How to treat stomatitis in adults – symptoms,causes, types of stomatitis


  • Causes of stomatitis in adults
  • Symptoms of stomatitis in adults
  • General recommendations and drugs for the treatment of stomatitis
    (painkillers, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory,
  • Allergic stomatitis
  • Herpetic stomatitis in adults
  • Treatment of aphthous stomatitis in adults
  • Candida stomatitis in adults

Stomatitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth, as
protective reaction of the immune system to various stimuli. Usually
it occurs in children, but lately due to
unfavorable environmental conditions and massive decline
immunity in the population, has become more likely to appear and stomatitis in adults,
about the treatment of which we will discuss in this article.

Causes of stomatitis in adults

Bacteria, mycoplasmas, viruses

various infectious agents are involved in
the appearance of ulcers in the mouth. However, their breeding requires
additional provoking factors, as normal –
opportunistic bacteria reside in the mucous membrane
oropharynx and do not cause irritation.

Unbalanced diet

with irrational, malnutrition increases the risk
development of stomatitis, especially inadequate
intake of vitamins of group B, folic acid, iron,

Thermal, mechanical, chemical injury of the cavity

usually patients themselves pay attention to the fact that stomatitis
appeared in response to any damage. So, often stomatitis in
mouth in adults appears after cheek bite, scratches on sharp
the edge of the crown, a piece of tooth, a prosthesis, after traumatizing a solid
food, nuts, crackers, dried fish, etc., or occurs after
chemical burn with acids, alkali. Most often minor injuries
heals easily, but with other adverse factors it is possible
development of stomatitis.

  • Violations of the rules of personal hygiene, use of unwashed fruits,
    eating with dirty hands.
  • Dentures of poor quality, or unsuccessfully
  • Избыточная гигиена полости mouth, особенно это касается
    using sodium lauryl sulfate toothpaste
    the substance is able to significantly reduce salivation, thereby
    приводя к обезвоживанию полости mouth, и слизистая становится
    vulnerable to acids and other irritants.
  • The use of drugs affecting the production
    saliva, reducing salivation, diuretic intake.
  • Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption contributes to the development
    sores in mouth.
  • Accompanying illnesses

Very often stomatitis is a barometer that determines
any disease in a patient, that is, a dysfunction of that
or another system provokes the development of stomatitis, for example:

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  • With frequent stomatitis in adults with further complex
    On examination, cancer of the nose, neck,
  • Also after treatment of malignant neoplasms, radiation,
    chemotherapy may appear stomatitis.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract, such as colitis, gastritis, as well as helminthic
    invasions contribute to the development of sores in the mouth and on the tongue.
  • After severe dehydration from prolonged vomiting,
    diarrhea, significant blood loss, prolonged fever.
  • HIV infected people have a very high risk of stomatitis (see
    symptoms of HIV infection).
  • Hormonal diseases or natural hormonal surges
    in women during pregnancy, in menopause.
  • Bacterial stomatitis is common in patients with diabetes mellitus
    as aphthous.
  • People with Sjogren’s syndrome are also at high risk.
  • In patients with bronchial asthma, using hormones to treat
    в ингаляторах часты кандидозные поражения полости mouth.
  • Anemia is also a risk factor for stomatitis.

Stomatitis is classified by pathogen.

  • Bacterial – cause streptococci or staphylococcus, which
    находятся в составе постоянной микрофлоры полости mouth и миндалин.
    Manifest pustules, which quickly open and form
    ulcers, erosion.
  • Viral is a Epstein-Barr virus (herpes
    stomatitis) or herpes simplex (herpes stomatitis). These
    pathogens lead to bubbly rash, with clear
    content that is transparent prior to attaching the secondary
    bacterial flora. Then the bubbles are opened and eroded.
  • Fungal – most often occurs after a course of antibiotics or
    when immunity fails when enhanced fungal growth occurs
    Candida. Manifested by dense white patches, the removal of which
    leads to painful erosion.
  • Radiation – is a consequence of radiation sickness, action
    ionizing radiation. Manifested by erosion, thickening areas.
    mucous membrane.
  • Химический — это ожоги полости mouth щелочами или acid,
    ulcers are formed, they later scar and deform the mucous membrane.

Symptoms of stomatitis in adults

What does stomatitis look like in adults? Usually признаки stomatitis при
all types of lesions are the same, in adults it is very rarely stomatitis
is acute, with symptoms of general intoxication, high
temperatures, etc. However, in any case, when the following
signs of stomatitis should consult a doctor,
since in the absence of treatment and elimination of the causes of its occurrence,
the risk of relapse increases further:

Стоматит у взрослых

  • Usually стоматит начинается с небольшого покраснения места
    lesions, then the area around the focus of inflammation becomes
    edematous, swollen, painful, possibly with a burning sensation.
  • With the usual bacterial stomatitis at this place the next
    the day forms a single oval or round sore, around it
    an inflamed red halo appears, a thin one forms in the center
    white film, the edges of the ulcer are smooth.
  • In addition to the ulcer itself, which is very painful, human
    беспокоит повышенное слюноотделение, неприятный запах изо mouth и
    bleeding gums.
  • Often the pain of stomatitis is so severe that for many
    prevents normal chewing of food, forcing to restrict movement
    lips, tongue.
  • In case of acute stomatitis, the body temperature may rise
    39C, while increasing lymph nodes.
  • The favorite place of localization of sores during stomatitis is lips with
    inner side, cheeks, tonsils and soft palate, sometimes
    appear on or under the tongue.

