How to water a newborn: 8 usefulof drinks

With the onset of the summer heat, many mothers begin to think about
the fact that water crumbs. Предлагаем вам список полезных of drinks,
that will help the baby quench their thirst.

чем поить грудного ребенка

1. Breast milk

Modern pediatricians assure parents that during
the first months of life the baby does not need anything more than my mother’s
milk The exception is the need to dilute the medicine (although for
diluted powdered tablets are great
a few drops of expressed breast milk) and medical
indications. It’s about health problems – about high
temperature, physiological “jaundice” of the newborn, diarrhea,
dehydration. 87.5% of mother’s milk consists of water, so
it quenches thirst perfectly. However, children who are
on artificial feeding, between meals still need
to solder

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when breastfeeding?

2. Water

From the age of six months, when complementary feeding is already introduced, the child
It is worth starting to drink water. Better not to give him boiled water.
from the tap: boiling kills bacteria, but heavy metal salts
remain. Safely water the crumbs with bottled water from the store,
but be sure to choose non-carbonated. Make sure to
The bottle had the words “children’s” and the name of the organization that
controlled production. Now they are in Russia 3: Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation,
Institute of Nutrition, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and Gossanepidnadzor of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

вода грудничку

Although in the first months of life, children need only one
breast milk can also be given to them in extreme heat

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feeding? Hiccup water

3. Morse

Making this drink is very simple, even heat treatment is not
will need. Just boil the fruit with berries, and then
Give Morse a little brew. You can give them a baby from one year old

4. Juice

This drink is suitable for babies who have turned 4
of the month. However, juices with pulp are recommended for children from six months.
Recommendations on whether it is worthwhile to introduce such crumbs into the diet
drinking, usually gives the local pediatrician.

когда ребенку можно давать сок


If you buy juice in a store, choose it in departments with
products for children. Always carefully review the expiration dates and
storage. Often industrial juices for babies are enriched.
vitamins and trace elements – all this can be found by reading
the label.

First give the child a few single-ingredient drops.
juice to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

Gradually increase the amount of the drink, bringing it to
age norm.

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5. Compote

If the child is already 6 months old, he can already be given
homemade compotes. When making a drink, replace sugar with
fructose – it is sold in pharmacies, but it is often found in
supermarkets. The fact is that the sugar loads the pancreas, but
baby’s digestive system is still weak. Do not add to the compote
fresh grapes, as well as raisins, if you cook a drink of dried fruit.
These berries in any form provoke gas formation and processes.
fermentation in the intestines.

6. Kissel

Kissel contains starch, so they can not feed children
younger than 6 months. And from the age of six months give this
child needs a drink carefully – after consultation with the pediatrician and
subject to several rules. Infant should not be offered thick
Kissel, and it should be boiled immediately before use.
To avoid allergies, use only those products.
which baby already eats, and do not experiment with exotic

7. Tea

Это один из популярных of drinks, который любят во всех семьях.
For children produce special teas with herbs and plants – with
mint, melissa, chamomile, dogrose and hunter. They are not only
delicious, but also treatable. For example, there are drinks that improve
digestion, soothe, stimulate the excretion of sputum when

когда ребенку можно давать чай

Pharmacies sell granulated teas. If you choose
such, be sure to follow the recommended dosage. Yet
Before buying any tea for crumbs, consult your doctor, because
herbs need to be careful. Artificial baby can
water tea in 3-4 months, baby – from six months.

8. Kefir

Enter this fermented milk drink in the diet of the crumbs do not need
before he turns 8 months. And for the child it is rather
food than drinking. Try to buy dairy products
well-known manufacturers with a good reputation and only
trusted stores.

Watch your child, do not force him to drink in
heat if he does not want.
It means for baby
enough mother’s milk, and for an artificial baby – liquid,
in which the mixture is diluted.

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