Hygroma запястья, кисти: симптомы, лечение,reasons operation

Update: December 2018

Существует большое количество опухолевых diseases. To them
include cancer, sarcoma, adenoma, papilloma and other forms. All of them
combines one feature – a certain type of excess growth
cells. Hygroma (устаревшее название «сухожильный ганглий») это
особый вид опухоли, которая вырастает из tissue суставов или
tendon sheaths.

It can be located in any part of the body where these
formations, for example, on the knees, legs, in the area of ​​the feet, etc.
Hygroma на руке является наиболее распространенной формой болезни,
which can occur in a person of any age and gender.

Until 2013, there were different opinions among doctors about
methods of treatment of this pathology and its timing. but на
Currently, the best method of getting rid of a disease is considered
early removal of the tumor. All the necessary information about how
suggest the presence of this disease and timely refer to
Doctor, you can learn from this article.

Hygroma anatomy

To заподозрить у себя новообразование, необходимо знать, что
it is. Hygroma кисти – особая опухоль, которая
differs in its structure from all other volumetric processes.
Conventionally, it can be divided into two parts:

  1. Наружная оболочка, состоящая из соединительной
    tissue. It grows from joint capsules or synovial bags, and
    retains the ability to produce intraarticular (synovial)
  2. Полость или полости, разделенные тонкими
    partitions. Each one is filled with a substance that
    produced by the shell of the tumor itself. She has pale yellow
    coloring, and on the consistence reminds thickened jelly.

Hygroma на кисти руки, как и любое другое новообразование,
able to grow and grow in size without control. it
occurs due to cell proliferation and the production of additional
volume of fluid.

According to its course, the disease is benign –
This means that pathological education does not spread
body does not create metastases and does not cause symptoms of tumor
intoxication: fever, weakness, loss / loss of appetite, etc.
Hygroma также не способна «прорастать» в окружающие ткани, что
allows you to successfully use surgery for her

Withчины возникновения

Even the current level of medicine does not allow to determine the exact
cause of hygroma wrist.  but в результате проведения
massive research, doctors were able to identify factors that
increase the risk of this disease. To them относятся:

  • Особенности анатомии кисти человека. Have
    most people, the synovium muscle bags are enough
    глубоко – под жировой fiber and several layers of muscle. but
    in a number of persons, these formations may be located more superficially,
    which increases the risk of their trauma and the development of tumor
  • Регулярные нагрузки на кисть. If the profession
    human involves constant monotonous movements in the wrist,
    it increases the risk of damage to the tendon fibers and the capsule
    the joint. Representatives of such specialties include musicians,
    programmers, builders, movers, accountants, etc .;
  • Хронический бурсит или тендовагинит. it
    diseases of tendons and synovial bags that are accompanied
    local inflammatory reaction. As a result, gain occurs.
    blood flow to the affected soft tissues, damage to healthy
    cells and their enhanced reproduction. With длительном течении этих
    processes, the body can lose control of cell division,
    что приведет к формированию neoplasms;
  • Лечение гигромы кисти в прошлом. Like any
    another tumor, it has the ability not only nonstop
    grow, but also recur. Even after therapy or operative
    intervention disease can reassert itself and require
    carrying out new medical procedures.

With наличии подозрительного выпячивания на руке, необходимо в
first of all pay attention to the possible causes of the disease. With
their availability, should be contacted shortly by a doctor who
examine the brush, conduct the necessary diagnostics and
exclude / confirm the presence of a tumor.

What does hygroma look like?

The appearance of this formation is quite characteristic and allows
distinguish it from other pathologies. Of course, only for inspection
you cannot make a definitive diagnosis, but after it you can
highly likely to suggest the presence of wrist hygrome.
We list its most characteristic signs:

  • Окраска кожи – телесного физиологичного цвета.
    Reddening can occur only when released into the cavity.
    infections and the development of purulent inflammation;
  • Консистенция – как правило, мягкая. But at
    significant fluid accumulation or prolonged illness, it
    may become dense and not push through when pressed;
  • The form – правильная округлая. Education
    always has very clear boundaries that are easily defined even
    at first sight;
  • Подвижность (возможность сместить при
    probing) – even with slight pressure, bulging is easy
    shifts by 1-2 cm;
  • Morbidity – человек не испытывает
    discomfort, even when you press the tumor.

For greater clarity, we will compare the hygroma on
wrist with other formations that may occur in
this area. These include regular hematomas (bruises), atheromas,
fibromas and a number of other diseases.

