In the fight against lice helps ordinary air conditioningfor hair

Update: February 2019

Today, the modern man, having all the conditions for
comfortable living with a lot of hygiene products
must face such a phenomenon as head lice (see headaches
lice). But, oddly enough, in modern society now is enough
often outbreaks of pediculosis among children and adolescents outside
depending on the social situation in society.

The epidemic of pediculosis among adolescents in Europe and the United States forced
experts conduct research identifying the best means
against lice. The cause of an outbreak of lice, according to experts,
It became a teenagers passion for selfie-photography, in which
shooting together a group of teenagers or a couple helps
parasites when touched with their heads, since this is the main way
transmission lice.

Кондиционер помогает в борьбе со вшами Belgian
scientists conducted an experiment proving that the method of use
обычного кондиционера for hair с одновременным вычесыванием вшей
On efficiency not pediculicides steps.

When lice appear in a child (treatment), parents can
use numerous chemicals for head lice,
that destroy parasites, but the nits are strong enough
attached to the core of the hair, that coping with them is not so easy,
therefore, it is often necessary for the child to reapply toxic
drugs or even a haircut bald.

Belgian dermatologists selected 600 samples for research
hair and half treated expensive protivopedikuleznym means
another air conditioner. As a result, it was determined that both means
gave the same result.

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