Hypertension (high pressure) duringpregnancy increases the risk of stroke in the future

Update: February 2019

According to a study by the Canadian Stroke Congress,
high blood pressure during pregnancy significantly
increases the lifetime risk of stroke for a woman, that is,
probability of its occurrence in old age.

�”We found out that in women who suffer from hypertension during
pregnancy increases the risk of stroke, especially in women with
preeclampsia (see preeclampsia during pregnancy), more severe form
hypertension of pregnancy, ”says Dr. Aravind
Ganesh, a resident in the Department of Neurology at the University of Calgary. Risk
stroke in such women rises to 40%.

The analysis conducted by Dr. Ganesh, together with students and
employees of the department, was sent to survey women in
from 1 to 32 years after delivery, and found an increase in the frequency
strokes with episodes of high blood pressure.

Increased pressure is the most common problem.
occurring during pregnancy about 3-4%. Among others
high blood pressure complications
placental circulation and preterm labor. it
affects the child’s health – hypoxia (lack of oxygen)
leads to disorders of the central nervous system in children, which is threatened in the future
lag in the physical and mental development of the child.

Although pregnant women are thoroughly examined for
the presence of changes in blood pressure, but at the moment not
There are special recommendations for identifying specific
symptoms of pre-stroke conditions, including in postpartum

Such women should be more carefully examined for
re-development of hypertension, as well as elevated levels
cholesterol, diabetes and other conditions that increase the risk

The exact cause of hypertension during pregnancy is not yet
established, but according to one theory, some women have
генетическую предрасположенность к повышению давления, а
pregnancy is a trigger. Despite the fact that
after childbirth, the pressure is normalized, puerperal women should be
under observation to reduce the risk of stroke in the future.

It is important for a woman to control blood pressure and
avoid states causing its sudden drops. Statistical
data indicate an increase in the frequency of strokes, so it is necessary
advise women more carefully on prevention
vascular disease and the presence of risk factors. The basic principle –
constant monitoring of blood pressure throughout
lifelong after childbirth.

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