How to wean baby suck fingers

Baby, sucking finger – the picture is not rare.
The first time, future parents can see her more on ultrasound: many
the kids “entertain” themselves in the mother’s stomach. True, over time
the fact that a baby sucks a finger causes a rather small
anxiety than affection. Let’s see together when this
sweet prank develops into a bad habit that stands behind such
the child’s behavior and what parents should do to stop the child
тянуть пальчики в рот.

ребенок сосет пальцы

What does the kid dream of sucking on her finger?

The whole life of a newborn child is controlled by instincts and
reflexes. These are nature’s behavioral programs
that help an immature creature survive in a big world. Any
actions performed by the child – a signal for the mother. Needs
baby is not much. The child wants him
сухо и тепло, сыто, безопасно, чтобы его
loved, accepted and were pleased with his appearance.

Problems of physical comfort are most often reported by children.
crying loudly (how to understand the reasons for crying?), but if the baby
постоянно сосет большой палец – маме стоит «пройтись» по
remaining items.

Reasons for sucking fingers

  1. punctuation-marks

    The child is hungry. Regardless of,
    baby gets breast milk or adapted mix, sucking –
    his only way of getting food. Cocking his finger,
    the child can tell mom she wants to eat.
  2. The child is experiencing emotional discomfort.
    Children feel very subtly any tension and reflect like a mirror
    what is happening around. In the first months of life, calm and
    the child’s sense of security is literally in her mother’s arms.
    Anxieties and fears in babies may not necessarily appear in the case
    if there are open conflicts at home. Appearance of someone else or
    unfamiliar person – also a big blow to the sense of security
    and if this person also takes on his hands, stress cannot be avoided.
    The guarantor of safety for the child is the mother`s breast, after all
    sucking is not just a way of eating. This is an opportunity
    calm down, feel that he is protected and not under threat.
    That is why in stress, babies start to suck their fingers like
    substitute mother’s breast.
  3. The child lacks emotional and physical
    contact with mom.
    Baby is very important every cell
    of his body, to feel that he is welcome, loved, that everyone is happy about him
    this world. Parental love is the resource by which
    there is a development and maturing. At an early age the best way
    show your love and acceptance – physical contact, including
    through sucking breasts. If the baby’s chest is not often – he
    sucks a finger to make up for it.
  4. Another reason why a baby sucks a finger is no way
    associated with a congenital reflex.
    Everything can be much
    more prosaic: the child has an active stage of teething. AT
    this period, children not only suck and gnaw cams, they pull in the mouth
    all that you can “scratch” the gums.

Where do reflexes end and problems begin?

1 year

A baby sucking on a finger rarely causes anxiety.
adults. Much more problematic situation seems to be when a child
year, and he sucks a finger. Parents of one year old children can also
treat this problem without much fear. AT этом возрасте
sucking continues to be reflex, and from unwanted habit
You can get rid of if you correctly understand the reason and try it
to eliminate.

2 years

With two years, the situation is somewhat more serious. If the child is 2
years continues to suck a finger, parents should think about
psychological well-being of the baby. For such behavior may
stand fears, anxieties, lack of self-confidence and in their loved ones,
attachment trauma and many other psychological causes
the roots.

Wean the baby to suck your finger: do “one”, do “two”

причины, по которым ребенок сосет палец

The older the child, the deeper the reasons for it
�“Sucking” problems. So parents will have to attach more
efforts to eliminate bad habits.


In order not to aggravate the situation, it is better to respond to the first
�”Symptoms”. Even those who have encountered this problem are helpful.
know how to wean baby suck your finger. This knowledge will help to accept
preventive measures and save the whole family from the experiences.

  1. Do not deprive the baby of breastfeeding, if there is no
    serious obstacles (severe illness of the mother, taking drugs, not
    compatible with feeding). Breast for a child is not only
    mother’s milk, but also safety, security, mother’s caress and
  2. Discard dummies and other “mother-substitutes” (how to wean
    baby from nipples?). Offer the child a breast for literally every
    squeak It is authentically known that children receiving the breast according to the first
    requirement, they have no problem sucking their fingers because
    sucking reflex is completely satisfied.
  3. Protect your baby from unnecessary stress. The rule “calm mom –
    calm child “works flawlessly. Remember that for
    a newborn baby a mother is his whole world, so it’s not worth it
    to overload the little one with new impressions, acquaintances,
    information. Just be always there be responsive to him
    needs. ATсе напряженные отношения и конфликты должны
    stay outside the house where there is a child.
  4. With an older baby who hasn’t sucked for a long time, increase
    number of physical contacts. Tender hugs, kisses,
    invitations “on the handles”, joint felting in bed, reading a fairy tale
    mother is on her knees – it all brings together and fills the child
    sense of self-worth for an adult.
  5. Stock up on rubber “rodents” for teething.
    It is better to anticipate the child’s desire to suck on a finger, showing that
    for these purposes there are more interesting items. Let these useful
    Toys are always at hand.
  6. Restrain negative reactions to the child who sucks
    finger. In public, you can safely remove the handle from the mouth, distract.
    Home best to actively deal with the causes. Just imagine:
    a child is already bad, he, as he can, is trying to cope with
    his stress, and his beloved mother scolds him for it, driving him into another
    more stress.

We recommend the video for viewing:

ATот, посмотрите еще один способ:

От чего воздержаться во время отучения крохи от сосания

  • protiv

    Do not smear the fingers of a child with mustard, garlic and other
    special bitter creams. A child can burn the mucous
    the shell of the mouth and the walls of the stomach;
  • No need to scream at the child. Why injure the fledgling
  • Do not use special fingertips and other gloves.
    and mittens.

The use of these methods will only lead to whims

Top secret

If you are spinning and despairing in search of a “recipe,” like
wean the baby suck your finger – stop. Yes it is alarming
signal. Yes, you need to work with it. But it is not a disaster that
has irreversible effects. Wean the baby from sucking fingers
can only gradually. Have patience, and consistently, with
With love, give the child what he really needs,
create a favorable environment for his life and development.
The welfare of children is always in the hands of parents. Let that thought
We will add strength to you, and then the chances of success will surely become

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