Type of pathology Discoloration of the skin over the affected area The form Mobility and texture Morbidity
Hygroma Missing. Correct rounded. Movable and soft. Can shift even with a slight
Гематома (синяк) Depending on the stage of bruising, the skin may change
color from purple to greenish.
Irregular shape with fuzzy borders. In the early days, the hematoma is painful at palpation.
Subsequently, the discomfort passes on its own.
Флегмона – гнойное воспаление мягких
As a rule, bright red color. Sharply painful even at rest. Unpleasant sensations increase
when probing.
Атерома – киста сальной железы, возникающая
because of its blockage
Not usually. With inflammation of the cyst, the skin may acquire
reddish tint.
Rounded but characteristic cone-shaped
the top.
Only with atheroma inflammation.
Фиброма – доброкачественное новообразование из
connective tissue
Absent Correct rounded, with clear boundaries. Dense consistency, but retains mobility. Usually absent.
Остеосаркома – злокачественная и очень опасная
bone growing tumor
In the early stages, changes may be absent. With
significant growth of the skin may be red, swollen or with enhanced
venous pattern.
Incorrect with clear boundaries that are visible even when
With прощупывании имеет плотность кости. Does not shift even when
значительном effort.
�”Deep” bone pain, which practically does not help
Giant cell tumor of bone Absent или может отмечаться появление желтого оттенка,
contouring of small vessels, the appearance of point hemorrhages in
skin injuries.
Consists of small irregularly shaped knots with clear
границами, которые легко ощущаются when probing.
Fixed education, dense consistency. There may be a dull aching pain or discomfort in
affected area.

It should be remembered that the table describes the classic flow
diseases. Their symptoms, in rare cases, may vary, which
greatly complicates the primary diagnosis. Therefore, even with
obvious symptoms need to be confirmed
diagnosis using special instrumental methods.

What is dangerous tumor?

Is it worth treating this disease? After all, the tumor does not deliver
discomfort, it can not accept the malignant course and
begin to spread throughout the body, and the removal of hygroma on
The wrist is a real operation. Despite all these factors
cure this pathology is necessary, as soon as possible.

The need to remove the tumor is dictated by the presence around
her vessels and nerves. Since over time it will
increase in size, its outer shell will squeeze
surrounding tissue. This can cause the following violations:

  • Decreased sensitivity below the point of compression;
  • Appearances of crawling or pricking sensations
  • The occurrence of severe shooting pains below the level
  • Lack of blood supply to the hand. This violation will occur
    excessive dryness of the skin, gradual destruction of the nails, weakness
    muscles of the hand, frequent pustular lesions on the affected
  • With сдавлении венозных сосудов возможно возникновение

Considering all the listed nuances, you can make an unequivocal
conclusion – should not be delayed with the treatment of hygroma of the wrist.
Much better for a person if he didn’t have time to develop
disorders of the nerves and blood vessels, as some of them may
become irreversible.

Cosmetic defect may be important for some patients.
– a tumor-like formation does not decorate a person’s brush and may
attract unwanted interest. Its removal is the most
simple solution to the problem.


The examination of a person should begin with standard
laboratory tests – general urine and blood tests. Only
after that, the doctors proceed to instrumental diagnostics.
Despite the existence of high-tech methods such as
computed and magnetic resonance imaging, x-ray
contrasting tumors, they are not always used. First
queue, this is due to the lack of equipment in small cities
RF and trained medical personnel.

To distinguish the hygroma of the hand joint from other pathologies and
make a diagnosis with a dot, the following set is needed

Procedure name What is the purpose? The result in the presence of hygroma
Клинический анализ крови, включающий

  • ESR;
  • Leukocyte counts;
  • Red blood cells;
  • Hemoglobin.

Allows you to exclude the presence of phlegmon.

Also used when suspected malignant process with
to detect signs of anemia
red blood cells and hemoglobin) and other changes in the blood picture
(increased ESR).

Since the hygroma of the hand joint is non-inflammatory and
non-malignant, with no changes in the blood
the patient.

but следует помнить, что данные результаты информативны,
only in the absence of other inflammatory diseases (ARVI,
pyelonephritis, cystitis, exacerbations of gastritis, etc.).

Brush X-ray This method is used to determine the density
education. The x-ray clearly shows the difference between
osteosarcoma, fibroma, hematoma and hygroma directly.
With рентгенографии будет описываться следующая картина:

  • Education will have smooth edges and correct rounded
  • It can be connected with a joint capsule with a thin “leg”;
  • In addition to the outer shell will be determined by the cavity
    filled with the contents of the same density.
Ultrasound procedure This study perfectly shows the presence of a cavity in
neoplasm and evaluates its echogenicity – the ability to reflect
device signal.
The ultrasound will determine the pathological volumetric process with
the presence of a cavity. Inside the cavity may be separate
connective tissue partitions. As a rule, it is evenly
filled with fluid.

