How to wean a baby from an infantfeeding?

Update: October 2018

Sooner or later, every mother breastfeeding a baby,
thinks about when to stop breastfeeding and how
make it so that for the baby it is a painless weaning from
chest In this article we will try to touch upon all the significant
aspects of this important step for both mother and baby.

When should wean a baby?

The most important rule is not to listen to examples of friends, neighbors and
grandmothers. There are those who are guided by the desire to lead an independent
lifestyle, the desire to start actively playing sports (although
breastfeeding is not a hindrance at all) with strange beliefs,
that the milk after a certain time (after 9 months, after a year,
after a year and a half, etc.) becomes not only less nutritious,
but also harmful.

Otherwise, according to belief, it can not be called. This is something that
�”Grandma said.” But we, as literate and modern people, should
rely not on fairy tales, but on scientific evidence, medicine and
physiology. Milk is produced by the hormone prolactin,
with constant breastfeeding, its amount will not decrease, and
with good nutrition, its composition will be as rich as in
first months of breastfeeding.

Weaning a baby from breastfeeding can be no sooner.
one year if there is no reason for emergency weaning. By
recommendations of the World Health Organization
breastfeeding should be after one and a half to two years.

But everything is individual, it is very important that not
only a child, but also the nursing mother herself. After all, for a woman too
An important psychological moment is close contact with the child. is he
It is important not only for the baby, but also for the mother.

Too early weaning is not recommended because weaning
baby from breastfeeding up to 1.5-2 years can not only
because the child may not be ready for this yet, but also because
what could be the consequences for a woman. In this case, increases
risk of banding, the appearance of painful seals in dairy
glands. There is also an early hormonal alteration in
the body, which can lead to various hormonal disruptions
subsequently, as well as the long-term release of milk from dairy
glands after completion of breastfeeding.

Emergency weaning

Sometimes there are situations when a woman urgently needs
stop breastfeeding. A number of reasons require termination.
breastfeeding for a long time, but there are reasons when
it is only possible to take a break in feeding with breast milk. Second
option, of course, better if you can continue breast
feeding soon, and the child has not yet reached the age
1.5-2 years, then you need to keep lactation.

Causes of emergency weaning can be: How to wean a baby from an infant feeding?

  • detection of HIV infection
  • hepatitis A
  • syphilis
  • open tuberculosis
  • cancer in a woman
  • purulent mastitis development
  • medication not compatible with breastfeeding

Byследние две причины могут позволить сохранить грудное
feeding. To do this, express milk during the treatment period, and
at the end of it you can continue to breastfeed, volume
the milk produced will be the same when the baby is once again
use your usual amount of breast milk.

How to determine that it is time to finish breast

Consider this question from two sides – from the mother and from
hand child. After all, as already mentioned, there should be no ready
only baby but also mom so how to stop breastfeeding
It is difficult not only for the baby, but also for the woman herself.

The main criterion determining a woman’s readiness is
cessation of breast filling for a long time (from 12
hours). This can be learned in several ways.

  • If a child goes to kindergarten, then do it enough
    simply. In the absence of feeding at night, it’s enough just a whole day.
    Do not give the baby a breast. At the same time the chest should not be filled, not
    should be painful, seals in dairy
  • You can ask to sit with the child’s grandmother or another
    during the day so that there is no lure of feeding
    you, nor the child.
  • If you can not use the previous methods, you can
    feed the baby from the same breast throughout the day and observe
    for the second.

If this criterion is met and your child is ready for weaning, then
starting from this moment you need to count 8-12 weeks, this will be
the time when your body will be completely ready for completion

The readiness of the child is a little harder to determine. Most
women feel very well the needs of the child, and often
Mom knows best when her baby is ready for weaning. But
here you should not rely on your own desires and
needs, namely the need of the baby, not worth it
subconsciously argue yourself that you need, not


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Also an important criterion is the refusal to suck nipples, bottles and
other things. At the same time attachment to the chest should be from 1 to 3 in
day, this number of attachments should be constant in
1-2 months. This period usually comes in two
years, sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later.

