In what situations it is better to call a consultant forbreastfeeding at home?

The author of this article is a breastfeeding consultant.
Grudacheva Julia.

Many questions about feeding, organizing natural
feeding and caring for the baby can be figured out through conversations
with a lactation specialist on the phone, on Skype, in correspondence
with him. But there are certain situations in which it is preferable
invite a HBG consultant to your home. This is the most
an effective way to solve this or that problem.

These situations include:

  • Properly organize feeding in the early days;
  • When the baby refuses to breast;
  • Transition from artificial or mixed feeding to
    exclusive breastfeeding;
  • Injuries (cracks) to the nipples and breast tenderness during feeding
    (читаем также о том, почему больно кормить грудью);
  • A child misappropriates a breast;
  • Low weight gain in the baby;
  • Breast engorgement after childbirth, lactostasis, not complicated
  • The organization of feeding premature, low birth weight babies;
  • Features of breastfeeding twins or triplets;
  • Assistance in organizing breastfeeding special children;
  • Introduction of complementary foods to a child who has reached 6 months
  • Avoiding use of nipples and feeding
    directly from the chest;
  • Mom goes to work.

I have listed the main problems, in the event of which,
it is advisable to contact a lactation specialist for
full-time consultation. I should note that with other problems,
questions neponyatkah, full-time meeting is almost always the case
more efficiently.  A competent specialist in addition to solving problems
which gave rise to the appeal, will always appreciate
applying, showing the postures of feeding, will answer all your questions,
and there are always plenty of them.

The main task of the consultant is not to solve the problems for you,
and show YOU how to solve them, share information, designate
ways to overcome difficulties and teach, do not step on the same
It’s not worth waiting for when visiting an expert on
breastfeeding, your problems will resolve themselves, only
from his advice.

Remember that only you are responsible for the result, the consultant
for its part, it will always support you, encourage, inspire
confidence and tell you what and how to do.

If the mother herself is not sure of success, do not trust the advice,
doubts his own ability to solve a problem, however
sadly, most likely, it will.

Every mother who calls a specialist to her home should
understand that however strange the advice may be, for example
feeding under the monotonous noise or taking a joint bath they
are given for a reason. And these tricks really work, and
A professional will explain why this works. I say this to that
so that you do not neglect any advice from a consultant and execute
everything is exactly, it is not necessary to “hack” and hope that “so
will do, ”and then blame the specialist for the failure. TO
Unfortunately, we sometimes encounter such situations.

But, for the most part, all the moms are just lovely and I sincerely
I love all my clients and their children, I am glad for their success and I am proud
by them! TOогда у моих мамочек все получается, очередной ребенок с
pleasure sucks my chest, it just inspires me, in these moments
I adore my work …

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breastfeeding moms

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