How зачать двойню и попытаться повлиять на полkids Natural and artificial ways

Nature from time to time pleases us twins or
twins, but not as often as some moms would have liked. Can
can we somehow influence conception so that two children are born, and not
one? It turns out that nature is to some extent subservient to us. On
help will come both natural and artificial methods as well
people’s councils. Interestingly, the future children’s sex is also possible.
to affect.

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  • 2 Natural ways of birth twins
  • 3 Artificial methods
    • 3.1 Will calendar methods help?
    • 3.2 Geographical factor
    • 3.3 Want twins girls?
    • 3.4 how родить мальчиков
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how зачать двойню

Despite the fact that the “gift” of the birth of twins is usually
hereditary, the use of special methods and tips
leads to the fact that parents are increasingly waiting for the birth
two kids at once. According to statistics, you can give birth to twins in
one case out of 80.
We will tell you about how you can
increase chances.

Who are twins

In order for this joyful event to happen to you,
it is necessary, first of all, to understand what constitutes
twins. Unlike monozygotic twins, formed from
one egg with the participation of one spermatozoon, in the case of twins
участвуют по две клетки с обеих сторон.

Двойняшкиэто разнояйцевые дети. Such
pregnancy occurs when two are fertilized
ova different sperm. Each fruit is formed in
separate placenta.

Appeared toddlers may have very similar appearance, however
may differ significantly from each other. Besides, в их паре
optionally only one gender will be presented. May be and
so that a boy and a girl will be born. Although this phenomenon occurs not
so often.

So, to get twins, you need to find a way to
the result of which the female body will throw not one, but
несколько яйцеклеток. About sperm like you
You see, you don’t need to take care – they are always more than that.

There are two options for conception – natural and artificial.
by. In each case, you need your own strategy, and now you
get to know the main ones.

Natural ways of birth twins

двойня в животе

Gather as much information as possible about your genus. Also you
need a history of illness (spouse and your own). Gathering
все это, следует отправиться к генетику, который
will tell you what to do.

If you do not like doctors, you can act and
independently, following the general recommendations, both national, and
based on research. Here are the most important ones:

  • Перед зачатием откажитесь от употребления
    алкоголя и курения сигарет. Firstly
    take care of your health;
  • Chances на зачатие повышает отказ от противозачаточных
    . If you use contraceptive
    hormonal drugs, you can try to conceive a child immediately
    after the cessation of their use. There is evidence
    that the ovaries start producing more
    ova.  Try to conceive immediately after
    stopped taking birth control pills, after pills the body
    trying to regulate hormones, the body may need a cycle or
    two to make the hormones work as they should when
    It progresses, hormones can be stimulated more than necessary. it
    may cause the ovary to release more eggs than usual during
    the time of the very first cycles after the pills So if you want to conceive
    twins, the first cycles are a great time to
    try it out!
  • It is curious that the conception of twins happens more often
    весной. Probably women’s well-being improves with
    renewing nature. Besides, день становится длиннее, что также
    helps to improve hormonal levels;
  • Не стоит игнорировать и people’s councils. It is believed that if
    в пищу употреблять больше куриных яиц, грецких
    nuts, as well as different types of dairy products, the probability
    the appearance of twins increases;
  • Eat Manioc root or in another way Cassava or Yams
    (wild yam)
    В одном из регионов Африки, где Ямс очень
    it is common to notice that twins are born there most of all,
    Many nutritionists agree that consuming this product increases
    шансы зачатия близнецов (there is даже место, именуемое Землей
    Gemini where this plant grows in large
    Рекомендуется также сладкий картофель. A business
    in the fact that for some reason, tribal-eating tribes are born
    twins and twins;
  • Небольшой лишний вес может оказаться
    useful if you have conceived to give birth to twins. By the way, the chances are significantly
    increase in those who re-expect the child. Some
    believe that this is due to the fact that the weight of the woman after
    The birth of a baby usually increases;
  • Принимайте фолиевую кислоту. Duration
    admission must be at least 3 months;
  • Большую роль может сыграть не только вес, но и возраст
    . It is known that hormonal a surge is observed
    after 30 years, so younger ladies have more difficulty giving birth to twins,
    and chances increase with age. They are considered to be maximal with
    30 to 40 years. If you are between 20 and 30, your chances are about
    3%, and closer to forty – 6%. That is, they are doubled!
  • It is believed that you can count on twins, if
    повторно забеременеть сразу же после рождения
    baby or after a short break. We read
     Can ли забеременеть сразу после родов? how
    protect yourself ?;
  • У тех, кто кормит грудью и и не предохраняются
    после предыдущей of pregnancy
    , шанс зачать двойню
    также повышается;
  • Вероятность забеременеть близнецами возрастает после
    IVF or after taking hormonal drugs to stimulate
    овуляции при лечении бесплодия
  • Генетика считается одним из основных факторов,
    affecting the conception of twins. Especially many chances for those women in
    the kind of which twins were exactly on the maternal line. Of course,
    here you cannot change anything. However, if you really want
    иметь двойню, можно найти партнера, в роду
    which she was.