At what moments it is better to slightly postpone the completion of the chest

A very important issue is not only how to wean off
breastfeeding, but also when to do it.

You can not do this if the child has stress or it is possible in
For the near future, for example, the time of the move, the exit of the mother
to work, the appearance of a nanny in a child, his exit to kindergarten. Everything
These events will be stressful for the child.

Byэтому надо отлучать от груди либо за 2-3 месяца до них, либо
2-3 months after them. The same goes for crisis ages.
child, as a rule, they are in a year or after a year, and also in 3
of the year.

Breastfeeding cannot be stopped shortly before vaccination.
and within a month after it.

It should not be weaned during the warm season, as this
a period of possible expansion of the diet, due to the appearance of a large
quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables also increase the risk
intestinal infections in summer, and soon after completion
breastfeeding baby is more vulnerable to them.

How exactly should weaning take place?

So, your body is ready to stop lactation, baby
applied to the chest no more than 3 times a day, now you can go
to complete breastfeeding.

How to stop it? Byстепенно или сразу резко, раз и
forever and ever? It is possible to use both methods, but more
preferred is gradual weaning, this is less
traumatic for the psyche of the child. After all, for a long time
time he had such close contact with his mom and his sharp
termination will be a big stress for him, but sometimes this way

Очень важно, чтобы мама не колебалась, начав отлучение от chest
The child will feel any of her doubts and this will only add to his
anxiety If mom is confident in their actions and correctness
his decision, then this decision will be given to the baby much easier.

  • Reducing the frequency of feeding is already a stage of weaning.

It is important to exclude all possible “provocations” of the baby on
прикладывание к chest Don’t have to change clothes with him, go to
open blouses, because very often the child may not be hungry, but
seeing nearby her mother’s breast wants to suck her out of boredom. If a
for the sake of the game, the child asks for a couple of minutes, then you just need it
distract if it fails to ignore.

  • If a ребенок засыпает только с грудью, то следующим этапом
    will be learning to sleep without a breast

Сначала малышу нужно научиться засыпать днем без chest For
it is necessary during his usual daytime sleep to put it in
bed, tell him that mom needs to leave for a moment to get something
to do. Leave in 30-40 seconds, and then come back if the child
will require a chest, then give it to him, but every day your time
absence should increase and in a couple of weeks your efforts
will be crowned with success, when you return, you will see your sweetheart sweet
asleep If a ребенок бежит за вами, когда вы уходите, то не
mad at him, just take him back to bed.

  • The next step is to teach the child to fall asleep without a breast on
    night. It is carried out as the previous stage.

If a днем уже ребенок не требует грудь, то постепенно уменьшайте
the number and duration of night feedings. If a же их количество,
on the contrary, it has increased dramatically – it means that the child is not ready for weaning
and it is worth taking a step back. Об этом же может свидетельствовать
that the baby began to suck the lower lip, finger, or anything else.
This suggests that the child is very hard internally experiencing
This situation is not ready for it. Then it is better to postpone weaning.
some time.

What should not do?

  • Smear the breast with mustard, as advised, some grandmothers. Is not
    only stress for the child, but also very harmful for the stomach
  • Deprive him of increased attention during this period. Ending
    breastfeeding is a difficult period for a child, even if he is to
    ready for him. Lost that important and close contact with mom who
    He had a whole life from birth. This period is very important to the child.
    pay more attention, hug him more, kiss him,
    praise, iron on the head. is he и сам будет от вас его требовать
    much more often than before. This will give the child peace of mind,
    will reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Angry at the child if something goes wrong. Often
    excommunication goes on the principle of “one step forward, but two steps back” and
    this is normal. Get ready for this to be a difficult period.
    for you, but even more difficult for the child. He will need your
    support and your confidence in what is right.

Автор: Ревус Олеся Григорьевна врач-невролог

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