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Update: October 2018 Hyaluronic Acid Injection in Lip Tissue
– one of the many ways to use this substance in
aesthetic medicine. If by nature this area of ​​the face is devoid of
the desired volume, there is asymmetry of the lips, developed pronounced
age-related changes (with age the lips become thinner), etc.,
the introduction of hyaluronate allows you to adjust these disadvantages
appearance In the photo before and after, which can be seen on sites
beauty clinics, it is clear that the procedure is really able to solve
certain aesthetic problems.

In addition to injections, the acid can be delivered to the lips
use of external cosmetics, about which we also
let’s talk in this article, however, such a noticeable effect as
after the injections will not.

Lip Correction with Hyaluronate: Indications

Hyaluronic acid is a unique substance, a polysaccharide, which
produced in the human body and performs a number of important functions.
Those. it is not a foreign substance for the organism, therefore such
procedures are considered one of the safest.

Most often, the specialists are approached by women who wish
achieve perfect shape and full lips. Indications for the procedure:

  • thin, asymmetric lips;
  • fuzzy contour (red border correction);
  • loss of tissue elasticity (age);
  • atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue;
  • age wrinkles around the mouth.

Often this correction is carried out in parallel with other anti-aging
procedures: if you do not affect this anatomical region,
the background of tightened skin and rejuvenated face lips will look
non-aesthetic Injections with acid into the contours and corners of the lips allow
straighten wrinkles of wrinkles, improve the condition of the skin
lips, make them more attractive, which of course
positive effect on appearance in general.

Biorevitalization – lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

One of the most popular procedures, allowing to increase the volume
lips, give them the desired shape and eliminate a number of age
changes is the introduction of the drug with hyaluronate in this
anatomical region. According to reviews of patients, effectiveness
the procedure is quite high: it allows you to add the necessary volume
lips and make the contours more expressive.

How is the procedure

Patients undergo a mandatory consultation before the procedure.
specialist:инъекция в губы гиалуроновой кислоты

  • indications and desired effect are determined;
  • possible contraindications are identified;
  • the optimum preparation is selected;
  • acid injection sites are outlined.

Hyaluronic acid in the lips is injected under local anesthesia:
use a special anesthetic drug that is applied to
places of alleged injections. In some cases, injections are used.
anesthetic in the tissue (a procedure similar to anesthesia during
dental procedures). Some drugs contain
anesthetic component, so pre-anesthesia is not
would need.

The whole procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. Right after
pain relief injections are performed with acid: the doctor uses
sterile syringe with the thinnest needle and makes injections in advance
target points. Most often, the drug is already packaged in sterile
syringes that minimize infection in the tissue.

The site of administration of the gel and its amount depends on the desired

  • vertically in the grooves and along the contour of the lips, the drug is injected when
    the need to correct the severity of contours. This saves
    natural features and volume of tissue does not increase;
  • if lip correction is performed, number of punctures
    can reach 20 which are held in linear, bulk and
    combined technique.

The procedure may consist of several sessions – the need
re-entering the clinic for injections and his term is negotiated with
a doctor.

How much is hyaluronic acid in the lips

The cost of the procedure in Moscow is on average 5-25 thousand.
rubles for 1 procedure. The price depends on many factors:
the prestige of the clinic, the drug, the number of injections, etc.

Side effects

In most cases, the administered drug is not rejected and does not
causes negative reactions (exception – allergy, about which
the patient did not know). However, this is a controversial issue, which is largely
depends on the degree of purification of hyaluronic acid in the preparation (than
the higher the risk of adverse effects), the quality of the drug itself,
qualifications of a cosmetologist, the response of the organism.

How much is the effect

Count on the effect that will be achieved
life, not worth it. The duration of the effect depends on the drug: if
it is based on plant components, then these substances
pretty quickly excreted by the body, about half a year.
Preparations with synthetic additives or stabilized
hyaluronic acid provide a longer lasting effect, up to 1
of the year.

Resorption of the administered drug occurs gradually, therefore
a sharp reverse cosmetic effect does not occur.

However, injections can be repeated, after a year or even
before: hyaluronic acid is not perceived by the body as
foreign substance, so the procedures are safe and can
repeat with the required frequency.

