Humana tea for nursing mothers (improvelactation)

You are a nursing mommy, but your milk is weak, your
the crumb is not full, cries and demands more and more? Try to drink
Humana instant granulated tea (this is tea to increase
lactation – stimulates the production of breast milk, promotes
prolongation of the lactation period).

What is good for Humana tea?

humana чай для лактации

  • As a part of tea there are only natural seeds and herbs;
  • Their composition contributes to the improvement of the kidneys, liver,
    intestinal stimulates digestion;
  • The extracts of fennel, rooibos and fenugreek contained in it,
    contribute to increased flow of breast milk, increase it
    production by the mammary glands;
  • Tea helps a woman to quickly recover strength in the postpartum
    period, strengthens its immunity;
  • It improves the health of nursing moms;
  • Restores the body after childbirth;
  • Enriched with vitamin C;
  • As a part of tea there are no dyes, flavors,
  • Excellent thirst quencher;
  • It has a calming effect, which also contributes to
    increased lactation;
  • It has excellent taste, it is pleasant.
  • It dissolves quickly in boiling water;
  • Sugarless.

How often to use tea Humana lactating

Manufacturers advise to drink 200 ml of tea three times a day.

Tea making:

1 jar is designed for the preparation of 45 servings of 100 ml.

Pour 200 ml of boiling water into a glass, pour 3 tea
spoon granules, stir well, cool to body temperature.
Drink warm. Sugar is not needed.

How much is 1 jar?

Buy tea is best in pharmacies. For the price it is much cheaper
than other soluble teas to improve lactation. In different
pharmacies cost may vary slightly, on average it is
250 rubles for a 200 gram can.

You can buy tea in the online store Babadu
— (также узнать
prices, read reviews and properties of tea)

Drink Humana’s tea, and let your baby be full, and you are calm and

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