Immortelle: medicinal properties andcontraindications, the use of decoction and infusion

Update: November 2018

Immortelle sandy, also known as tsmin sandy,
dried flowers, frost grass – a perennial plant of the family
Complicated. After cutting the inflorescence preserve the natural
color and shape for many years, which explains the name
�”immortelle”. Unpretentious plant grows throughout
Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Ukraine and
Of Belarus.

It reaches a height of 10-40 cm, has numerous stems,
branched from above and covered with a whitish felt bloom. Root
stem, branched, rhizome short, black-brown. Leaves
alternate, entire. On the stems are dense
corymbose inflorescences, consisting of 10-30 spherical baskets.

Chemical composition

In the inflorescences of the plant – a rich biologically active compound:

  • pigments (in wrappers of inflorescences – flavonoids, close to lacon, in
    inflorescences – pigments of carotino character);
  • carotene;
  • inositol;
  • vitamins C and K;
  • fatty acids;
  • Sahara;
  • resins;
  • bitterness;
  • tannins;
  • organic acids: ursolic, coffee;
  • flavonoid glycosides: naringenin, apigenin, quercetin,
  • phthalides;
  • phytosterols;
  • coumarins;
  • mineral salts and trace elements;
  • essential oil, which includes: pinene, furfural, nerol,
    linalool, isovalerian p-cresol, aldehyde, kapron

The immortelle grass contains: essential oil, vitamin K,

Collection and harvesting plants

Заготавливают соцветия immortelle Gather in dry weather in
the beginning of flowering, until the lateral bloom begins
baskets. Cut off the rest of the peduncle to 1 cm. For one season.
inflorescences collected several times.

Raw materials should be dried in the shade, with good ventilation, spreading
uniform layer. Dryers can be used at t not higher than 36-40
° C Properly dried, the raw material is lemon yellow in color.
bitter taste and pleasant aromatic smell. Baskets, dried
without ventilation, will disintegrate, and raw materials that have dried on
the sun is discolored.

Raw materials are stored in ventilated containers loosely, without tamping,
in a dark place, up to 3 years.

Use of immortelle preparations

The main actions of immortelle: choleretic, antispasmodic and
anti-inflammatory. It has antibacterial activity and
inhibits the growth of streptococci and staphylococci. Это  лечебное
immortelle is used to treat kidney inflammation and
bladder disinfection of the bile duct and ureter.

Immortelle is used in diseases of the gallbladder for
normalization of bile formation and biliary excretion, because:

  • contribute to the dilution of bile and improves its formation;
  • reduce the acidity of bile;
  • help dissolve small stones of the gallbladder (up to 2
  • stop vomiting and nausea;
  • eliminate pain in the gallbladder.

The plant improves metabolism, has analgesic,
tonic, diaphoretic action, stimulates the work of the stomach,
pancreas, increases intestinal peristalsis, improves
appetite and blood circulation, activates liver metabolism. Renders
hemostatic, diuretic, anthelmintic effects. Immortelle
также применяют как слабое седативное means.

It should be remembered that plant preparations can increase
arterial pressure.

A decoction of the plant can be used for inhalation with colds and
diseases of the respiratory tract: a means well dilutes the sputum and
softens cough. Proven use of the plant in the treatment of various kinds
allergies. Folk healers recommend immortelle for treatment
cancer in the early stages.

Helichrysum oil is widely used in cosmetology as
dry skin moisturizer that quickly eliminates 
peeling, inflammation, redness. Also oil contributes
healing of minor abrasions and scratches.

Основные показания: гастриты, колиты, панкреатиты,
atonic constipation, the initial stages of gallstone disease,
холецистит, дискинезия желчных путей,  холангит, гепатит,
heartburn, dysentery, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity; cirrhosis of the liver
(traditional medicine) – without aggravation. Used with elevated
cholesterol, cough, cold, tuberculosis, skin diseases,
женских болезнях, маточных bleeding, подагре, нервных
diseases, headaches.

Pharmacy drugs


Immortelle extract in capsules. It is recommended as dietary supplement to
food to improve liver drainage, dyskinesia
biliary tract, the initial stages of JCB individual

Vegetable raw materials (flowers) 

Designed for the preparation of dosage forms with
choleretic effect. Also, the plant is part of the choleretic

Flamin (granules and tablets)

Фитопрепарат на основе экстракта цветков immortelle
It is prescribed for chronic hepatocholecystitis and cholecystitis in
as a choleretic agent.


Powders of the combined composition, which contain flowers
immortelle, nettle leaf, tansy flowers, licorice root
and rosehips. Appointed when hypomotor dyskinesia
biliary tract, predisposition to the formation of stones in
gall bladder, non-calculous cholecystitis,
postcholecystectomy syndrome.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Immortelle decoction

Глистогонное и желчегонное средство (для печени, при
jaundice, liver pain). Helps lower cholesterol.
Effective with dermatosis, accompanied by severe itching.

Take 1 tsp. crushed flowers of the plant, pour 200 ml of water.
Close the lid and heat on the steam bath for half an hour, filter
and drink 1 tbsp. 3-4 r. per day 10-15 minutes before meals.