If the doctor has doubts about nature
abnormal bulging on the arm, he may recommend
patient to undergo additional examinations: CT scan or biopsy.
but, в большинстве случаев, результатов перечисленных
research is enough to make a diagnosis and start

Modern principles of treatment

For several decades, there is disagreement
between doctors – is it possible to treat the hypoma of the wrist without surgery or
not? Nowadays, most scientists consider early
surgery is a prerequisite for recovery
the patient. There are several meaningful arguments that
confirm their correctness:

  1. Профилактика осложнений. Over time
    the swelling will increase in size. This will cause pressure.
    нервов, сосудов и других окружающих tissue. The only proven
    method of prevention of these complications is the early removal
  1. Быстрое восстановление tissue. The smaller
    the size of the tumor – the smaller the volume of surgery required by the surgeon
    It must be remembered that the hygroma is located under the skin, subcutaneous
    fiber and several layers of muscle. To get to it, how
    it is usually necessary to dissect all these structures. After a little
    cut the listed tissues heal fast enough that
    is more preferable for the patient and the doctor;
  1. Профилактика повторных эпизодов. Any tumor
    may recur, that is, to form again. To
    reduce the likelihood of this event, you must remove all parts of it,
    especially the outer shell. Make it a lot easier with a little
    размере гигромы лучезапясного сустава brushes;
  1. Лучший косметический эффект. Deletion
    small pathological bulging does not lead to cosmetic
    the defect, that is, after the recovery period, in a patient
    practically no traces remain after the operation, which cannot be said
    about the treatment of education large.

All these factors allow us to unequivocally say –
timely operation is the best method
eliminate the disease. Any qualified person can do it.
trauma surgeon, so for its implementation do not need to visit
regional or regional hospital.

This surgical intervention is included in the standards for
medical care, so it is completely free for
patient (when contacting a public institution).

How is the operation?

In most cases, the procedure is carried out
the classic “bloody” method, that is, using the usual
scalpel. This method is widely distributed in the Russian Federation and demonstrates
great results. Wrist hygroma surgery may
held in an outpatient setting, that is, a person can not
put in a stationary department, and immediately after surgery
let go home

The technique of this intervention is quite simple:

  1. The skin over the lesion is treated with a solution
  2. Local anesthesia is performed to eliminate all
  3. All tissues are dissected in layers, until tumor is detected.
  4. Hygroma не вскрывается, а выделяется из tissue целиком;
  5. The wound is sutured and bandaged.

On average, the procedure takes 30-40 minutes and passes for
patient painlessly. After removal, the tissues begin gradually
restore. During this period, people often have unpleasant
feeling in your hand. but они, как правило, проходят в течение 5-7
days The main thing at this stage to prevent infectious
complications. To do this, it is enough to regularly come to the dressings in
hospital, according to the appointments of the attending physician.

Why is not effective conservative therapy?

In many medical editions, older 2010 can be found
information about the possibilities of treatment of the disease, without surgery.
In particular, various authors have recommended various methods.
physiotherapy (UV, UHF, magnetic therapy, paraffin baths and
others), neoplasm punctures with the introduction of antibiotics,
carbolic acid and other activities. Time has shown that everything
these procedures are practically ineffective, and some even
are harmful. Why?

According to recent studies, it was discovered that hygroma
germinates capillaries – microscopic arterial vessels.
Their number is small, but enough to maintain normal
work of tumor tissues. Various physiotherapy methods improve
blood circulation in the tissues and improve their function. It means that
using physiotherapy treatment, we improve the nutrition of the tumor
and contribute to its growth. Such actions are unacceptable.

Since the role of the inflammatory process in the development of this
diseases are not proven, it means the use of antibiotics and
antiseptic solutions for washing the cavity are also
unreasonably. The operation is the only proven and effective
method of treating a disease.


If the surgeon proposes to make a puncture (deflate the fluid from
neoplasms), is it worth agreeing?

Definitely not. This method will only have a temporary effect.
and does not contribute to getting rid of the disease.

Are folk remedies effective?

No, because they do not contribute to the elimination of the tumor
process. The only proven and effective treatment method is
complete removal of the tumor.

Is biopsy necessary for diagnosis and onset

Currently, this procedure is not mandatory.
If the doctor has no doubt about the diagnosis, he may recommend
surgery without prior biopsy. but
research of removed tissues is sure to be carried out after

How to choose the best hospital / surgeon?

You can contact any qualified person.
a trauma surgeon with a small
operating, offering you a removal of the tumor, and not any
alternative treatment method.

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