Important nuances in decanting: what do you want?be sure to know

Young moms have many questions about pumping.
When to do it, why, how and if you need to decant?
Should I use a breast pump or better pump it manually?
Let’s figure it out together.

The content of the article

  • 1 Why decant?
    • 1.1 When to decant?
    • 1.2 How to decant?
    • 1.3 How to make stocks?
  • 2 How to store expressed breast milk? Parenting Tips – Union
    pediatricians of Russia
  • 3 Manual expression of breast milk – how to do it right?
    Parenting Tips – Union pediatricians of Russia
  • 4 Do I need to decant nursing moms?
  • 5 Real advice from mummies. Nina Zaichenko
  • 6 Советы от Марии Бежко


Why do you need to decant?

With normal lactation and proper organization of feeding the baby
in decanting does not appear necessary. Moms and Grandmas can
strongly advise decanting the rest after each feeding
milk, but it’s just remnants of the past. Recommendations
modern pediatricians and experts on GW opposites: normal
baby sucks as much as he needs and the same amount
Milk is produced for the next feed. Feeding mode
a requirement that is now recommended for moms suggests that
baby will get his portion of milk.

Still, pumping becomes necessary in some

  • when the baby is weak and it is difficult for him to suck milk from the breast
    (there is a need to finish feeding the baby with expressed milk from
  • in case of lactostasis (milk stagnation) in a nursing mother;
  • with insufficient production of breast milk, a crisis
  • with an excess of breast milk – the crumb begins to choke,
    therefore can not suck the breast;
  • if mom takes drugs that prohibit feeding
    breastfeeding but wants to resume lactation after completion
  • when mom needs to go somewhere else or she goes to
  • if breast milk is required.

When to decant?

  1. Squeezing makes the glands work harder and produce
    more milk. So do not abuse them.
  2. If mom is going to leave somewhere or go to work,
    it is recommended to begin to decant beforehand so that the mammary glands
    �”Accustomed” to the new regime and the required volume. With
    opportunities at the time of separation from the crumb, if there is a tide
    milk is also useful to be drained to reduce the risk of stagnation
  3. With избытке молока рекомендуется немного сцедиться перед
    by feeding. This will reduce the amount of liquid milk.
    (“Front”), so the baby will stop choking and will immediately
    take the chest.
  4. If lactostasis is concerned, you need to express the milk until relief.
    symptoms – relieving pain and swelling. Then mother is more often
    apply the baby to your chest to prevent further
    застой milk
  5. With недостаточной выработке молока сцеживаться следует строго
    after feeding – it stimulates the glands.
  6. With приеме лекарств сцеживание нужно проводить в привычном
    feeding mode – at times when milk is rushing.
  7. It is convenient to store milk when the baby skips feeding.
    – for example, sleeps longer than usual (whether to wake the child up for
  8. If, when parting with the baby, the milk rushes, it is useful
    strain to reduce the risk of lactostasis.

How to decant?

You can use breast pumps, which are manual and
электрическими, либо сцеживать грудь вручную. Devices
“front” milk is excellently harvested, but it is not coped with “back”
is always. It is thicker, which makes it harder to express.

The manual method is much more efficient. Put a big and
index fingers to the opposite edges of the areola, dissolve them with
skin and slide inside the breast, stimulating the milk ducts, and
not a nipple. The second hand can parallel knead the base of the chest.
After a few taps each time move your fingers around.
areoles, in order to cover all the lobes of the breast. Not
It is necessary to strongly press, rub the skin. With правильном выполнении
pain procedures should not be felt.


With нагрубании груди и твердых сосках, когда при
pumping pain occurs, it is recommended to use the method of “warm
You will need a bottle with a wide neck,
which easily embraces the nipple and areola. In the tank you need to pour
boiling water. Then wait a bit and attach the neck to
okoloskoskovoy area. When cooling down, the bottle will pull in
nipple, and milk will flow out.

The “warm bottle” method is convenient, but does not give complete emptying.
Therefore, it is better to complete the procedure by routine decanting.
The chest is already softened, so there will be no pain.

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How to stock up?


A nursing mom should take care that she always has
хотя бы скромный запас сцеженного milk This will help out when urgent
departure, illness and other unforeseen situations where
have to temporarily part with the crumbs.

With комнатной температуре до 25° грудное молоко хранится от 3 до
6 ч, в холодильнике – 24 ч, а в морозильной камере longer
– от 1 до 3 месяцев. Therefore, to create a long-term
it should be frozen in special containers or
small bags. Breast milk should be stored before storage.
hold for about half an hour in a sealed container so that it keeps everything
their valuable qualities. Each serving of milk must be packaged.
separately, indicating the date of pumping – in this case, you can
control its freshness.

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expressed breast milk

How to store expressed breast milk? Parenting Tips – Union
pediatricians of Russia

Manual decanting of breast milk – how to do it right?
Parenting Tips – Union pediatricians of Russia

Do I need to decant nursing moms?

Real advice from mummies. Nina Zaichenko

Советы от Марии Бежко

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