How to understand the reasons for crying newbornbaby

All babies cry. And if the big kids find out and understand
the reasons for crying labor is not, then understand why crying
newborn baby is not so easy. After all, the crumbs are not yet available
habitual ways of communication and control on our own
with his own, even minor troubles, he is also unable to.

новорожденный ребенок плачет

The main reasons for crying

The main reasons for crying новорожденного baby связаны с самыми
главными для него потребностями и проблемами: голод, боль,
fear, thirst, discomfort, hypothermia or overheating,
overwork, desire to talk.

First, parents are not easy to understand why crying them
маленикий ребенок. But, daily communicating with him, mom begins
distinguish the types of baby crying by intonation, volume and

Как понять причину


The strongest irritants for any person are
голод, боль и страх. Therefore, the loudest and
tearing cry in the newborn we will hear precisely in these

  1. Плач при голоде будет громким, протяжным,
    its intensity gradually increases and turns into
    choking cry. If the child is just starting to experience
    feeling hungry, then crying will be invocatory. Advice to young mothers: if
    the child is hungry, then he will start looking for breasts as soon as he gets you
    on hands.
  2. Плач от боли, как правило, жалобный,
    its intensity does not change, only sometimes there are notes
    despair If the pain suddenly arises, then the crying will immediately be loud
    and flooding.
  3. Плач, связанный со страхом, начинается
    suddenly, he is loud, sometimes hysterical. Maybe just as suddenly

Parents should react to such crying immediately and not
wait until the child calms down by himself. In other cases, the screams will be
first with a call-up, and then, if the baby is still uncomfortable,
certain features will appear.

Призывный плач – это попытка крохи заявить о
their problems. It is quiet and short, repeated with
in small gaps. The little one screams for a few seconds, and then
awaiting your reaction. If the “request to approach” no response
No, the crying is repeated, with each repetition the cry will be louder.

Why does a child cry if he hasn’t hurt anything and he’s not

как понять почему плачет новорожденный ребенок

  1. If the wet diaper brings discomfort to the child, then crying
    will be whimpering, and the baby will fidget, trying to move with
    wet place. If the baby is full of diapers, then on the hands
    he will show signs of discontent.
  2. If the child is cold, then the crying will gradually turn into hiccups with
    sobbing. Baby’s skin is pale and cool to the touch.
  3. If the child is overheated, then crying is accompanied by redness.
    the face, the crumb does his feet and arms, his skin
  4. When overworked, the baby starts to act up, crying at any
    trying to entertain him, but calms down with motion sickness.
  5. If you need to communicate or contact with the mother, the baby cries
    appealing and calms down when he hears approaching footsteps.

Knowing the main causes of crying, calm
baby будет несложно. It is enough to eliminate the cause:
feed the hungry, sleepy, pump up, change if necessary
diaper or clothes (if the baby is overheated or frozen). Difficulties
can deliver crying because of pain, because it is not always immediately possible
eliminate its cause. But here the main thing is to have patience and lead
calm yourself

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Other situations почему плачет новорожденный ребенок

Children sometimes begin to cry when bathing, feeding and even during
a dream. The reasons for such screams are many.

Ребенок плачет во время купания

  • Cold or hot water – water temperature before bathing
    it is necessary to check the “elbow” or a thermometer, it should
    составлять 36-37 градусов C. (Статья: в какой воде
    купать baby);
  • This procedure scares baby – try while swimming
    спокойным тоном рассказывать о каждом действии и отвлечь baby,
    любое ваше действие должно быть нежным и плавным (Статья:
    ребенок боится купаться: причины и что делать)
  • You behave uncertainly, your fear is transmitted to the child –
    stop being afraid yourself and invite someone to help you in
  • На теле baby есть участки воспаления (опрелости, укусы
    mosquitoes, scratching) – try to prevent the appearance of wounds;
  • Добавьте в воду успокаивающие травы для купания baby.

Crying while feeding

  • During feeding the baby feels pain. This happens when
    воспалении слизистой оболочки ротовой полости (стоматит,
    , с инфекциями (воспаление горла, ушек), с
    teething, swallowing large quantities;
  • Baby does not like the taste. Milk changes when abused
    strongly smelling foods or foods with a sharp taste (which is not
    It is recommended to eat nursing mothers). On the nipple surface can
    remain fragments of rancid milk, so the chest is in front
    feeding needs to be washed. Breast Remedy
    перед кормлением, имеет неприятный для baby вкус и запах.
    (Основные и главные правила кормления грудью грудного baby)

Why is crying in a dream

  • I wanted to eat;
  • I had a terrible dream;
  • Lies in an uncomfortable position;
  • Is experiencing pain;
  • Felt that there is no mother around.

Рекомендуем ознакомиться со статьей почему ребенок
shudders in a dream?

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In addition, children sometimes cry when they urinate or
bowel movements. Such screams may indicate
inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract or constipation.
The reason for this behavior of the child must be clarified together with
children’s doctor.

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эмоции малыша

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