Ideas for a children’s New Year’s holiday

игры с детьми на новый год

To the New Year’s holiday, which everyone is looking forward to
children are fun and bright, adults should take care of
creating a festive atmosphere. Plays a big role
preparatory stage. Christmas tree decoration, making your own hands
Christmas costumes, Christmas decorations and greeting cards –
This is a pleasure for children with the help of their parents. Not
less important is the entertainment program, which should include
themselves moving and educational games, contests and, of course, dance.

  • �”Christmas bag”

The game will need two beautifully decorated bags and a box with
Unbreakable Christmas-tree decorations, tinsel, various objects and
toys of small size. Tie two contestants
eyes and hand over the bag. To the merry music they must touch
choose items related to the New Year from the box. When
the melody will stop, remove the blindfolds and examine the contents
pouches. In whose knapsack will be more New Year attributes, he
won. All those present can alternately play this game.

  • �”Birds in the house”

One part of the children should represent the houses. For this couple
the kids are holding hands and making a “roof”. The rest of the children are playing
the role of birds. Birds should be two more than houses. They
cheerfully circling around the houses, and under the words of the host, “I dripped
rain “should fly under the roof. Those who did not have enough house
change roles and become houses.

  • �”Snow Biathlon”

Divide the children into two teams and distribute an equal amount to them.
paper napkins. Place 2 containers at a certain distance.
the same diameter, for example, children’s buckets. From napkins
children must make snowballs and throw them at the target. Wins over
accurate team Buckets can not be delivered, and hand one of
team members to catch snowballs on the fly.

  • �”Decorate the Christmas tree”

For the relay game prepare 2 small
artificial Christmas trees and install them at some distance from
players. Divide the children into 2 teams and hand them boxes of equal
number of Christmas decorations. Kids take turns out of the box
decoration, run with him to the tree, dress her up and return to
team. Whoever decorates his tree faster wins the game.

  • �”Christmas tree with a surprise”

For the game you need to prepare a mock-up of a cardboard tree. On
in the place of the toys cut round holes on the back side
which attach the bags. The kids take turns throwing in
holes tennis balls. The most accurate player who has abandoned
The maximum number of balls awarded with a prize.

  • �”Cheerful Orange”

Children are in one line. Extreme player hand
an orange that he must pass along the chain. Highlight of the game
is that during the transfer you can only use the shoulders and
chin without touching his hands. If the orange falls to the floor,
the game starts over again. You can divide the children into two teams and
arrange a competition between them.

  • «Notобычный хоровод»

Driving round dance, singing New Year’s songs – integral
holiday attributes. To diversify the traditional event
ask the children the conditions they must fulfill during
round dance. Onпример, когда ведущий говорит слово «снеговик», нужно
to sink in place, with the word “frost” – jump, “fir-tree” –
clap your hands etc

Christmas games are always fun and exciting. To
increase the degree of excitement, do not forget to reward the winners
small souvenirs or sweets. If possible involve
children in the process of preparing for games and competitions, let them
show your imagination.

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