If a month-old baby badly poops – thisbadly?

Bowel movement is an important factor in assessing
health status of the child. And the regularity of this process is given
great importance. If a month-old baby didn’t take a day, then
parents tend to start fussing. When stool is delayed,
First of all, you should pay attention to the general condition
crumbs. When a month-old baby does not poop, but does not manifest at the same time
no signs of anxiety (crying, legs training)
temperatures and the discharge of gases is not disturbed, then do not worry
worth it. Most likely, this is a temporary phenomenon (Check out
статьей: Сколько обычно какают новорожденные).

Месячный ребенок НЕ какает

Causes of delayed stool

Every baby, as the digestive system develops,
It produces its own bowel rhythm. The norm
a chair will be counted several times a day, and a chair several times a day.
week (on GV everything is assimilated and the baby simply has nothing to crap). If
you baby poops every day, but suddenly stopped kakah daily,
then you should pay attention to this if violated
привычный график дефекации более чем на сутки.
Such delays may be caused by the following factors:

  • Weakness of the anterior abdominal wall;
  • Weak intestinal motility;
  • Psychological factors;
  • Improper nutrition of nursing mothers.

These conditions do not require the appointment of laxatives and
pass with time. As a rule, it is easy to cope with them:

  1. It is necessary to regularly massage the tummy of the baby with stroking
  2. Try to eliminate events that may scare or
    disturb the crumb.
  3. Introduce fiber-rich foods into the mother’s diet (See Nutrition
    nursing mother).

If these measures do not help even a month-old baby
poops for several days, it is worth to see a doctor,
even if there are no signs of anxiety.

How to recognize constipation in infants

Not all stool retention in babies is considered constipation. About constipation
можно говорить, когда грудной ребенок плохо какает и стул у
it is hard in the form of peas. Child in such situations
he feels not comfortable and this is noticeable in his condition:

  • Often crying;
  • She is straining, trying to empty her intestines, sometimes with shouts;
  • It has legs;
  • Cries when you touch the tummy;
  • Restless during feedings;
  • He does not leave gases.

Constipation may be associated with impaired maternal health or
baby If signs of constipation are observed in the baby regularly, then
be sure to visit the doctor and go through the prescribed

Кроме того, если новорожденный ребенок не какал больше
days, you should pay attention to the drugs that gave crumbs
(if given) or if the medicine was taken by the nursing mother.
Soothing drugs, including herbal, and drugs from
coughing can cause constipation.

It should be noted separately that children who are bottle-fed
usually defecate less likely to feed on mother’s milk.

In general, the bowel emptying process takes place in
individual for each child’s schedule. Therefore, mom is not worth
be tormented if their baby didn’t suddenly poop for the whole day
never. Смотрите самое главное за общим состоянием baby And not
нужно бить тревогу, только из-за того что другие дети ходят
�”By and large” more often.

If you are sure that the child has constipation and he cannot go to
the toilet does not poop more than a day, it is worth trying to put
клизму — клизму грудному ребенку Перед тем как сделать клизму,
It is advisable to consult a pediatrician.

Detailed article on constipation in breast
 — Запор у грудничка — признаки, причины,
how to treat

Video: what to do if your baby is suffering from constipation?

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