If there is little breast milk, what to do? Mytips

The primary question that rises from any
women who gave birth to a child – how to ensure the baby is sufficient
amount of breast milk? And what if it is very small? My
answer: every woman that could conceive a baby, endure
due date and give birth, can and feed him. Very rare ones
cases where there is a need to really move on
artificial nutrition, the young mother is in most cases capable
Itself fully feed the baby with breast milk.

On the first day after birth, there can not be much milk,
volume increases during the first days. And for starters baby
enough of the colostrum that appears immediately after birth. To
do not panic and do not begin to supplement the not yet begun breast
feeding mixtures, you need to remember that most of the doubts

My tips молодым мамам

  • Tip 1. Is there enough nutritional milk in my

To проверить, достаточная ли жирность вашего молока, его
need to be drained into a transparent container and let stand. You can
evaluate the fat content, seeing with my own eyes. There are more
radical option – to give milk for laboratory research,
where exactly determine whether the baby enough of the amount of nutrients
substances that it contains.

  • Tip 2. Suddenly there is no milk at all?

The feeling of fullness and fullness does not always accompany
appearance of milk. To молоко пребывало, необходимо прикладывать к
breast your baby on demand, and after feeding you can
decant the remains. Here the principle of demand and
предложения. As long as milk is needed, it appears. Once
there is no need for it, it is rapidly disappearing.
there are cases when women who have long finished feeding
their child, began to apply to the breast of someone else’s baby and
milk appeared again. Therefore, all that can not drink your
child, must be decanted by a breast pump. If still there
doubt that the baby is full, offer him both breasts in turns
one feeding.

  • Tip 3. What to drink or eat to milk

You need to eat healthy food, eat fractional, eat what
is useful. Especially useful for the formation of milk nuts and dairy
products. If you drink tea brewed in milk for thirty
minutes before feeding, then the milk will immediately be added.

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  • Tip 4. What can I do wrong, why milk
    not coming?

Do not try to teach your child to the regime at such a tender age.
It is not necessary to feed him by the hour, it leads to a decrease in lactation.
In the first days of a baby’s life, feed him at least once
two hours.
At night, the gap is allowed during sleep at 4
hours In addition, do not limit the time baby on food. Let him
will stay at your chest as much as he wants. Otherwise he may
no time to suck the portion of milk he needs. Important: for
feeding take a comfortable position, make sure that the baby
Correctly gripped the nipple with his mouth.

Watch the diaper filling! To понять, что малыш съедает
enough milk, pay attention to weight
the diaper. If you do not water your baby with water, then diapers
it is overfilled, that is, the baby pees often enough, it means he doesn’t
fasting I also advise you to turn to “natural medicines” with
lactogenic properties: nuts, sheep cheese, bee pollen, royal jelly
Milk, nettle infusion and ginger, as well as fennel grain teas,
dill, coriander. It is important to remember: no means will help if
break the basic rules described above.

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