How we spoil the game for children: 6 typicalmistakes

Let’s remember ourselves in childhood. Our grandparents,
moms and dads constantly made us do something: draw
or sculpt, then read or write, while we wanted
play with the best friend on the street in the shop. They attached us to
housework, taught to assign responsibilities, to help each
to a friend. Then – learn lessons, go shopping … And all our plans
playing robbers often broke down and led to discontent and
offended. But adults only needed to take our
fun is more serious because the game is the best way to express yourself
for a child. This is exactly an independent occupation in which there is
the ability to realize their desires according to their own rules.
In the game, the child is what he wants to see himself: hardy
superhero or beautiful princess. Children’s game is needed not only
for fun, but also for the development of the child. And even those adults
who want to understand this, do not always encourage their hobbies
Chad. Каких же mistakes стоит нам избежать в нелегком процессе

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1. We buy high-tech toys for ourselves, not for

Most modern parents are very busy working, and
children try to compensate for the lack of attention with the help of fashionable
and expensive toys. The so-called “developing” toys with
set of multi-colored elements of various shapes, sound and
lighting effects that sing and tell fairy tales become
interesting to us, adults, but not to the kid, who is so many
The functions are still not clear. It turns out that parents buy toys and
развивающие центры не для своего baby, а для себя. It looks like
as if we are trying to compensate for the lack of toys in
own childhood. Children are much more interesting to play with
clay, balls, cubes, bucket and spatula, as well as
other useful things. Playing with this all, they seem
prepare for adulthood by developing their imagination and finding
subjects new application.

Tip: It’s better to have a few toys, but they will
Carefully selected in accordance with the age and interests of the baby.
To the child was not boring, it is necessary to hide some of the toys, leaving
he is half. And then alternate them. So the baby will not disappear
interest and toys will not seem monotonous to him.

2. We impose our views

Parents are constantly trying to invent their child’s lessons
own plan instead of giving him the opportunity
come up with entertainment at his discretion. Be patient and
give him the opportunity to play with saucepans, cooks.
Give him a few cups of cereals, give him
access to boxes and shelves. Let your child have the opportunity
what to play today and how, and you watch from
and then join his game.

There is nothing to worry about the child studying the henchmen
objects, while choosing their entertainment to taste. After all
limiting his space and activities, thereby we
лишаем baby инициативы и свободы принятия решений. Not worth it
deprive the child of a carefree childhood, let him sometimes
rosters, dreams, and then shares with you invented

3. Ребенок и телевизор


About the dangers of television argue for a long time and that
talk about its harm to the young body. One side,
TV views negatively affect vision. With another
hand, they often do not carry the semantic load. Unfortunately,
mothers are used to showing cartoons to babies almost from the cradle.
While the child is distracted, the mother’s hands are untied and she can
go about your business. He can fall asleep under the quiet hubbub
working television, or watching cartoons with enthusiasm,
reacting to bright characters. It becomes a kind of distraction from
of reality. Until the age of three, this is generally not done.
стоит, вы можете нанести непоправимый вред психике baby.
Viewing cartoons deprives him of fantasy, makes him passive, gives him
ready-made solutions in certain situations. Adult films and
programs often carry aggression, which is definitely not necessary for
young brain. The kid can get scared, or even get
dependence on television.

Remember! У телевизора в
depending on age, the child can spend: from 15 to 40 minutes
per day at the age of 2-5 years and not more than 1 hour per day, if he is older
5 years. Children under 2 years old TV is contraindicated!



Some rules for viewing children’s cartoons


Влияние американских мультфильмов на психику baby


The impact of modern gadgets on children (pros and

4. Excessively loading circles and sections

We are trying to teach their children to everything they have not mastered for the whole
life yourself. Therefore, from early childhood we begin to strain them.
learning foreign languages, mathematics, writing, sports
занятиями, хореографией… В итоге у baby как будто нет детства,
he has all his free time busy learning, training. Going on
overload of the body, general fatigue. It is not right,
such children often grow up closed in themselves, notorious, in
school they have problems communicating with classmates. And later
this will be noticeable by a decrease in intelligence and social activity.
Если ограничивать baby в играх, со временем это проявит себя
negative trait of character. After all в игре малыш тоже многому учится!
On the contrary, it is necessary to develop communication skills in it, to give it
enough free time to play with peers. Remind me
imposed by us, and those that they choose for themselves. To any
occupation should be your time when the child is morally and physically
this is ripe.

5. Мы не учим baby игре

Children adopt all the habits in adults. And, first of all,
it’s about bad habits. But us, conscious parents, are very
It is important to set a good example. Therefore, we must not be afraid to show
kidding, find time to play with a child.
Dress up in the Indians, build wigwams, stock up on weapons, –
and go! Help your daughter to sew a dress for a doll, swaddle baby doll,
show how to sculpt the sand pasca, jump with him to the classics
or on an elastic band. Your child will love what you do,
and he will start following you. In the end, outdoor games and
physical activity is useful not only for the baby, but for you
themselves, improving form and improving immunity. Love for sports
good to instill from early childhood – it will be the most valuable
вкладом в будущее baby, способствуя нормальному развитию и
good health. If you are embarrassed fooling around with children, just
tell them what other games you can play, what games you played,
and how really fun it is!

6. Do not show interest in cooperative games.


Coming in the evening from work, you most likely want to drink tea
in silence or watch tv. But it does not play hide and seek,
or fold the constructor. But your child needs attention,
and you have to fulfill his whims, making efforts on yourself. Any
the child is spontaneous and feels your unwillingness to participate in
the game. Do not deprive him of pleasure, take it seriously.
Try playing with your baby in those games that interest you.
by ourselves. If you are making something, or even cooking, attach to
этому делу baby. He will enjoy playing with your
tools, will sort out beads, ribbons, sculpt pigeons from
test. Come up with a plot for a role-playing game – this is so important for
development of creative potential. Do not neglect reading
рассказывайте сказки (влияние сказок на развития
Look at the pictures together. You will love it, with
what kind of hobby will your kid listen to your stories or
repeat after you what you teach him. After all в вашем доме растет
little helper or skillful hostess!

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