Infusion inflorescences immortelle. Helps with uterine

Take 25 grams. raw materials, pour 300 ml of boiling water and steam until
The infusion does not cool. Take 1 tbsp. before termination
bleeding. Daily dose: 8-10 tbsp.

Infusion immortelle

Choleretic, antispasmodic, diuretic and bacteriostatic
means. Take 2 tsp. dried inflorescences, pour 200 ml of boiling water,
cover and insist for 20 minutes, strain. Drink 2-3 st.l.
infusion per day.

Желчегонный чай с бессмертником

Take 2 tbsp. mint leaves, coriander fruit, 3 tbsp. l
water trefoil and immortelle flowers, mix. Pour 1
ч.l mixture with 2 cups boiling water, infuse for 20 minutes., filter.
Drink half a glass three times a day in the form of heat, half an hour before

Collection for hypertension

Take 25 grams. immortelle flowers, 25 gr. three leaf list
watch and mix. Pour 2 liters of water and boil on a small
огне, пока не останется 1 l fluid. Drink по 50 мl thrice in
Knocks daily for 1 month.

With hypertension, the plant is shown only in this combination!

Help with hypotension

Заварить 1 ст.l immortelle flowers 200 ml of boiling water, cool and
strain. Add to the infusion half a glass of grape juice.
Drink по 1 ст.l twice a day, half an hour before breakfast and lunch.

Immortelle from worms

Взять измельченные цветки 1 ст.l, высыпать в кастрюлю, залить
water 200 ml and place in a water bath. Boil the grass for 10 minutes.
оставить настаиваться до остывания, strain. Add volume
clean water up to 1.5 glasses, take the whole volume for 3
раза в теплом виде до food. Especially effective against ascariasis and

Recipe for cleansing the liver

Взять по 1 ст.l corn silk and immortelle flowers,
добавить 2000 мл воды, вскипятить, настоять полчаса, strain.
The resulting volume to drink on an empty stomach in the morning in the form of heat.
After an hour you should drink any laxative. On the projection area
liver, put a slightly warm heating pad and hold until there are
urging to defecate. Recommended after using the toilet
cleansing enema.

On this day, it is better to completely give up food, but to comply
drinking regime.

In the presence of stones in the gall bladder, acute inflammatory
process in the liver and other contraindications is prohibited.

Hepatitis treatment

  • Гепатит А. Взять 4 ст. l immortelle, add 100
    gr. vodka and put the mixture in a water bath for 2 hours. Take off
    cure fire and inject 100 ml of hot water, filter.
    To accept, having diluted with water in a proportion of 20 drops of broth on 30 ml
    water every hour with during the day.
  • Hepatitis B. Make an infusion according to the above scheme, but take 1
    ст.l immortelle flowers, 2 tbsp. l chalk and honey, half a liter
    hot water, 1 tbsp. l apple cider vinegar. Take every hour for 50
    ml throughout the day.

Slimming collection with immortelle

Along with other plants, cmin helps lose weight in
home conditions. To prepare the infusion take 100 grams
ромашки, бессмертника,  березовых почек, зверобоя и
mix. Взять 1 ст.l mix and pour 200 ml boiling water. Drink
phytotea every morning before breakfast, as well as every evening after dinner
on 1 glass.

Immortelle for men

Растение помогает при снижении эрекции,  ослаблении
sexual attraction. To restore male power use
настой: взять 20 gr. tsmina flowers, pour in a thermos and pour 200
ml of boiling water, to insist at least an hour. Take 3-4 received infusion
раза в сутки, по 100 мl

Immortelle for women

For the preparation of an external remedy (treatment of inflammation and
прыщей) взять 1 ч.l olive oil and a couple drops of essential oil
immortelle Dotted onto problem areas.

Perfect cleanser that moisturizes the skin,
improves complexion and eliminates redness, inflammation: take 1
ст.l apple cider vinegar and coconut oil, add 3 tbsp. l honey and
10 drops of immortelle oil plus 2 capsules of any probiotic.
Stir and use in the morning and evening instead of gel for washing:
apply on the skin, distribute in massage movements and leave for 5
minutes, then rinse.

For the treatment of whiter helps douche infusion prepared
in a cold way: take 3 tsp of crushed immortelle and pour
half liter of cooled boiled water. Leave to infuse in the dark
place for 10 hours, then filter several times and
use for douching. The same infusion can be used
inside, taking during the day, with gynecological inflammations
character and postpartum bleeding.

Increased vitality

Aromatherapy with immortelle essential oil tones well and
прибавляет сиl


Immortelle preparations are not toxic, but can cause stagnation in
liver with prolonged use. Therefore, you can not be treated
immortelle more than 3 months in a row.

With care, cmin sandy (as a mono preparation) is prescribed
patients with hypertension, since the rise of arterial
pressure. When gallstone disease immortelle can be used
only after an ultrasound scan and as recommended by a doctor.

Absolute contraindications for which you can not use
immortelle healing properties:

  • individual intolerance;
  • obstructive jaundice;
  • increased acidity of gastric juice;
  • stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • acute stages of gastrointestinal diseases;
  • gallstone disease (in the official instructions for dry raw materials
    JCB is contraindicated);
  • hyperacid gastritis and any gastritis in the stage
  • children’s age up to 12 years.
  • can not be treated with immortelle during pregnancy and lactation.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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