In what poses is best to feed baby

For effective and prolonged breastfeeding mother’s ability to adopt the right posture while feeding is very important, because it depends on the convenience for mom and her child feeding performance.

In some cases, puerperas may be needed to help additional items such as a pillow or chair, bench for legs or support for the back. Several poses (or positions) for Feeding today are recognized as the most successful and recommended by breastfeeding associations in many countries, in including ours.

  1. The first position is called the “cradle.” It is her you can seen on reproductions of Madonnas by medieval artists. Nurse holds the baby in his hand so that his head is on the elbow, and the forearm extends along the spine baby. Please note: in the cradle position, the baby’s head does not deployed relative to the body, and its handle, temple and underlying legs pass along one line, located on the mother forearm. The tummy of the newborn is just opposite belly nurse.
  2. The crossed cradle position provides the best fit baby heads for better control. This is very relevant. for babies having problems with breastfeeding, as well as for premature babies. The head in this position is not on the elbow bend, as in the “cradle”, and in the palm of the mother, who brush holds the back of his head. The body of the little man also located on the forearm of the puerpera, which runs along the back baby. Poses for feeding a babyThe convenience of the “cradle” is that in order to feed the newborn with different breasts, mom may not change the accepted position. To create a palm rest or for the baby, a pillow is recommended.
  3. The third recommended position is called out of hand. Her women with large breasts and mothers will benefit babies having problems with breastfeeding. At a certain the skill “out of hand” can be fed and standing, if not opportunities to sit down. First, take a pillow, put it on bed, and on top of the pillow you need to place the baby and support with his hand, mother covers shoulders, head and neck child from below. Toddler’s legs can remain bent, by himself the child lies on his back.
  4. In order to rest during the feeding process, or at night, in order not to wake others, the lying position is used: mom and the baby is located on its side facing each other, the baby’s head located on the bend of the elbow of the nurse or on her arm – in depending on the convenience and habits of the postpartum woman.


Regardless of which position when you have chosen, there are several general rules, which are recommended to follow. Find out from an interesting article, why the baby does not take breasts.

What should be the night feeding of the baby.

Take note – how long breast milk is stored in the refrigerator milk.

  • The baby’s body and head should not be rotated. relative to a friend, the head should also not be thrown back back;
  • The chest should be as close to the baby as possible.
  • Leaning toward the baby too much and straining your back should not be. Better to raise the baby higher – and the goal will be achieved!
  • When feeding, the baby’s nose should be aligned with breast nipple;
  • Do not hold your fingers in front of the baby to fix thus the chest: you only squeeze the ducts with your hand and ultimately cause a delay in the emptying of the gland. The chest it is necessary to support not with two fingers, but with the palm of the hand, which edge will be pressed to the chest below the mammary gland.
  • Feeding a crying baby is not possible: during a scream tongue rises. Therefore, the baby must be calm before how are you going to feed him.

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