How to treat thrush during pregnancy

Update: December 2018

Virtually every woman experienced manifestations.
thrush, и чаще всего они возникают в период вынашивания ребенка.
It is very unpleasant when happy time of gestation
overshadowed by symptoms of the disease. Лечение thrush во время
pregnancy restores composure, improves comfort
life and prevents serious complications.

Thrush causes Candida fungus-saprophyte
of all people, therefore the medical name of the disease is candidiasis. This
human microorganism can be found in the folds of the skin, oral
cavity, intestines, vagina. In some situations, when
certain conditions it begins to multiply, leading to
inflammatory process. About how to treat thrush with
pregnancy, our article.

Why does pregnancy often develop candidiasis?

Hormonal changes

A pronounced restructuring of the endocrine status is necessary for
normal childbearing. Prevail in the hormonal balance
progestin, which contribute to the reproduction of candidal fungi.
Чем лечить молочницу во время беременности

Physiological Immunity Reduction

The fruit for the female body is half genetically alien.
Human immunity is created and works in such a way as to prevent
inside someone else’s genetic material. To prevent rejection
fetus, nature has created a mechanism to suppress the immune defense during
of pregnancy. Any reduction in the body’s defenses leads to
appearance of candidiasis.

Predisposing factors

In addition to the main causes, to thrush during pregnancy can
cite the following factors:

  • malnutrition with vitamin deficiencies and
    trace elements
  • common diseases – frequent colds, anemia, diabetes,
    thyroid diseases, intestinal diseases
  • chronic inflammation of the vagina (see treatment of vaginitis with
  • frequent and unwarranted use of antibiotics
    (см. правила приема антибиотиков)

Пример из практики: у женщины 22 лет,
planning pregnancy, during examination found chlamydia.
Both (she and her husband) are prescribed antibacterial therapy. In a month
after controlling the cure, the couple is allowed to become pregnant. Woman,
deciding to play it safe, independently conducted another course
antibiotics. As a result, starting from the 1st trimester, due to constant
рецидивов thrush за всю беременность пришлось провести 4 курса
antifungal therapy.

Симптомы thrush

The main symptoms of candidiasis are the following symptoms:

  • abundant leucorrhea from the vagina (see white discharge from women)
  • creamy or creamy consistency whiter
  • burning evening and itching in the crotch of different
  • itching and burning in the vagina when sitting leg to leg
  • discomfort, itching, or even pain during intercourse
  • In addition to these most pronounced manifestations,
    burning sensation, pain when urinating, unpleasant sour smell.

The doctor during the examination will detect the inflammatory process in the form
redness and swelling of the mucous membranes of the vagina. In the most
severe cases will be microcracks, eroded areas on
the walls of the vagina, scratching on the skin of the perineum.

An experienced doctor already in appearance vagina easily put
diagnosis, but it must be confirmed by special
research. Microscopic examination of vaginal
smears detected elements of the fungus Candida. When sowing whiter
It is possible not only to identify the type of fungus, but also to assess the sensitivity
microorganism to antifungal drugs. Therefore for
правильного и эффективного лечения thrush надо всегда проводить
This is a diagnostic test.

How to treat candidiasis during pregnancy?

Наиболее сложным будет лечение thrush в 1 termе, потому
that it is undesirable to use any drugs in
period of laying organs and systems in a growing fetus. But fortunately,
candidiasis in the first weeks of gestation is very rare.
Proved that with increasing gestational age increases
the likelihood of candidal colpitis. Besides,
существуют свечи от thrush, которые можно применять на любом
term gestation.

For treatment in the 2nd and 3rd trimester in the arsenal of a doctor there
enough drugs to effectively help a woman get rid
from candidiasis. Although, it should be understood that 100% cure
thrush during pregnancy is impossible. In some cases
it is necessary to conduct medical courses in every trimester.

Препараты для лечения thrush по триместрам беременности:

1 term 2 trimester 3 term
  • Pimafutsin – 1 candle for the night in a vagina 6 times
  • Betadine – 1 candle for the night in the vagina 6 times
  • Pimafucin 6 candles
  • Betadine 6 candles
  • Gyno-Pevaril 6 candles
  • Ginofort – 1 applicator once in a vagina
  • Clotrimazole 7 candles
  • Pimafucin 6 candles
  • Betadine 6 candles
  • Gyno-Pevaril 6 candles
  • Ginofort – 1 applicator once in a vagina
  • Clotrimazole 7 candles

Особенности терапии thrush в период вынашивания ребенка

  • используются только местно мази и свечи от thrush
  • tablets inside are applied only as prescribed by a doctor,
    strict indications in the 2 and 3 trimester of pregnancy
  • during pregnancy you can not use douches with any
    types of aggressive agents (soda, manganese, chlorhexidine, see
    Do douching)
  • the safest treatment for Pimafucin suppositories, so their
    used in the first weeks of pregnancy and in the postpartum period
    during breastfeeding
  • as a rule, already on the 2-3 candle all the symptoms of thrush disappear,
    but the course of treatment must be completed in any case.
  • sometimes at the beginning of treatment there is a burning sensation in the vulva after
    the introduction of the candle, but it passes quickly and does not need to stop
  • if there was at least one episode of thrush during gestation,
    it is necessary to give a course of treatment before giving birth, even with
    no typical complaints

Пример из практики: у женщины было 2 курса
antifungal therapy (at 28 and 34 weeks). At 38 weeks a woman
deciding that nothing bothers her, ignored the recommendation
doctors and did not hold a preventive course. As a result, the baby
in the first week after birth, an oral thrush appeared.

  • even if the sexual partner has no manifestations
    inflammatory process, it should also be treated
    otherwise there will be a ping-pong effect.
  • when prescribing antibiotics during pregnancy
    use prophylactic medication against
  • for control it is necessary to make seeding from the vagina in 10-14 days
    after a course of treatment.

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