How to wear slings (with rings,sling-scarf, may-sling) in position on the back of mom

Times change, and replaced by kengurushkam came slings. By
their purpose they are similar to kengurushkami, but much more convenient
for both mom and baby. Sling allows you to carry your baby in
following positions:

  • on the stomach;
  • on the back;
  • on the thigh.

This invention was loved by many moms, but now wear it
not everyone is able to correctly. Ways to properly wear a sling
depend on its species, and today we will consider three options
carrying the child in a position behind the back.

слинг в положении на спине

Sling with rings

To begin, choose the shoulder on which you are going to wear
baby We throw the product on it in such a way that the rings
located under the clavicle, and the bottom – at the level of the protruding part


Now move the rings back a little. Take the crumbs and put yourself
on his free shoulder, while his legs must be threaded into the sling
as shown in the photo below.


Holding the child behind his back, straighten the canvas sling. With
This upper edge should be located just below the baby’s neck, and
lower – under the knees.


Now we set the baby in the formed bag.


We straighten the bottom edge of the product so that the canvas
проходило четко под коленками baby Straighten the sling canvas and
on the back crumbs.


Now we pull the child to us and start pulling up the top one.
and the bottom edge of the sling web. Byлотно нужно притягивать не слишком
tight, but comfortable.


As a result of these manipulations, the child should be tight
attracted to the mother, and his legs are located on the same level.


Now it remains only to gently turn the child on his back and
if necessary, re-tighten the sling canvas.


Видео: Sling with rings на боку, на бедре, на
back instruction:

Sling Scarf

Byсадите кроху на то место слинга, где находится его карман.
Now you need to sit in front of the baby, take the sling at the free edges.
and, bending forward a little, plant the crumb on your back.


Then cross the ends of the product over the chest and throws
one end of the sling back over the shoulder.


We straighten the fabric of the product so that it embraces
back the baby, and stretch the edge of the sling under the knee of the crumbs. The same
we perform the manipulations with the second edge of the product.


In conclusion, we tighten the sling canvas and fasten it.
edges in front of you.


As a result, you should have a position like in the picture.


Видео: Sling Scarf, намотка «Крест над карманом на
back “:


In order to wear a May-sling, you first need to tie it up.
bottom edges at the waist.

Then you need to put the baby on your back, gently holding
for legs or ass.


Continuing to hold the baby, you need to take the right hand with your right hand.
top strap and throw it over your shoulder.


The same самые действия необходимо проделать левой рукой с левой
hand, continuing to hedge the baby with his free hand.


When both May-Sling top straps are in front, you can
straighten and pull them tight.


Next, we get both straps of the product behind our back and cross them on
back crumbs.

Now you just have to skip oboy edges of the product under the knees
baby and tie them in front.

Видео: May-sling на спине:

With использовании любого вида слинга важно, чтобы ребенок,
being on my mother’s back was not thrown back. First is
uncomfortable for mom herself, and secondly, it is fraught with injury. With
tying the sling carefully, make sure that the child is
tightly pressed to your back. If you yourself do not cope
it turns out, better ask for help from the outside.

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  • Types of slings. How and which sling to choose;
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