In what water to bathe a newborn baby,boil water, whether to add potassium permanganate?

Young parents bathing their baby for the first time
must answer a number of pressing questions:

  • In what water to bathe a newborn?
  • Do I need to (disinfect water by boiling)?
  • When it is necessary to bathe a newborn in
    potassium permanganate?

In what water to bathe the child

First of all, you need to inspect the bathroom. Decide
which bath you will use for swimming – large or
special nursery. In the nursery it is easier to cope with the baby, in
In case of a water outage, it is easier to fill. Big bath will allow
you do water gymnastics with your child, and if you buy
a special rubber ring around his neck, he will be able to independently
move in the water.

Next, you should decide in what water to bathe the newborn.
Pediatricians usually recommend using tap water,
especially if it is served peeled. The first days you can add
a solution of sea salt in a small concentration, it will give
additional disinfection of an unhealed umbilical wound.

Important! Optimum water temperature for
bathing newborn baby

Many moms love to use when bathing decoctions of different
herbs However, you should not get involved in them;
strict indications – for the baby this is a strong medicine.

In any case, it is necessary to know the commonly used herbs when
different skin conditions of the newborn:купать новорожденного в кипяченой воде

  • if your baby’s dry skin is bothering you, add decoction to the bath
  • если заметили опрелости – налейте отвар череды (подробно о
    процессе купания в череде)
  • if diathesis appears – use a weak laurel broth

Boil water for bathing or not

Bathing a newborn in boiled water just because of the desire
make it softer should not be. It is better to buy foam bath or
use a weakly concentrated solution of sea salt. But in that
case when the quality of cleaning tap water leaves much to be
best and have the opportunity to get any infection, then
water just needs to be boiled.

Добавлять ли в воду марганцовку

A few decades ago, our mothers added a solution to water.
potassium permanganate to sanitize water. To date
доказано, что купать новорожденного в марганцовке нет
никакой необходимости
, более того, это вредно сказывается
on the skin of the baby, drying it.

You also need to choose the right bathing facilities created by
especially for the delicate skin of newborns. It is best to buy them in
pharmacy, then there will be no reason to worry about their quality. Similar
means will not damage the baby’s skin that has not yet become stronger, and will save it

On the topic of bathing:

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  • The child is afraid to swim: the reasons and what to do?
  • Is it possible to swim in the same bath with
    Opinion of doctors and mummies

Видео помощь


Who will be there kup-kup, According to some water, a squish? In the bath quickly
jumping, jumping, jumping, in the bath with a leg of a hob-hoe, hob! There will be soap
foam, And the dirt somewhere to go.


We bathe, we splash, And in the water we have fun with you!
Leg up, leg down!

Pen up, pen down! Let’s twist our legs, And we are floating like uchi!
Splash Splash! Boo-boo! Get out!


Affectionately and gently soap baby soft bathing
mitten or sponge, singing a little song or pronouncing a little poteshku: We
let’s go swimming And splashing in the water, Splashing, frolicking, Will
crumb wash We wash our little feet to our sweet little baby, we wash the little hands
Sweet little boy, Back and tummy, Face and mouth – Clean here
what son dear!


Ai, frets, frets, We are not afraid of water, We wash clean, Mom
smile The water is flowing, The child is mellowing, With a goose water – With a child
thinness Water down, And child up.


Vodichka, Vodichka, Uma my face, To the eyes looked, To
his cheeks were reddened, To make his mouth laugh, To bite his teeth.


The fish in the lake lived, With you sailed to us. (At the same time drive
hand under water, as if the fish swims). Baby, we will wash,
Fish we will catch. We are not cold water. Where is the fish? Here she is!
(sprinkle some water on the baby)

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