How to understand that before you is goodpediatrician?

Children often get sick. Therefore, if you have a child, be
ready for the fact that you go to the pediatrician often. Just like
understand that before you is a competent specialist who can
trust completely? Or do you need to look for someone else?
If you have such thoughts, most likely you did not like
your pediatrician This situation is not uncommon. More offensive if not
arranges a pediatrician in a paid clinic.


How to distinguish a good pediatrician from the bad

Before you start looking for another doctor, it’s worth
analyze whether your current pediatrician is really so bad.
Perhaps you just biased him. We offer you
objective criteria by which you can evaluate professionalism
child doctor.

Good pediatrician educated and polite

Anything is possible in life. It also happens that the doctor is a pediatrician from
God’s coming to him at the reception is a real challenge because of his
heavy character. Another doctor may have a bad mood
because he is the same person as all of us. Only most often
правильный доктор ведет себя уважительно и тактично. If
pediatrician hamit, assesses your words and actions, communicates with
you disregard the transition to the individual, you should not only
stop the reception, but also make a complaint to the hospital management.

Good pediatrician sincerely loves children

If the doctor is good, he knows how to get along with children,
умеет создать непринужденную обстановку для малыша, который
afraid of people in white coats. He talks to the kids, joking,
cheers, he will try to distract the child. After all, if children cause
doctor hostility and irritation, then why did he even need
become a pediatrician?

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A good pediatrician is careful throughout

If a specialist is responsible for his work, he follows
for the cleanliness of your dressing gown and workplace, do not forget to wash your hands
before examining the patient, do not eat at the desk.
Кстати, по состоянию рабочего стола врача, вполне можно судить
about the order in his head. A good pediatrician will
аккуратно осматривать маленького пациента и будет стараться не
сделать малышу больно или неприятно. Naturally he never
Do not lose a medical card.

A good pediatrician remembers everything

What he cannot remember, he will write it down.
Naturally, to a good specialist lineup of
patients. Therefore, it is possible that he will not remember all. Not only
recognizing the patient in the face is one thing, and giving it for the tenth time
referral to a long-time vaccine is a serious reason
doubt the competence of a medic.


A good pediatrician can listen

A competent specialist will ask you what’s your concern.
your child will ask leading questions. Even if reception is limited
on time, he will not interrupt in half a word, be nervous, but
politely ask to list the main points. After all, a good pediatrician
seeks to know all the details about how a child develops. is he
he knows that only in this way can he follow the course of the disease and
make a correct diagnosis.

A good pediatrician is a specialist in general medicine.

The children’s doctor’s task is not just to measure height and weight.
little patient. A good pediatrician should have extensive
knowledge in different areas of medicine, so that if necessary
write a referral to another doctor. Consider you
advises a professional if he handles the facts of the narrow
medical disciplines, talks about how related, how influenced each
on the other different organs and body systems.

A good pediatrician conducts thorough examinations.

The doctor mumbles something to you from across the room, deals with
with your own affairs and never glanced in the direction of the baby? Before
you are a non-professional who is not trying to hide his
incompetence. After all, even the usual cold is impossible
diagnose without inspection.

A good pediatrician will clarify the controversial diagnosis by sending a child to

There are situations when a diagnosis can be made without analysis,
focusing only on external symptoms. Например, ОРЗ,
chickenpox, measles, conjunctivitis. If случай более сложный либо у
There are reasons for doubting a pediatrician; he is obliged to give direction to
analyzes. Only on the basis of their results, he will make a diagnosis.
If the doctor claims that the baby has gastritis, dysbiosis or
pollinosis just glancing at him, you should not trust him.
Is that the doctor – clairvoyant, but better still
double-check the diagnosis of another specialist and not risk children’s


A good pediatrician explains in detail the treatment regimen.

If a child needs treatment, a good doctor will not just prescribe
pills and potions, but also will write in what dosages, in what
time to take them. When purchasing drugs, verify what is indicated in
instructions, with pediatrician recommendations. If everything fits either
minor differences, so this doctor can
confide in

A good pediatrician keeps pace with the times

The right specialist will not offer mom to transfer crumbs.
on artificial feeding. is he не предложит закапывать грудное
milk to the child in the eyes or nose, does not prescribe streptocid and suprastin,
will not prescribe antibiotics without good reason.

Many parents go to extremes when dealing with a pediatrician. Alone
skeptical of the conclusions that the child is absolutely
healthy. Mothers and fathers do not believe that this is possible – so that the crumbs will not
there were no illnesses. Although, if the kid is cheerful, agile, well
he eats and does not complain about anything, then one has only to rejoice.

Other parents, on the contrary, accuse pediatricians of
they detect disease in children who look healthy. If you
not sure about the correct diagnosis, just pass
analyzes и проконсультируйтесь у другого врача. It is not a fact
that the first specialist is incompetent and you need to

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The best pediatrician in the world. The baby is smiling from the injections :)

A pediatrician showed how to instantly calm a crying child.
Technique “HOLD” R. Hamilton

Health. How to choose a good doctor?

Understand whether you have a good pediatrician, can be how doctor
prescribes medications, whether he takes into account the health of parents when
making a diagnosis to a child, whether the rules of hygiene and the most
most importantly – do you understand the recommendations of a specialist? What else follows
know when choosing a pediatrician?

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