How to understand that the child is about to speak:main features

Waiting for the first words of the baby always evokes tremulous
feelings of parents. At first, he only cries and groans, but soon
begins to boom, train vowels and pronounce whole
syllables. To the baby in the future spoke correctly, you need to
constantly engage, paying attention to all the changes in his
babble Then parents in the future just do not have to contact
speech therapists.


The first sounds and baby talk

Until the baby begins to pronounce articulate
sounds will take a few months. All children, of course, develop
разными темпами: кто-то быстрее, кто-то чуть
slower However, the first three months, each baby only sleeps,
eats and cries. During this period, the foundations of its future are laid.
speech. The baby quickly learns to use its voice to
explain to adults what he needs. When he understands how to do it,
his success in speaking will be more visible to his parents.

Весь период подготовки к произношению первых слов можно
split into several stages depending on age

  1. The first month – crying and grunting. These
    in uncomplicated ways, the baby indicates to the parents wet diapers,
    то, что ему холодно, жарко, больно (колики, боль в ухе при
    inflammation, clogged nose), hungry or hungry.
  2. The second or third months – the first sounds.
    Two-month old tots are already trying to pronounce the vowels “a”, “o”,
    �”Eh.” Some train and consonants “m”, “b”, “p”, close to
    sucking mechanism. The baby is aware that he can make sounds, and
    gradually begins to control these actions.
  3. The fourth month is the pronunciation of syllables. TO
    the four months old caraby is so evolving that he says
    syllables, which are also called “baby talk”. From now on
    there is little time before the first word of the baby. He will tell him
    как только научится произносить основные звуки и syllables.

Factors affecting speech development

Речь крохи — ювелирная система, на развитие которой влияют
several factors. И это отнюдь не только собственно
development of the speech apparatus of the future talker. Что же еще?
Speaking is a complex process that takes place under the influence of
many factors.

Physical development

Проблемы со здоровьем могут стать причиной задержки speech.
Своевременно посещайте педиатра и других специалистов, которых
recommend you, follow their recommendations. Make sure that
the baby was well fed. Up to 6 months is recommended to feed him.
breastfeeding If this is not possible, consult with experts.
about the choice of the mixture.


TOрепкая нервная система

Speech delay is also caused by various neurological problems.
To avoid them, keep the home calm, do
baby massages, conduct gymnastics. If the baby cries often or
sleeps badly, be sure to show it to the pediatric neurologist. Also if
были проблемы со здоровьем во время беременности, родов
и периода новорожденности, необходимо посетить невролога и
listen to all his recommendations.

Literate speech in the family

This factor plays probably the most important role. To baby
spoke faster, it is important for him to hear literate human speech
around which he will then repeat. Therefore, communicate with your
with an aspirant as often as possible, speak words to him and point to people
and the items they designate. Дети — это маленькие
“Copywriting”, they always imitate adults, so talk
with the baby clearly.

Why baby talk is bad for baby’s speech?

In the process of development, all children copy adults. Older kids
imitate mother’s walk, repeat her favorite words and whole phrases.
This is their way of learning and learning about the world. If you
distort the words and distort the intonation, the child will begin
imitate you.
As a result, he will have speech
defects that will have to be eliminated with the involvement of a speech therapist.
Поэтому не коверкайте слова, произносите их правильно.

Постарайтесь, чтобы ваша речь была если не образцовой речью
academic theater artists or television and radio broadcasters,
то, по крайней мере, достаточно правильной фонетически
и не засоренной словами-сорняками. It is important to follow the right.
pronunciation and lack of word parasites. Follow these rules
and the first words of the baby will not be long in coming.

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