How to wash the stomach at home

Update: November 2018

Rinsing the stomach is the first thing to do when
poisoning. The earlier this procedure will be carried out after
ingestion of toxic substances through the mouth is best. Sometimes from this
just depends on a person’s life.

Of course, it is better if the procedure is done by a physician and in
hospital But for the arrival of the ambulance takes time, and the poison begins
всасываться в кровь через  5-10 минут. Therefore, it is important to be able to
provide first aid on site and be able to quickly flush the stomach in
home conditions.

Main indications for gastric lavage

The main indication is poisoning. A person can get poisoned
both by chance and intentionally for the purpose of suicide.

  • Food toxicoinfection. Shortly after taking
    poor-quality food a person feels bad: cramps appear
    in the stomach, nausea, severe weakness, cold sweat, maybe
  • Alcohol poisoning. Feel bad a person can
    as with large doses of conventional alcoholic beverages, and
    intake of low-quality alcohol or surrogates (methyl alcohol).
    Alcohol is rapidly absorbed, but still if on time
    take action, it is possible to alleviate the condition and avoid
  • Poisoning with acids and alkalis. They can drink or by mistake,
    or for the purpose of suicide. In everyday life it is most often acetic acid,
    various cleaners and household chemicals.
  • Poisoning with pills or other dosage forms. It
    can also be intentional or accidental. Accidental poisoning
    medications are most common in children. Elderly can
    mistake to overdose their prescribed drugs. Here on time
    gastric lavage can save a life.
  • Poisoning mushrooms. Also applies to food poisoning, but
    it still has its features: it can be much harder, since
    some mushrooms secrete strong toxins.
  • Stagnation of food in the stomach while reducing contractility of its walls or
    digestion disorder. It happens with gastritis, deformities
    output department, diseases of the nervous system. Especially pronounced
    after heavy feasts.

How to wash the stomach

Wash the stomach at home with poisoning – this is pure
mechanically remove with liquid all its contents. 
The easiest way to do this at home is to drink water and call
vomiting, and it needs to be done several times. Called it
tubeless washing. The procedure is not very pleasant, but simple and

Before washing the stomach, you can take a sorbent to reduce
absorption of toxins. It may be activated carbon (10
tablets crushed into powder and stirred in a glass of water),
enterosgel or polysorb (1-2 tablespoons).

The better to wash the stomach with poisoning?

  • You can simply clean or boiled water. She must be
    warm, not cold and not hot.
  • Saline solution. Prepared at the rate of 1 full teaspoon
    (with top) on 1 liter of water. Saltwater helps to compress
    output section of the stomach, thereby preventing its progress
    contents into the intestines.
  • Soda solution. 2 teaspoons baking soda for 1 liter
  • A solution of potassium permanganate. Gastric lavage with potassium permanganate gives
    besides mechanical cleansing, it is also antiseptic
    (disinfecting) effect. The solution should be light pink
    colors, for 3 liters of water quite a few crystals.
    It is necessary to ensure that the crystals are completely dissolved,
    better to filter the solution.

How is the procedure

  • Poisoned sit on a chair or laid on its side. Pour in
    a glass of water or solution for washing and drinking. At one time you need
    drink 2-3 glasses, and do it in a short time (3-5
    minutes) The rapid filling of the stomach with a large volume of fluid itself
    itself will cause a reflex spasm of its walls and vomiting.
  • If vomiting itself does not occur, you need to call it. For
    This press down with a spatula or fingers on the root of the tongue.
  • It is better not to pour out the first portions of vomit, they can
    need to analyze and establish the cause of poisoning.

The procedure will need to be repeated several times. How many times
flush the stomach with poisoning? Here is a clear answer
not.  Ideally, until it starts to go out with vomiting
pure water, without any impurities. For этого обычно нужно от 3 до 5
liters of fluid.

When you can not do it?

