In some cases, pregnant women can takebaking soda? (thrush, heartburn, toothache, treat throat, test forpregnancy soda)

Soda – truly universal thing. Will help and dishes
Wash off fat and bake a tart cake. Baking soda (bicarbonate
sodium) is used not only in the food and chemical industries,
but also in medicine. Soda is able to neutralize acids, forming at
This substance is harmless to a living organism – salt and coal.
acid, which, in turn, breaks down into carbon dioxide and

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  • 2 Soda for heartburn
  • 3 Is it possible for a future mother to treat throat with soda
  • 4 Зубная боль и пищевая сода
  • 5 Pregnancy test with soda
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пищевая сода при беременности

A pack of soda is present in the house of almost every hostess.
The wonderful properties of soda help in different situations. But is it possible
применять ее в период беременности? After all, a woman in position
often limited in the intake of medicines and various means, and soda
has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect.

Thrush and soda

Thrush (candidiasis) is a satellite of many pregnant women.
Hormonal changes occurring during gestation
provoke the rapid reproduction of fungi Candida (wikipedia
Candida). In addition, thrush often occurs with a decrease in
immunity, which is typical for any expectant mother.

In this case, the reception of most drugs is contraindicated,
and approved medications are not always at hand. therefore
baking soda can be used as an ambulance.
Of course, it will not cure thrush, but it will reduce the appearance of such
unpleasant symptoms like itching, inflammation and discharge. Soda not
It hurts neither the future mother nor her baby.

To combat the symptoms of thrush, prepare soda.
solution. In a glass (250 ml) of warm boiled water dissolve the tea
spoon of baking soda. Rinse with soda every day at
for a week. You can also hold douching. Anyway
consult with your health care provider before proceeding
a doctor.

Heartburn Soda

Even if before the pregnancy the woman did not know what heartburn is, then
Now she, most likely, will get acquainted with this unpleasant
feeling The growing baby puts pressure on the internal organs of the mother, and
pressure on her stomach causes a burning sensation. Unwilling
endure this discomfort, a woman of habit can take advantage
baking soda. But is it really a folk remedy in the period
carrying a baby?

When heartburn occurs, baking soda is really capable
provide emergency assistance. Reacting with gastric juice,
sodium bicarbonate neutralizes acid, which is
cause of “misfortune.” However, carbon dioxide released in the process
increases the secretion of gastric juice, and the symptoms of heartburn through
some time come back.

It turns out that soda brings only temporary
But at the same time it causes swelling, which is especially
critical during the second half of pregnancy. And she is not the most
best effect on the intestinal mucosa. therefore не
It is desirable to save yourself soda during heartburn, especially the future
мамам — значит, прием соды и раствора с ее содержанием
внутрь во время беременности не рекомендуется.

Today you can find much more gentle for the body means
rather than soda. For example, you can take medicines like
Maalox and Alfogel. These are non-absorbable antacids that can
easy to use during pregnancy.

изжога у беременных


беременным — ЗBUT и ПРОТИВ и рекомендуем ознакомиться со
статьей Как бороться с изжогой в период беременности?

Can the expectant mother treat soda throat

It is difficult for a woman to be protected from colds and infections. BUT
one of the symptoms typical of these diseases is pain in
throat Everyone knows that if at the slightest manifestations of ARVI or
ORZ gargle with soda water, the pain will gradually subside.

For this it is enough to dilute 1 tsp. soda and taken in such
the same amount of salt in one glass of warm water (250 ml). This
Soda-saline solution will relieve you from pain when swallowing. Baking soda
can cause harm during pregnancy if you will her
to swallow, but when rinsing it will perfectly cope with unpleasant
manifestations of diseases such as sore throat, pharyngitis, laryngitis and

Pregnant women can gargle with soda water. But
do not forget that this method must be combined with treatment,
prescribed by the doctor.

Зубная боль и пищевая сода

Toothache may occur at any time. Especially this
for those who are not careful enough about health
oral cavity. And while toothache does not pose a threat to
the state of the mother and the fetus, the expectant mother she can cause a lot
of suffering.

And if before that you could no doubt resort to soda
to the solution, now you can doubt the correctness of it
of use. Of course, with the appearance of toothache should immediately
go to the dentist, but since this possibility exists
not always, you can use the usual assistant

Prepare a solution from a glass (250 ml) of warm boiled
water and two teaspoons of soda. The resulting composition carefully
rinse the mouth during the day. This рецепт достаточно
effective and help you get rid of the pain before you
find yourself in the dentist’s office.

Pregnancy test with soda

Interestingly, our grandmothers used soda even to determine
pregnancy, because there were no modern tests at their disposal and
Ultrasound. As you understand, you should not fully hope for this method,
but try this home method of determining pregnancy

So, you need freshly collected morning urine and food urine.
soda. It would be nice if you prepare a transparent container.
Add soda to the urine and observe what is happening:

  • if the liquid is covered with foam and hisses, it means that you
    not pregnant;
  • if there is no visible reaction, and a precipitate has formed at the bottom, it is
    indicates pregnancy.

Pay attention

When using baking soda, do not forget that it does not
refers to medications, so can not cure you
from various diseases. When inflammation of the mucous membranes of soda
only temporarily relieve you from pain and itching. Home use
recipes with this remedy do not cancel visits to the doctor and
use of medicines.

Soda is not a toxic substance, but it can still harm
more if you expect a baby. You can make a solution from soda
with a weakly alkaline environment, but you can never drink it!
Especially this касается беременных женщин, расположенных к частому
the appearance of edema. BUT если будущая мама по незнанию все-таки выпила
this solution should be reported to the doctor.

Baking soda – отличный помощник при лечении болей в горле,
toothaches and thrush symptoms. Not forbidden her
use and for cosmetic purposes, for example, while taking a bath
for getting rid of sweating. Use the soda properly and be
are healthy!

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