How to wash the head of a child without tears and whims: 11tips + video advice

Advertise one very famous shampoo for children
shows us a child who happily lets her wash her hair.
Only in reality many babies resist this
�“Terrible” procedure and agree to it only after long
persuasion. If you are familiar with this situation, do not despair.
Use our recommendations – and the baby will start to enjoy swimming
and wash your hair without tears, stress and vagaries.

Как мыть голову ребенку без слез

  1. Wash your head in a good mood. Before
    water procedures well feed the child, make sure that he
    healthy and not tired, otherwise during bathing he will begin
    act up Go to the bathroom when you both have
    good mood: shampooing will be associated with crumbs with
    pleasant pastime, so whims will soon pass.
  2. Try another shampoo. It is possible that
    the past has pinched the child’s eyes, and now he’s just afraid,
    that the discomfort recurs. Buy baby shampoo, on
    which is indicated “without tears” – these do not irritate the eyes.
  3. Cover your little ears. The cause of tears and whims
    there may also be water that gets into the ears when rinsing
    head causing discomfort. In this case, cotton balls will help
    which before bathing you need to close your ears.
  4. Use a special visor for washing
    This is an excellent remedy against moods during
    bath procedures. Visor reliably protects the face and eyes of the baby from
    hitting the lather, and streams of water flowing down the grooves will distract
    and entertain him in the bathroom. We do not recommend often and regularly
    use visors, because the child will quickly get used to them, and you
    have to carry it everywhere with you – and on vacation, and on a visit. And each
    the time when the visor is missing for one reason or another,
    baby, most likely, will cry.
  5. Wash your head properly. Ask the child
    look up so that the water does not get on his face, at this time
    pour water from the forehead to the back of the head.
  6. Let the child do everything himself. Let him
    Feels like an adult and he will try to wash his head: wet
    hair, soap shampoo, wash away the foam with water. Baby will understand what to wash
    the head is not at all scary, so this procedure will cease
    cause whims. Say that he is already big to experience
    because of such a trifle as shampooing, everyone washes her. Encourage him.
    Arrange for him “bride” – show your grandmother or dad that he can
    wash your hair like adults.
  7. Come up with protection. Offer a fuck in the bathroom
    wear a diving mask or swimming goggles. So funny
    in a way you protect the face and eyes of the child from soap suds and give
    him a sense of security. After all, the right emotional mood
    очень важен во время приучения к мытью heads.
  8. Play with foam. Kids love games: soap
    crumbs and offer to make funny figures out of the foam – horns,
    crown, scallop, like a cockerel. Then show it to the child.
    a reflection in the mirror – and he will make sure that it is very funny
    occupation. Let the child react according to the situation: if a lion, then
    roars, if the cockerel – then crows, etc.
  9. Comment on what is happening. My baby
    head, explain to him what you are doing and why. Even better sing in it
    time for a fun “bathing” song or read a poem.
  10. Bath day. Telling the baby about the benefits
    personal hygiene, have him arrange one of his dolls or
    toy bath day. Teach your child to wash their heads with everything.
    wards. Note that none of the dolls was afraid to wash
  11. Flower. Tell the child that you will play with
    him in flower while swimming. Prepare a baby cure or
    small jug. Explain to the baby that the flower needs to be watered,
    so he grew up strong and beautiful. First you can offer
    крохе самому на себя полить.

Козырек для мытья головы

Вы испробовали все возможные уговоры и ухищрения, но
Tears and whims during shampooing remain? Just do not scold
baby. Show maximum care, affection and patience: a child
will feel safe next to you and gradually
cease to perceive shampooing as something

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