  • If a person is unconscious. He can’t swallow
    pour water into him forcibly, he may choke.
  • When there are signs of bleeding from the stomach: bloody vomiting or
    vomit “coffee grounds”.
  • In the presence of a very strong “dagger” abdominal pain, as
    possible perforation of the ulcer.
  • In case of poisoning with concentrated acids, alkalis,
    gasoline, turpentine. Only the probe method is applicable here.
    rinsing can cause repeated vomiting.
    burn esophagus. Do not try to wash the stomach with soda
    acid poisoning and vice versa, as formed during
    chemical reaction gas can cause perforation of the walls
  • Disruption of the swallowing reflex, for example, in patients with
    stroke or other diseases of the nervous system.
  • With an attack of bronchial asthma.
  • With convulsive syndrome.
  • If there are cardiac arrhythmias, low blood pressure,
    suspected heart attack.
  • It is undesirable to wash the stomach at home with small children;
    is done only as a last resort (for example, the child has poisoned
    tablets, fast wait a long time, and time is very expensive).

What to do after washing

Not always clear water coming out of the stomach with vomiting means
that the stomach is flushed completely. Any amount of toxins can
stay in the folds of the mucous membrane, but something may have time
pass into the intestines.

After washing, it is desirable to give the patient a sorbent, that is
a substance that binds toxins and does not allow them to absorb
into the blood. It can be water with crushed activated carbon,
enterosgel, polysorb, lactofiltrum.

In case of alcohol poisoning, you can give a glass of water to drink
растворенными в ней  5 каплями нашатырного спирта.

In any case, after poisoning you need to drink more liquids,
not for the purpose of washing, but for the purpose of detoxification – the speediest
deducing already sucked poison. We use for this clean water
electrolyte solutions (Regidron), or mineral water without

If you feel satisfactory (for example, with mild
food poisoning), you can stay home and call a doctor. Should
refrain from taking any food until the end of the day.

If symptoms persist – nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea,
fever, weakness, it is better to call an ambulance (if before
this was not caused) and go to the hospital.

In the hospital, the gastric lavage procedure will be repeated, but it will be done.
this is already using the probe.


How to wash the stomach in the hospital

In the hospital, the stomach is washed professionally. Do it with
using a thick or thin (nasogastric) probe. The essence of the method
such is: the fat stomach probe is started up by the root of the tongue, the patient
makes swallowing movements and the probe moves in the stomach.

A thin probe is inserted through the nose, mainly used in
young children and unconscious patients.

A funnel joins the end of the probe through which it is poured.
water or the same solutions for washing. As far as filling the stomach
the funnel goes down and the washings flow into it. Funnel
released and filled with a new portion of the washing solution. So
done many times, the total volume of fluid at the probe method
washing can go up to 10 liters.

Absolutely shown only probe washing under conditions
hospital in case of poisoning with caustic substances.

In the hospital, they can also cleanse the intestines with

Poisoning in children

Most of the poisoning in children is random and
falls on early and preschool age. Most often, children are poisoned
drugs, as well as household chemicals.

If the child is poisoned, you must immediately call an ambulance. Soие
calls are always priority, and an ambulance will be sent

What can be done before the arrival of the brigade?

A child older than 3 years can try to wash the stomach with the usual
the way is to drink water and induce vomiting.

A small child to do this procedure at home almost
is impossible. The main help in poisoning these children is to cause

With a strong arousal of older children fix, infants and
nurseries – swaddled.

Stimulate vomiting reflex irritation of the root of the tongue. Can
give a child a drink 1-2 tablespoons of concentrated salty
solution (2-3 teaspoons per cup of warm water). Drink give out
bottles with a dummy. Can попробовать вводить его в рот маленькими
by portions using a syringe without a needle gently along the inside
cheek surface.

It is impossible to forcibly pour liquid into a child, it can get into

The ambulance crew will begin washing the stomach through a tube.
the child is already at home. Simultaneously injected amount of fluid for
washing the child something like this: 50-100 ml in the first 6
months, 150 ml per year, the total number for children under one year is not
more than 1 l.

Детям  2-5 лет одномоментно вводят 200-300 мл, общее
quantity – 2-5 liters. Usually the calculation of the required fluid
simplified looks like this: 1 liter for each year of life. For example,
child 2 years old need for washing 2 liters.

Children from 6 years of age for washing 400-500 ml, the total number
6-8 liters.

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