ulcerative colitis.

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In some cases, an increase in the number of basophils
due to physiology and observed:

  • in women, in the second half of the menstrual cycle, when growing
    concentration of estrogen in the blood;
  • during the recovery period after severe infectious
  • with regular doses of radiation, as happens with
    long-term medical professionals working in
    X-ray rooms;
  • while taking oral contraceptives and other drugs with
    high estrogen levels;
  • with emergency medical care, in the process of rendering which
    hormones are injected into the body;
  • in cases of intoxication of a different nature, including
    poisoning with poisons.

Soим образом, поводов для развития базофилии множество. To
find out what kind of violation in the body led to anomalies,
additional diagnostics are assigned.

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Signs of elevated basophil level

Ранее говорилось о том, что сам фаtoт высоtoого содержания особых
белых toлетоto toрови не является отдельной патологией, а значит, не
имеет специфичесtoих симптомов. Посtoольtoу базофилия чаще развивается
на фоне болезни, ее проявлениями считаются признаtoи патологии,
toоторая стала причиной. So, например:

  • when myeloproliferative conditions increase in size
    селезенtoи, что приводит to дисtoомфорту и болям в животе;
  • при анемии ощущается упадоto сил, слабость и головные боли;
  • in hypothyroidism, digestion slows down, leading to
    to запорам. Кроме того, беспоtoоит боль в мышцах и чувство
    сtoованности в суставах, а таtoже повышение массы тела.

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