How to wash your face with coronavirus

Every day more and more people become infected and die from a pandemic coronavirus. Fortunately, on the latest news, the amount recovered far exceeds the number of people infected with the infection Covid-19. The disease is transmitted very simply, enough say hello to the carrier of the virus. Therefore, in order to prevention is recommended not to visit public places, wash hands with soap, use antiseptics and wash in appropriate order. How to avoid getting the Covid-19 virus

Why is it necessary to wash?

The fact is that the skin of our face produces sweat and sebum. In addition, even in an open room, on dust particles flying in the air settle on the face. All this promotes active reproduction of bacteria. Also most people often touch their face, which helps spread viruses, so washing is as necessary as washing hands.

How to wash your face with coronavirus?

  • All you need to clean your face 2 times a day: morning and evening;
  • You need to wash with warm water, so how hot can damage the skin over time, and cold leaves germs on the face;
  • Be sure to wash your hands; How to wash your hands with coronavirus
  • You need to start with the neck, as if you don’t wash your neck first, the germs will move back to face;
  • For washing use appropriate products or good quality soap, gently rubbing it into the skin of the face in circular motions; Proper washing in circular motions
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water
  • With coronavirus, also required clean your nose;
  • Rub your face with a towel Not recommended. The skin needs to be gently wet, just applying a towel or paper towel. How to wipe your face

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