Well, the easiest, but not the most
useless advice how to conceive twins: you just need this very
strongly want. After all, no one will be a secret that
self-hypnosis has tremendous power and often leads to what is desired, although
and not always the expected results. If a woman will constantly
think about the fact that she will have twins, most likely, and
will be!

Artificial methods

  • ECO

Medicine does not stand still, there are all new artificial
ways of conceiving twins. Ее рождению способствует метод
(расшифровывается как экстракорпоральное
fertilization). However, the nuance here is that the artificial
fertilization is usually used in the case of couples not capable
independently conceive and give birth to the baby. In order to appear
twins, doctors tend to produce as much as possible
oocytes “in reserve”. The fact is that not every one of them is capable
become fertilized. When artificial conception appears
opportunity to fertilize several eggs at once, and then, in
depending on the wishes of the parents, leave one or two.

  • Stimulate ovulation

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee
you are the birth of twins. However, by stimulating ovulation you can
increase the likelihood that two babies will be born at once.
To do this, you must pass an examination and consult
the doctors. If he says that you are able to conceive twins and that not
менее важно, выносить ее, вам может быть назначен курс
определенных препаратов
, способных повлиять на
natural ovulatory cycle. However, to use them without appointment
doctor can not in any case. These drugs have a range of
side effects and they can hurt your
to the body.

Another artificial method is used when
ановуляторном заболевании, при котором
pregnancy does not occur in principle. Such a violation is treated
drugs containing a special follicle-stimulating hormone
(FSH). He awakens the body of a woman. After treatment,
in the first cycles of ovulation, the likelihood that two will mature at once
ovum increases.

The list of analyzes (for women and men) when planning
of pregnancy


Will calendar methods help?

You can use them, but do not rely completely and
on them. There are no such wonderful days when with 100%
Probably you can conceive twins. You can only determine the most
the best periods for this. Doctors believe that the biggest chance
give birth to two babies women whose menstrual cycle
short (about 21 days).

If you are interested in the birth of twins, should be a special way.
plan attempts to conceive babies. Least likely
fertilization, as you probably know, in the period of menstruation, and
also a week before they start. Therefore, this period we will not
to consider. In a few months you need to watch
the way your cycle goes. If it is fairly regular, then
calculate the day of ovulation is not at all difficult. It happens in
mid cycle. The twins conception table does not differ from the table
Conception one baby. However, there is one nuance. Should especially
активно пытаться это сделать непосредственно в день
. It is on this day that the eggs come out of
ovary to fallopian tubes.

Folk healers give their advice on how you can
conceive twins. It is believed that the chances increase if you try
do this on days when the moon is passing through such
constellations like Gemini and Pisces. Couples seeking to conceive twins,
должны осуществить сексуальный контакт перед
, если предпочтительно рождение малышей одного
floor. Если же вы сделаете это перед полнолунием,
Chances of the birth of heterosexual babies are high. At least
least, folk healers believe it. Why not try?

how рассчитать лучшие и самые благоприятные дни for
conceiving a child



Geographical factor

According to research, it is easiest to give birth to twins in Africa
and the Middle East. However, in our country there are places where
the appearance of many twins. it, например, село
, находящееся в Карпатах. 54 couples were born here
twins for half a century. Locals claim that the reason for this
– located in the village healing source conducive to the appearance
to the light of twins. Many parents come to him who want
to have twins in the family. Some of them really managed
achieve your goal after making the trip.

В селе Денисовка, находящемся в Ростовской
areas are also marked by miraculous phenomena. 19 recorded here
twin pairs for 500 people. It is believed that this
promotes fruitful land. how говорят местные жители,
you can get the desired gift, even just having visited some
time in this village.