Overview of popular drugs (fillers) for biorevitalization,
allowing to make lips of the desired shape

Title Scope and features
Repleri Viscous gel based on stabilized hyaluronate
non-animal origin intended to correct red
borders and lip shapes. Inserted into the middle layer of the dermis, with time
resorbed and biodegradable. The effect of the procedure is preserved.
6-12 months
Belotero Intens Gel to create lip volume. This is the first thermal filler.
with cohesive polyamide matrix. During its production
acid macromolecules are stitched into a single mesh polymer,
become more stable and slower split i. provide
longer lasting effect.
Stylage Injection implant for contour improvement and lip augmentation.
The preparation is of non-animal origin, the acid in the preparation has
cross links.
Surgiderm 30 Physiological solution of hyaluronic acid, free from
pyrogens, designed for lip augmentation and contour correction.
The preparation is of non-animal origin, the acid in the preparation is bound
transverse intermolecular bond.
Juvederm 24 and 30, Ultra 3 and 4 One of the most popular American drugs that
used to increase the volume and correction of wrinkles in the corners of the lips.
Receive it by the method of biological synthesis of cattle skin
cattle. Acid molecules are firmly connected to each other, moreover, in
the composition of the drugs includes phosphate buffer, interfering
the occurrence of inflammation. Therefore, the risk of side effects
and also allergies are significantly reduced. The ultra series contains
the composition of lidocaine – anesthetic component that eliminates
the need for prior anesthesia.
Juvederm volumetric lip fillers In the line of drugs Yuviderm there are special volumetric fillers,
providing excellent external results:

  • Juvederm Voluma. Used for lip augmentation: effect
    lasts up to 18 months;
  • Juvederm Volbella. It is used to align the wrinkles on
    lips and around them.
  • Juvederm Ultra Smile. This drug is intended exclusively
    for lip augmentation and correction of their shape (others can be applied and
    for face). Suitable for both young girls and women in

The drugs described have strict contraindications and may
cause side effects, so the decision to choose this or that
means the doctor takes.

Laser biorevitalization

In addition to injectable biorevitalization, a number of beauty salons
и клиник предлагает лазерную биоревитализацию —  новейшую
a technique for delivering acid to tissues without disturbing them
integrity. No discomfort or pain during exposure
patients do not experience, however, the effect will be less noticeable than
after injections. Laser biorevitalization не позволяет довести
the concentration of the drug in the tissues to the necessary and, in fact,
affects only the outer layers.


Another popular procedure for pumping lips
hyaluronic acid, in addition to which injections are present
the patient’s own fat cells (tissue taken from the abdomen,
buttocks or thighs using a special syringe, i.e. without
cuts on the skin). It has a good effect with insufficient
lip volume and atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue.

This is a more complicated procedure than biorevitalization, and requires
thorough preparation. After examination in the required volume of the doctor
determine the donor area from which the adipose tissue is taken.
To collect the material using a conventional syringe with a hollow tube.
Adipose tissue is cleaned on a special apparatus, separating
intact viable fat cells. Final stage
procedures is a transplantation of a drug in which are injected
necessary components, including hyaluronic acid.
It is performed similarly to biorevitalization.

Lips after hyaluronic acid

Lips after injections, of course, change in appearance, therefore
the patient needs time to get used to them. After the procedure
there is a slight swelling, redness and swelling.  Edema
lips after hyaluronic acid passes after a few days.

During the week after the plastic lips can not attend
swimming pool, sauna, bath, solarium. Banned hot tubs. On
Some days it is worth refusing cosmetics (gloss, lipstick).

It is mandatory to visit a doctor on the day that
he will appoint. Обычно это выпадает на 10-14 день after injections. On
On a control examination, the doctor checks whether the drug has taken root well,
symmetrical lips, etc.

If the patient is lazy after the procedure
soreness, significant redness and swelling of tissues in places
injection, suppuration and other adverse reactions, the physician should
visit without delay!

Cosmetics with hyaluron

The cosmetic industry produces many different products.
lip care with hyaluronic acid – cream, balms, gels,
glitters, etc. The effect that can be achieved with using them is
deep moisturizing lips, due to which they will look more
volumetric and attractive. Of course, such funds cannot
penetrate deep into the tissue and to achieve a serious shape correction
mouth using them is impossible.

Contraindications and restrictions

Injections to the lips with hyaluronic acid are contraindicated in the following

  • age up to 18 years;
  • hypersensitivity to the main or auxiliary
    components of the injectable;
  • periods of pregnancy and lactation;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases, the development of acute
  • presence of: autoimmune diseases, diseases of connective
    tissue, oncopathology, severe hypertension, diabetic
    angiopathy, scarring tendency;
  • bleeding disorders and the period of drug treatment,
    affecting clotting;
  • scars and scars on the lips. Unfortunately, such a procedure is not
    able to solve serious cosmetic problems of appearance;
  • inflammation, moles, tissue damage in the area of ​​administration

It is undesirable to carry out this procedure in the period

What is better for pumping lips – drugs with hyaluronic
acid or artificial fillers

It is better not to interfere with nature, but the race for beauty and desire
looking seductive leads to a decision to change your
natural features. Artificial fillers are attractive because
что provide более длительный и заметный эффект, который
lasts up to 5 years. However, there are risks – with time it is possible
drug migration to the lower jaw, scars may appear, and lips may appear
will look out unnaturally. Preparations with hyaluronate
undergo natural biological resorption within tissues
and such serious adverse reactions are no different.

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