How to wean a child from the hands

Carefully bringing the child to the house waiting for him, first you are full
willingness to carry it on their hands as much as required
as worn before birth nine months under the heart. But the days are running,
fatigue accumulates, it starts to seem like a crumb cannot
wait for you silently for a second. Things multiply, I want to be distracted,
relax. Suddenly it dawns on you: yes, I apparently indulge him. Why he
does mischief, refuses to understand, does not give to do anything except
him Therefore, the question of how to wean a child from the hands is quite
popular on various online forums and blogs.

The content of the article

  • 1 Why does a baby need her mother’s hands
  • 2 How much do you need it
  • 3 If absolutely unbearable
    • 3.1 Video: weaning by the hands of the super nanny technique
    • 3.2 Psychologist Melnikov Alexander Sergeevich is responsible how to wean
      child at the hands

отучить child at the hands

Why does a mother need a baby

Remember! Отучать child at the hands можно
at least in the first month, at least in a year, at least in two years … Here you decide
yourself when to start doing it. And whether to start
at all!

A newborn baby is completely defenseless. Report something
for the mother, from whom he is now divorced, he can only cry for the time being.
This he does, especially a restless baby. O signals
he can give help when:

  • How to wean a child from the hands

    He wants to eat. In a baby feeding mixture, the interval between
    feeds for about 3 hours. When fed naturally, they
    there are significantly less;
  • He was overtaken by small but insidious troubles – baby
    described, pokal. Wet, disgusting. No one will like it;
  • Hot or cold. Newborns do not keep temperature well
    mode. Therefore, dress the frozen baby, but overheating is not
  • Torment colic. Frequent problem up to three months of age.
    Special preparations, cautious massage, and also – “dry
    heat ”: the child should be pressed with his tummy;
  • Got sick. Alas, it happens;
  • Uncomfortable to lie. This is facilitated by poorly bedded diapers,
    lack of change of position, the ability to move;
  • He is lonely, scared, boring. Of course, a small child is not
    knows the names of these sensations. But feels them. And children feel
    Mother’s mood, and her irritation or unwillingness to take them
    makes the search for heat even stronger. This also applies to kids.
  • Wants to sleep. Crying may be an unconscious reaction
    body, and not worth the moment to pick up. He may fall asleep

Статья по теме: почему ребенок плачет как
understand the reason for crying

If you can not calm the baby with motion sickness, do not rush
to panic. Perhaps this method of sedation does not suit him – as
not all children fit swaddling. Look for another way to distract and
calm him down. Зато не придется потом отучать малыша от
your hands.

Помните: находясь у вашей груди, на ваших
familiar hands, the child again feels part of you. is he
gets naturally needed physical contact. So
there is a formation of a sense of trust. When the baby signals
There is no review, it will be cut down, which will affect the whole
the emotional side of his life. However, your reaction should
occur in a timely manner. Hug or lift no faster than
the child asked for it, and no later than the moment when the call
child grows into a tantrum – this is one of the first conditions
development of a child who is confident in the love of parents and
security of the world.

How much do you need it

Подумайте, почему вам так важно отучить ребенка от
hands If there is no need to return to work, then what is the reason:
time for yourself, or fear that with the hands of the child will move to the neck,
will be a weakling? ..

If the cause is tired, sit down and discuss the situation with your husband.
Refer to the mother, to her friends. Ask for help. Distribute
duties. Alas, until you have to live in a zone of discomfort, but this
will pass. Like the miracle of growing up a child. Remember: you are in
daily and difficult care leave for a growing child — not
behind the apartment.



On this topic. Highly recommend

As a young mother to cope with the child and household chores –
tips and tricks.

And additional tips for young moms – how not to go crazy
after childbirth :)

If absolutely unbearable

Способы снизить время нахождения ребенка на руках просты,
but they invariably require patience, love, understanding, confidence.
Чтобы малыш перестал использовать вас в качестве лошадки
around the clock, you need to do the following:

  • Do not take away the opportunity to be sharply on hands. It will become
    trauma, punishment. Act gradually, calmly, gently,
  • Talk about everything around you with your child, sing different
    songs, pies, tell interesting tales. Baby will understand:
    mother with him;
  • Hang mobile over the baby’s crib. Change toys
    show them to the baby;
  • Show pictures, household items, describe them;
  • Get the developing rug. Many children on it
  • On a walk, try to show something to your child, to tell.
    Let him sleep less on the street. Falling asleep at home after intense
    walks, he will give you the opportunity to do chores;
  • If the stroller is in the apartment, the baby can be put into her. Thats
    The same applies to child seats or rocker. Crawling babies
    spread the blanket, spread out the toys;
  • Take the child, going to the kitchen, with you. Explain what you are doing.
    Watching you close, he will worry less;
  • Laying in bed, do not swing. Air the room. Iron
    baby’s tummy, sing a lullaby. You can hold on a little
    knees, and, having caught the moment of falling asleep, shift to bed.
    Woke up – repeat this technique.

Video: wean by hands on the method of super nanny

Doing weaning from the hands, think: soon the baby will grow.
Enjoy his growth. After all, the child does not come running on the handles, falling
in front of classmates or having failed in a relationship. You will
with warmth and regret to remember
процесс отучения вашего такого взрослого
теперь child at the hands. Remember: everything on earth has its time.


If a child sleeps with his parents, then the time comes when
малышу пора спать в своей кроватке — приучаем ребенка спать в
My bed is separate from my mother.

There are situations when a child falls asleep only in his arms, and how
only you put in the crib, wakes up right away, here’s an article where
we wrote about it.

Soже интересно будет узнать, как правильно отучить малыша от
baby bottle (+ the article contains many links to useful

Psychologist Melnikov Alexander Sergeevich is responsible how to wean
child at the hands

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