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Vibrocil® drops can be used in children from the first days birth. It is a modern soft preparation that does not have negative effects on the mucous tissues of the nasal cavity.

The drug is effective for children during the flowering period of plants, SARS and ARI disease. Control group observations showed that in 10% of children the drug does not produce an effect, in 14% satisfactory effect, 76% got a complete disappearance symptoms of allergic and colds.


The medicine is sold in a dark glass bottle. It is equipped with a convenient plastic pipette, the edges of which are slightly rounded so as not to injure the nasal cavity. On the dropper there is the risks by which the number of drops is controlled.

  1. Before use, the nose should be washed with salt water or saline solution; A syringe is used for washing. After administration of 5 ml water nasal passages cleanse of mucus residues.
  2. For babies, mucus is pumped out with a rubber bulb;
  3. The medicine is instilled into the nose, head thrown back a few minutes
  4. Vibrocil® for children under 6 years of age is prescribed only in the form of drops in each nasal passage 3-4 times a day;
  5. Breast medicine is instilled into the nose before feeding, so that the child did not burp;
  6. Children under one year of age drip 1 drop;
  7. Up to 6 years – 1-2 drops;
  8. Children over 6 years old – 3-4 drops.


On the practical use of the drug there are many reviews. Vibrocil drops for children reviews are mainly positive.

Review author Katushka, who lives in Moscow, left on the site Otzovik his positive feedback on Vibrocil®. She used it for the treatment of severe nasal congestion in the daughter. The author notes that the medicine quickly relieved swelling of the mucous tissues. Child suffering prolonged runny nose, breathing. Of the shortcomings, the author notes quickly passing effect. But the drug can be used 3-4 times a day, therefore, this drawback is offset by a secondary intake drops in the nose.

Vibrocil® for children has reviews on other sites. Medicine actively discussed by parents because it is often assigned pediatricians and pediatric otolaryngologists.

AlfaTabs website, which collects user reviews about medicines, several people argue about drops in the nose of Vibrocil®. One of the authors, mother Nastya, expresses dissatisfaction because drops no benefit. She answers Natusya, who used a drug for a baby one and a half years old as prescribed by a doctor and he helped relieve swelling of the mucous tissues. In a recall, a woman emphasizes that drops in the nose should be bought after consultation with a specialist.

On the site, the author of the review Vikki recommends nose drops Vibrocil for children for several reasons. He likes comfortable dropper, good effect and lack of side effects, about which Much has been written in the instructions. The only negative is the price. The drug is really expensive, but if the doctor prescribed it, drops need to buy and undergo treatment.


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