Hygiene and care for newbornsby boys

So the long-awaited baby was born … heir … boy.
Newly-born daddy is especially pleased with this event, while Mommy’s
начинают появляться вопросы о том, как проводится гигиена
newborn boy.

гигиена новорожденного мальчика

Hygiene newborn boy

Стандартная общая гигиена в домашних
условиях новорожденного младенца осуществляется независимо от
child’s gender and includes the following actions:

  • Daily face care – wash your baby’s face dipped in
    clean boiled water cotton swab.
  • Daily eye care – light rub
    child’s eyes from the outer corner of the eye to the inner with
    wet cotton swab.
  • Daily care of the nose – to clean the nose of the child from dried
    crusts of mucus. (how to clean the nose)
  • Daily care of the ears – clean only the external ear.
    sink with a cotton swab. (how to clean the ears)
  • Daily care for the navel – drop with a pipette 1 drop of the solution
    chlorophyllipt and gently blot the excess with a cotton swab. Care
    it is necessary only until the umbilical wound heals,
    further it is no longer required. (correct processing of umbilical
  • Care за ногтями — подстригать по мере роста на пальчиках рук и
    feet. (trim the nails correctly)
  • Washing the child after each bowel movement. If a young mother
    fears at first to wash the ass child under the tap, then at first
    you can use baby wipes or just wet
    soft cloth. After cleansing the skin must be processed
    folds in the groin area one of the children’s tools – powder
    or oil (cream). Soap, even children’s, should not be used,
    so as not to overdry the tender skin of a small child and not deprive her
    protective layer.
  • Daily bathing baby in the baby bath. Children’s
    the bath is needed more for the comfort of the young mother and for bathing
    child in herbal infusions (series, needles, etc.). At the end of the period
    If there is a large bath in the apartment
    water treatments are better in general, pre-washed simple
    household soap, bath.

About bathing:

  • In what water to bathe the baby?
  • Bathing baby in herbs
  • Bath tub
  • The child is afraid to swim: what to do?

Необходимые предметы гигиены для новорожденного

  • Disposable diapers. Diapers must be chosen by
    size (weight of the child), do not rub or squeeze the skin
  • Disposable diaper with absorbent top layer. Such diapers
    comfortable for holding baby air baths.
  • Disposable wet wipes.
  • Children’s присыпка.
  • Baby oil (cream) or simply boiled in a water bath
    olive (vegetable) oil.
  • Cotton swabs and cotton swabs.
  • Chlorophyllipt for the treatment of umbilical sores. The alternative is
    hydrogen peroxide solution and brilliant green.
  • Pipette.
  • Rounded edge scissors or special tweezers.
  • Pharmacy herbs for swimming (a series, needles, etc.).
  • Ointment bepant from redness and diaper rash or more budget,
    but an effective option is Boron Plus Ointment.
  • Soft baby towel. Very comfortable to use a towel.
    с карманом-шапочкой для головы baby
  • Baby soap. Soap is also needed, but later, when the child
    will begin to crawl.


Intimate hygiene of a newborn boy

интимная гигиена новорожденных мальчиков

Intimate hygiene of newborns
мальчиков включает в себя уход за крайней плотью, половым
member and scrotum. What is this hygienic

  • Daily washing of the penis and scrotum simple clean
    water without soap and other cosmetics at every change
    diaper and when bathing a baby.
  • Treatment of inguinal folds around the penis and scrotum
    детской присыпкой or oil (cream).
  • Frequent change of disposable diapers and periodic maintenance
    baby without diapers while taking air baths.
  • Use of underwear for babies (diapers, panties)
    exclusively from natural materials – cotton fabric,

EVERYTHING! No more manipulations with extreme
flesh and penis baby is not necessary.

Что НЕ НАДО делать во время ежедневной гигиены

  1. Try to force the foreskin and
    open the head of the baby’s penis. Foreskin babies
    naturally spliced ​​with the head of the penis. it
    completely normal phenomenon called physiological phimosis in
    newborn boys. Foreskin shifts gradually and
    self over time. Terms for each child
    individual and full opening of the glans penis can
    complete only at puberty.
  2. Use soap for washing the foreskin of a newborn. Soap
    causes irritation and redness of the delicate thin skin
    the flesh.
  3. Trying to waddle cotton buds under the foreskin for
    head cleaning from infant smegma. Smegma coming out
    independently in the process of urination.
  4. Bury baby oil under the foreskin.

So, the personal hygiene of newborn boys is minimally simple –
you just need to follow simple rules and keep in
clean skin baby

On the subject of hygiene and care:

  1. How to teach boys hygiene
  2. Intimate hygiene of the newborn girl
  3. General hygiene and care
  4. Daily and weekly care for newborns
  5. Care за кожей малыша

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