�“I’m tired of being a mom”: 5 tips for buildinglife with a child after a year

Despite established opinion, with the largest
трудностями молодые мамочки сталкиваются не в первый год жизни
baby, and in the age period from one to three years. Baby already
pretty confident walks, learns to speak, shows his own
desires. Add to this the concern for its safety, endless
household chores – no wonder mom gets tired and sometimes
annoyed. How to deal with this fatigue?


Can I get tired of my baby?

It turns out you can. First of all, it is important to believe that the ideal
mothers who always have time, love everyone, never get tired and
Do not be angry at children and spouses – simply does not exist. Care
children – serious work, and not at all easier than others
professions that spend a lot of energy and strength. Therefore, mother is not
should be ashamed of fatigue.

Вот как описывает свое состояние одна мамочка: «Я люблю свою
daughter, but I’m tired. I’m tired of constantly inventing new ones for her.
entertainment, clean up toys and dishes, wipe snot, decide for
her conflicts in the playground. I just have no strength left
desires. I want to lie down on a soft bed and close my eyes. And to
there was silence at home! ”

Familiar feeling? Having found the will and the courage to admit that
tired of your maternal work, you take the first step to
getting rid of guilt. We offer a few secrets.
experienced parents to help you cope at least a little

Mother’s helper

Often modern women look after children.
simultaneously with washing, cooking meals, cleaning the apartment.
Because of the endless cycle of domestic chores mom fails
focus on one lesson, hence the feeling of fatigue.

You are again going to do numerous household
work in splendid isolation? Stop and think about
how your child can help. Of course, should not be offered
a two-year-old kid vacuumed the room, but he is already capable
collect toys and put them in a box. A three year old child
forces to put dirty clothes in the basket, wipe the dust off the table or
put in a bowl feed for your favorite cat.

Just do not forget – children at this age is impossible
take a long time with the same thing. Charge better a few
small simple instructions than one large and sufficiently

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You are not a servant


It is often enough to observe how mommy is worn around.
his one and a half year old toddler
a demand expressed by a wave of a hand or obscure words –
gives a handkerchief, a toy or a treat.

What can such a relationship between a mother and
a kid?

  • Во-первых, у крохи плохо развивается речь. AND
    true, why should he clearly pronounce every word if mom
    understands it perfectly.
  • Во-вторых, есть вероятность воспитать
    little tyrant accustomed to the immediate satisfaction of all
    their whims.
  • В-третьих, мама сильно устает от своего
    selfless “service”.

Remember that you are not a servant, but a parent and mentor
for your child. If he does not cope with any situation
because of your age, you can help him. If
baby knows how to act independently, do not interfere

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ANDнтересные игры для двоих

You should not try to entertain the baby every free minute.
Thereby you are putting on yourself an unbearable burden of inventing
non-repetitive activities and, as a result, tired. You can
Engage with a crumb all day, little by little including him in your
�”Adult games” – housework.



What to do if your children love your entertainment
categorical do not like? Should not go against their interests
and preferences – believe me, it will be boring not only for you. Kids are very
Feel fine mother’s mood. Try to refuse
unloved activities and replace them with those that you prefer.
If ребенок любит именно эти игры и не желает их менять,
try to organize them differently – ask your husband to play or
Invite a friend with a baby of the same age.

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Inconsistency ideals

According to psychologists, fatigue is a defensive reaction to
dissatisfaction with the results of their work. The same applies to
parenting. ANDногда родители хотят, чтобы малыши
corresponded to the invented ideals, and are ready to do for this
anything. Methods of early development, reading from the cradle,
foreign language from the cradle, and twice a week swimming in
the pool.

Every child’s failure and mismatch to the ideal image
causes obvious discontent in adults and makes them
�”Invent” fatigue. Trying to convince loved ones and herself that
сильно утомилась, мама как бы утверждает: «Я хорошая мать. BUT
if something goes wrong, it’s not my fault. I do everything in my
. In this case, adults need to understand themselves.
imagine and understand that the kids are not to blame for what is not consistent
their ideals and “educational standards”. ANDменно тогда хроническая
fatigue is most likely to pass.

Time to rest

ANDногда мамы, на самом деле, устают так сильно, что никого не
want to see and hear. You need not heroism, through force
performing the upbringing of the baby and homework, and have a good rest and
get enough sleep


  • Во-первых, расскажите о своем решении мужу и
    ребенку: «Я переутомилась. I need some rest. Give me calm
    lie down, and then I will continue to play and do housework ”
    (статья: как привлечь мужа к уходу за as a child
  • Во-вторых, определитесь со временем (полчаса,
    hour), which you can set aside your vacation. If the baby is already
    there are three years old, he is able to understand that mommy is tired and wants
    lie down. If the crumb is quite small and agree with him not
    It turns out, ask your spouse or grandmother to look after him.
  • В-третьих, займитесь тем, чего вам особенно
    I want: sleep, read a book, watch a fascinating film.
    The main condition is silence. Only this will allow you to gain strength,
    energy and truly relax. If the child scares your
    a few words, explain briefly what is the matter. Soon baby
    will understand that mom is resting and disturbing her at this moment
    worth it.
  • AND, наконец, после отдыха обязательно
    talk to the baby, try to answer all his questions.
    Remember that children should not feel a lack of communication from
    moms, otherwise they will violate any bans to compensate
    lack of parental attention.

Tired of being a mom. How not to go crazy on maternity leave? Family
is …

What if you are tired of being a mom? Marina Romanenko –
психолог, создатель «BUTкадемии Профессионального Родительства»,
A business coach and a mother of four (for two with her husband) children will tell about
emotional burnout, about how a young mom is finding time for
yourself for husband and friends. How to switch and where to take inspiration
and strength:

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Отчего ты устала? You're sitting at home! ANDли памятка мужьям, не понимающим все «прелести» декретного отпуска

Do not forget that your fatigue and overwork –
temporary occurrence. Soon your child will grow up, go to kindergarten, and
it means you will have free time that can be
spend on your favorite hobby, meeting friends and of course

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Video: how to keep up with everything small
as a child

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