Want twins girls?


It turns out that you can influence the gender of the unborn child by choosing
определенные позы for conception. If you want to light
появились девочки, рекомендуются позы с неглубоким
. Best fit
миссионерская, так как при ее использовании во
vagina remains a lot of sperm, which increases the likelihood

Besides, существует специальная диета,
allowing you to increase the chances for the birth of girls. It should be included in
your diet is more honey, sugar, jam, fragrant herbs and
spices. It is recommended to avoid salty food, as well as
products that contain caffeine.

Another interesting way is based on using
теории молодости крови. Since in the body
in women, blood renewal occurs after 3 years, and in men –
after 4, the countdown should be conducted from its last major loss:
childbirth, abortion, surgery. Gender of the future baby can be determined
based on whose blood is younger during

ЧИТАЕМ ПОДРОБНО: how зачать девочку: все
known methods

how родить мальчиков

двойняшки мальчики

В этом случае как раз подойдут позы именно
с глубоким проникновением. The fact is that
Y-chromosomes that determine the male sex, live less than their
competitors, thanks to which girls are born (X). there is
the view that after the female orgasm is easier penetration
Y-spermatozoa, since special substances are released,
contributing to their greater resilience.

If you want boys to be born, engage
сексом лучше перед овуляцией. It is also associated with
the fact that Y-sperm do not live long. If you follow this
advice, the chances that they will get faster than their rivals to
ripe egg cells will increase.

Вам также поможет специальная диета. Worth
use less milk drinks, caviar, crabs, shrimps,
bread, baking, sauces, green beans, lettuce, waffles,
cocoa, dill and raw cabbage. Impressive list but women
which is very important the sex of the unborn child, it is easy to go to such
restrictions. Instead, it is recommended to use fruit juices,
coffee, tea, fish and meat, mineral water, egg white, sausage,
potato, rice, semolina, biscuits, peas, lentils, mushrooms, all kinds
dried fruits and fruits, as well as dark chocolate. Salt your food
more, eat canned food, as well as pastries with yeast.

Of course, все это лишь незначительно повысит ваши шансы на
the birth of boys. However, all means are good, and used in
together, they may well give you the desired result.
The main thing is to believe.

ЧИТАЕМ ПОДРОБНО: как зачать мальчика

Even if you could not conceive the desired twins, do not
be discouraged. Keep in mind that taking out two babies at once
not so easy. For your body is a serious burden. Besides,
the happiness of motherhood is not in the number of children, but in how you
manage to bring them up.

From the forum

мама Н.: Высчитать день овуляции
Of course you can, but why? This does not increase the chase of twins. Chances
может повысить ECO, но если вы здоровы зачем вам это надо? And you can
increase (but also not 100% guaranteed) by adopting the Klostilbegit scheme,
но препарат очень серьёзный, принимается for стимуляции овуляции
strictly according to testimony, without consulting a doctor, you can imagine a lot
troubles to do (due to ovarian hyperstimulation).


MaryAngel: Я тоже читала, что после
cancellation of hormonal contraceptives is often twins obtained. But
There is also a reverse risk – infertility. Ability to give birth to twins
transmitted through the female line, if you do not have such cases in your relatives,
that except artificially through eco or pills nothing
will come out. And if you read how hard it is to bear two at once,
bring up, can change your mind?

SayuRi: Шанс забеременеть двойней
increases after canceling ok.
In general, twins (non-identical
twins) are transmitted genetically through the female line. I also heard that
in a generation, but it was not scientifically confirmed.
the same (identical twins) are generally the gift of God. Until now, scientists are not
managed to figure out why suddenly the egg cell is divided into two. And if
There is a chance to specifically become pregnant with non-identical twins. Thats
identical twins this is a great gift of fate from nothing

Natach: it счастье происходит
by chance! Do not even expect that there will be twins. Perhaps this is fate
 ржу нимагу  ржу нимагу Знаю точно, что у женщин от 35 до
45 years of increased risk of giving birth to twins, because during this period occurs
the so-called “last cry” – increased hormonal

Lilusa: Для нас узнать что будет
twins – was a complete surprise. In the genus was not like, OK
did not take it once in my life, did not stimulate ovulation, conceived
in a natural way. The only thing is to drink folic acid 3
месяца до зачатия, во второй фазе витамин е 200.
Даже и не
I know what to advise you. All the will of God!

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