In the tissues of marine fish found substances that reducehuman immunity

Update: February 2019

In the journal Science Advances reported that American scientists
consider the presence of certain substances in the tissues of marine fish dangerous
for a man. Which ones?

Today, the body of marine life everywhere gets mass
persistent organic compounds from refrigerants, insecticides,
flame retardant materials, etc., and the human body that consumes
such a sea fish, loses the ability to completely get rid of
toxins. Naturally, this leads to a decrease in immunity.

A vital protein like P-gp (P-glycoprotein), in
human body resists various toxins and does not allow
foreign harmful substances penetrate into the cells. And earlier it was
persistent organic pollutants are known to harm the body,
because they are able to penetrate into cells, ignoring P-gp.

But scientists from the Scripps Oceanographic Institute
have discovered that toxic substances don’t just skip past
P-gp, they attach to a protein and do not protect cells.

Also, experts have found that the most popular type of fishing
fish – yellowfin tuna, in the tissues of the muscles contains a lot of resistant
organic compounds (from petrochemical products
industry, pesticides, refrigerants, refractory materials).
8 fish carcasses were examined.

Eating such fish, and people, and sea animals
reduce the effectiveness of the body’s own defense system.
Especially vulnerable and are at high risk of newborns,
except that in children up to half a year in the intestines this most important
protein P-gp and so is in the minimum concentration, also
toxic substances from fish meat pass into mother’s milk (see that
you can eat nursing mom).

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