In order not to hurt the heart, do not need muchmove

Update: February 2019

Employees of the Karolinska University (Sweden) found out that
low-intensity physical exertion, like moderate, is quite
good for the health. The news was reflected on the official page.

Each of us has repeatedly heard about the close relationship
physical activity with the development of cardiovascular diseases. it
has been researched by a wide variety of academic groups throughout
the world.

As you know, the load of medium and severe intensity
prevents and slows the progression of vascular pathology and
heart (see heart failure, causes of shortness of breath). Low
activity during the day, on the contrary, is ineffective in this

But now there is a completely opposite view.

University staff tracked the relationship between loads and
mortality from cardiovascular disease. Experiment
swept 1,200 Swedes with daily activity recorded
using a specialized sensor. Data exposed
processing, was searching for their correlation with information about deaths
15 years later. All information was obtained by scientists from the national
Swedish registry.

As it turned out:

  • Even low-intensity exercise is beneficial for
    human health is also moderate or severe.
  • That is, it is not necessary to do the exercises.
    fitness program.
  • The risk of developing heart or vascular disease fell by 24%,
    if a person replaced at least one hour of sitting for execution
    routine household chores.
  • You can replace them with normal household duties, with
    performing which you move. For example, washing dishes or
    floors, cleaning the cabinets, taking out the garbage.

The reliability of the research results is confirmed by the fact that
scientists in the collection of basic data used technical
toolkit, not standard questionnaires.

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