I gave birth to a child for myself – the story of mom

I still remember the words of a loved one: “You know that
I love you very much. But I’m not ready for a family, and hardly ever
I will be ready. ” His words resembled some stupid words.
the show.


The decision that I made can also be called “serial”.

I answered, frightened by my own courage: “Ok. I suggest
do this: I will get pregnant from you and will raise a child alone.
I will go to another city to my mother, and you never have me again
will see. “

Although, in general, I had nothing to fear: I finished
University, I had young enough and understanding parents
ready to help. I thought: get a job, start
make money hiring a babysitter. Welcome baby from
beloved man is great. Being sure to be born
the boy planned to give him the name of his father.

My lover didn’t agree immediately
persuade him for a few months. My idea seemed to him
too odd, weird. I got pregnant as soon as possible.
When I found out that I was expecting a child, first of all I told my father about it.
baby, and then called mom and dad. Then I bought a ticket from Moscow
one way. I thought I was doing the right thing, but in my heart everything
Equally doubted: Will I cope with such a difficult task? With
side it seemed that I was the heroine of the female romance. Only
So I had no idea what the content of each chapter of this

Sense of vulnerability

Sharp parting is not an easy test for any person. But
during pregnancy to go through the whole range of emotions becomes
more difficult, because you are already responsible not only for yourself, but also
for the child. You can not cry all day in a pillow and indulge in despondency
– it can hurt the baby. It is impossible to drink without a twinge of conscience.
a whole bottle of wine with friends or go on dates to
to be distracted. You need to think about healthy eating and good sleep, and not
about your unhappy fate. Sleep, eat healthy food and
opportunities not to worry. With nerves everything was bad: due to stress
I went to the hospital with bleeding, risking losing the baby.


Feeling alone

Of course, my parents supported and helped me in every way. Friends
also did not forget, often called, were interested in my condition. But
There are feelings that you want to share not with your parents and
girlfriends, but with a loved one. I thought I could handle it, but all
it turned out to be much more difficult: my neighbors in the ward were visited by their husbands,
stroking the belly, asking if everything is in order. Laughed and happily
smiled when they heard the phrase “Kicking again, it will be with a strong
character. ” I felt sad and lonely.

Misunderstanding of others

The girls in the ward were interested: “Are you not married? Why
is yours not coming? ”Some in their eyes read pity for me,
Someone – disapproval, but it happened that superiority. Maybe,
This is my paranoia, and even in the harmless questions of doctors about the data
My husband felt like a dirty trick. In the provincial town everyone knows each other.
friend I met on the street former teachers, classmates,
their parents. Everyone looked at the rounded belly and smiled,
asking when I got married. I was not easy.



It was hard for me to look at fathers with baby strollers. They
seemed to me wonderful and kind people who care about
children, love their family, are responsible for it. And I myself
deprived her child of the father. I was tormented by doubts: was I right?
making such a decision? I was really looking forward to the birth of the baby, and
I was very sorry for him.

After his birth, it became easier for me: motherly love and joy
blocked all negative emotions. I believed I could handle
adversity, because now I have a man for whom I will
strive for a better life. Be in position and already hold the child
on hands are different things.

My story has a happy ending: my man decided that we
you need to become a family, live together and raise a son. I’m completely
not for long was a “single mother”, but these experiences I will not forget
never. Probably, you need to write a certain morality or a clever idea, but
I do not know what to add. What would I have done without my husband?
Maybe. What is easier together? Of course. One thing I know for sure: in
The phrase “single mother” is the second word.

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