Increase child self-esteem

Will the child succeed in life in the future or
No, it directly depends on the level of his self-esteem, which
laid in early childhood. Key role in its formation
parents and family environment in general play, and in later
age is influenced by perception of oneself
child What is self-esteem? This awareness of the importance of himself,
the ability to adequately assess their own qualities, achievements,
advantages and disadvantages. How to develop the right attitude in children
to yourself and why is it important?

The content of the article

  • 1 Healthy self-esteem – the key to success
    • 1.1 How important is praise and encouragement?
    • 1.2 Several ways to improve children’s self-esteem
    • 1.3 Should children be punished?
    • 1.4 How to help children learn to properly evaluate themselves?
  • 2 How to raise the self-esteem of the child: tips psychologist
  • 3 Personal experience


Healthy self-esteem – the key to success

To achieve a balance between low and high self-esteem with
raising a child is not easy. Healthy child perception
develops gradually, if it grows in a favorable atmosphere.
A strong family where everyone treats each other with respect,
support, sincerely show their feelings, where baby
feels protected – these are the right conditions for development
здоровой самооценки у child

Дети с завышенным
часто агрессивны, склонны к
manipulation by others. They consider themselves and their interests above
the rest. It’s hard for them to accept defeat or to accept failure.
parents to fulfill their requirement.

Заниженная самооценка у детей
manifests itself differently – such babies tend to retire, they are not sure
in themselves, in the correctness of their actions and in achieving goals. They
are constantly waiting for the worst – that they will not be noticed, hurt,
will not listen, will not accept. These children’s own successes are not
notice or consider them minor.

A child with both low and high self-esteem
will have to face difficulties that will certainly appear in
searching for friends, marriage companion, work and other areas of life. Here is
why is it important from an early age to teach a son or daughter to properly assess
and perceive yourself as a person.

Адекватная самооценка позволит ребёнку
become honest, fair to yourself and others,
responsible, sympathetic and loving. Such a person can
acknowledge your mistakes, as well as forgive the mistakes of others. is he
able to bring things to the end, to take responsibility for
decisions made.

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need to teach your children

How important is praise and encouragement?

The importance of approval was mentioned in the Bible, where it is said that
praise inspires. These words are still relevant today – for the development
Adequate self-perception of the child must be praised and encouraged.
Noticing that the kid coped with a task, he got a new
skill, immediately praise him for his success. Said good time
the word will encourage the crumbs to seek even more approval from
parties of adults.

Здесь действует и обратное правило – ребёнок, не
lauded for a good deed or achievement may
утратить интерес к хорошим делам
. If parents constantly
ignore or take the child’s progress for granted, baby
will start to draw their attention to themselves in a different way – by pampering and

It is important to learn how to encourage children correctly without going too far.
Exaggerated or contrived praise can hurt the baby –
why make an effort if mom and dad express their opinion anyway
OK? When is praise inappropriate?

  • From feelings of pity for the baby;
  • If the child has appropriated other people’s achievements;
  • From the desire to win the location of the baby;
  • Do not praise for the natural beauty and health.

Each person has different abilities and talents that
may manifest unexpectedly. To identify them and manage
to develop, it is necessary to encourage the crumbs to make attempts to try
себя в разных видах деятельности

Let the crumb sings, draws, dances or builds, do not pull
him, and encourage. Never tell children not to become
great dancer or musician. By doing this, you will only achieve
the fact that the child will stop even trying something new, and his
self-esteem will decline.


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Several ways to increase children’s self-esteem

The conviction that parents believe in your strengths and
abilities will help the child overcome fears and achieve goals.
Хвалите малыша авансом, показывая и доказывая, что
you do not doubt it. How to do it? Tell him he
be sure to be able to tell a poem without hesitation, he will be able to
do some work. Speak these words without a shadow.
doubt, it will inspire the child and give him strength.

The praise of the child in the morning is an advance on the whole long and difficult
day. Praise him and for what will be, instill in him faith in yourself and
Your strength: “You will tell the rule!”, “You will win on
competitions “,” You will try, “” I believe in you, “etc.


Another way to increase children’s self-esteem is to
be interested in them мнением и просить совета
в каком-то
business After receiving a recommendation from a son or daughter, follow her, even
if you think otherwise. This is important because it will achieve the goal –
will help to assert themselves to children. Do not be afraid to show your weakness
Do not hide your own failures, but acknowledge them, then the children
understand that adults do not always get everything right the first time.
Обращайтесь за помощью к ребёнку – такой приём
especially good in the relationship of mother and son, he will create a favorable
ground for raising male qualities in a boy.

Do I have to punish children?

Punishment and censure is an important part of educational work, without
which can not develop a healthy self-esteem. is heо даёт возможность
realize your own mistakes, learn how to correct mistakes.
What parents need to know when applying censories

  • Punishment should not be accompanied by physical or
    psychological harm to a child (Read also: why not beat
    детей – последствия физического наказания детей);
  • Censure is a loving measure, do not deprive the child of affection and care,
    when he was guilty (We also read: to punish a child for
    random misconduct?);
  • You can not take away gifts from children – it is forbidden reception;
  • When in doubt whether to punish offense is not
    do this;
  • Forgive, forget, do not blame old mistakes and misdeeds
    children and do not remind them;
  • Punishment should not be demeaning.

It is worth mentioning the cases when educational measures
It is worth to postpone or refuse to punish

  1. When the baby is sick.
  2. If a daughter or son is afraid.
  3. After a recent psychological trauma.
  4. If a pussy makes an effort, but he can’t reach
  5. Когда вы уславшие или сильно раздражены.

To normalize high self-esteem, learn

  • Listen to the opinions and advice of others;
  • Respect the feelings and desires of others;
  • Worthy of criticism.

How to help children learn to properly evaluate themselves?

Reasonable use of punishment and encouragement will help father and
mothers to find that golden mean in parenting and develop
adequate attitude to yourself. An example of parents will be
cornerstone in the development of a harmonious personality
. Both kids and teens should understand that
Mom and Dad are ordinary people who are not immune from mistakes. If a
you did not manage to bake a pie or to fix a smooth eaves,
admit it. This behavior will form an adequate self-esteem.
the younger generation.

To develop adequate self-esteem:

  1. Do not protect the child from everyday affairs. Don’t decide for him
    all problems, but do not overload it. Set feasible tasks
    so that he could feel skilled and helpful.
  2. Do not praise the child, but do not forget to encourage when he
    it deserves.
  3. Praise for any initiative.
  4. Show with your example an adequate attitude towards success and
    failures: “I didn’t get a pie … well, nothing, I know what
    cause! Next time I will put in more flour. ”
  5. Never compare with other children. Compare with yourself
    himself: who he was yesterday and who he became today.
  6. Swear only for specific offenses, not as a whole.
  7. Analyze together failures, making the right conclusions.
    Tell him a similar example from your life and how you dealt with it.
    by this.

Common interests, playing together and practicing sincere
communication is what children need to feel
significance and learn to value and respect yourself and

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Как поднять самооценку child: советы психолога

Personal experience

If a ваш ребенок не уверен в себе, стесняется, боится
approach strangers, afraid to meet other children,
anxious In this video, recommendations are given on how to raise self-esteem.
child, methods of raising self-confidence, games to overcome

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