How to use your phone and PC when coronavirus

In order to prevent coronavirus, attention should not be paid to not only by hand washing, but also by the cleanliness of phones and computers. The fact, that mobile devices carry bacteria and viruses, which excite various infections. Most people have gadgets. are in the hands of several hours a day. During the period of excitement viruses, especially Covid-19, must be cleaned подобные устройства.Proper care of the phone with coronavirus

Почему необходимо чистить телефон при коронавирусе?

  • Gadget users do not always take it with clean hands;
  • Sometimes a mobile device passed from hand to hand;
  • When talking, the phone is crowded in contact with the face;
  • Some people take a cell phone with yourself in the restroom, where there are a large number of different bacteria.


How to wipe the phone with coronavirus?

You need to wipe your gadget after each visit to the public places, since the coronavirus is able to stay on the surface phone for two days. Bacteria are needed to remove alcohol-based antiseptics or antibacterial napkins. Do not wipe the smartphone screen with pure alcohol. recommended! If you are wearing a cover, you must remove it and process separately. Processing the phone with alcohol-containing wipes

Coronavirus PC Care

Many people work on a computer that is also a medium. bacteria, as our hands are constantly in contact with the keyboard and with a mouse. After washing their hands, PC users start again work and germs are again picked up. Therefore, especially with coronavirus, you need to wipe your computer more often antiseptic wet wipes or products containing alcohol. Proper cleaning of the keyboard from contaminants and bacteriaOnce per a week you need to clean the keyboard – remove dust and debris, stuck between the keys. You can use brushes, special USB vacuum cleaners or a hairdryer (you can blow only with cold by air).

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