Ice cream will help save you from a hangover

Update: February 2019

Researchers from South Korea have struck the world with a new remedy for
hangover Now in the morning after a stormy party you can eat
ice cream called “Gyeondyo-bar” and get rid of unpleasant
sensations. Dessert with grapefruit flavor has already declared itself as the most
приятное средство от hangover


�”Candy tree” or govenia – the main source
ingredients for the miraculous ice cream. The story tells
that such juice was actively used by the inhabitants of ancient Korea for
удаления проявлений hangover That is why researchers and
declare the real effectiveness of ice cream.

Ampelopsin is the main component of the aforementioned govenia. In 2012
year study of the effect of this compound showed: with the introduction
ampelopsin laboratory rats became insured against
the onset of their intoxication. According to published data
�”Gyeondyo-bar” contains about a percent (which is not very much)
extract of “candy tree”. And while the dessert can be purchased
only in South Korea.

Modern scholars often resort to the help of ancient manuscripts,
содержащих рецепты различных средств от hangover Such a find and
turned out to be a recipe for ice cream. It is not known if it could
the drug really help 100 years ago. However, the ancient Greeks
advised to wear a wreath, which is made from Alexandria
laurel, around the neck in order to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

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