General recommendations for the treatment of stomatitis

Catarrhal stomatitis caused by commonplace hygiene.
полости mouth, при легком течении можно лечить в домашних условиях
on their own, and a person for a week forgets about his appearance.
At the same time it is necessary to use antiseptics for
полоскания mouth, соблюдать диету, исключающую острую, твердую,
too salty or sour, too hot or cold food.

However, with a massive lesion and some serious forms
– aphthous, herpetic, ulcerative should be treated for
advice to the dentist or therapist. How to treat stomatitis
adults? The treatment of this disease should consist of a complex
процедур для быстрейшего устранения дискомфоmouth, болей, а также
to avoid the progression and transition of stomatitis to chronic
recurrent form.

Use of painkillers

Sometimes the pain of ulcers greatly hinders the patient to lead the usual
lifestyle, take food. Therefore, the doctor may recommend
use of some local anesthetics such

  • Katedzhel with lidocaine (gel in a syringe 170 rubles, prices 2018) –
    with severe pain, you can use a local anesthetic to
    surface anesthesia is lidocaine + chlorhexidine.
  • Geksoral tabs (160rub) – in the composition of tablets for sucking
    Benzocaine and Chlorhexidine are included, they have a local
    analgesic and antimicrobial action.
  • Lidocaine Asept (spray 300 rub) – antiseptic with
    local anesthetic often used for erosive therapy
    поражений слизистой и афтозном stomatitis.
  • Лидохлор —  комбинированный препарат в виде геля,
    providing antiseptic and local anesthetic effect,
    antimicrobial action and analgesia occur within 5
    minutes after applying the gel.
  • Kalanchoe juice, decoction of chamomile, marigold, sage – also
    can be used for pain relief and treatment of ulcers.

Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory drugs from

У взрослых, лечение stomatitis обязательно должно включать
средства для полоскания полости mouth, мази, спреи, гели,
absorbable tablets, lozenges with antimicrobial action:

  • Ingalipt spray (80 r), Geksoral spray (170r), Lyugol spray
    (100 rub), Vinyl gel (100 rub).
  • Holisal Dental Gel (190 rub) – dental gel,
    combination drug with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory,
    anesthetic action.
  • Kamistad (280 rub) – dental gel with antiseptic and
    anesthetic action, which includes lidocaine and
    pharmaceutical camomile.
  • Inhafitol, Evkar (50 rubles) – collection for inhalation and rinsing
    полости mouth, состоящий из цветков ромашки и эвкалиптовых
  • Stomatoidin (hexetidine solution 270 rub) – antiseptic with
    antimicrobial and weak analgesic effect
  • Kameton (70 rub) – aerosol and spray
  • Eucalyptus M (200 rub) – tablets for sucking
  • Actovegin – gel, used as initial therapy

Antiviral, antifungal, antihistamine

Их применяют в зависимости от причины появления stomatitis, при
herpetic stomatitis in adults, the treatment is
the use of antiviral agents in ointments, tablets, with
грибковом происхождении stomatitis (молочница) используют
противогрибковые средства, антигистаминные drugs следует
apply with allergic stomatitis, and with other types
lesions of the oral mucosa.

  • Antifungal – ointment nystatinovaya, Levorin, miconazole gel,
    Daktarin, Mikozon.
  • Antiviral – Acyclovir, Zovirax, Tebrofen,
    interferon ointment, bonafton, oxolinic ointment.
  • Antihistamines – tablets Tavegil, Suprastin,
    Tsetrin, Loratodin, Claritin, Fenistil.

Means, accelerating the healing of epithelium

  • Solcoseryl Dental (380 rub.) – dental paste,
    improves trophism and stimulates the process of tissue regeneration with
  • Karotolin – oil solution for external use in
    as an antioxidant, vitamin A.
  • Sea buckthorn oil (100 rubles), wild rose (70 rubles) also have
    additional healing effect, since create a protective
  • Viniline or Balsam Shostakovsky also helps cleanse
    wounds, accelerates epithelization and tissue regeneration, has
    anti-inflammatory, antiseptic.
  • Propolis spray (140 rubles) – an additional remedy for stomatitis
    in adults, has a beneficial effect in various
    skin lesions, ulcers, herpes.

There is a definite classification of stomatitis depending on
causative agent, causes and severity of mucosal inflammation
mouth shells:

Allergic stomatitis

Today, 30% of the population have various kinds
allergic reactions to seemingly harmless substances – pollen
plants, food, animal hair, medicinal
drugs and so on. In contact with certain drugs
or dentures in particularly sensitive people may
to develop allergic stomatitis in the mouth.

This type of stomatitis is not considered separate.
the disease because it is only part of the general
allergic manifestations and treatment comes down to eliminate
an allergen, taking antihistamines, such as Tavegil,
Cetrin, Suprastin, sometimes these tools are used in the form

Herpetic stomatitis in adults

This type of stomatitis is the most common among all
types of viral stomatitis, and they are not small – this is the varicella virus
smallpox, and influenza virus, adenoviruses. Among them is the herpes simplex virus
is a leader in the frequency of lesions of the oral mucosa.
The adult population in 90% of cases is a carrier of the herpes virus,
after the first meeting with him in childhood, he persists in
body in a latent state, without causing any
discomfort without causing disease.

But, if for some reason there is a decrease in protective forces
body, hypothermia, stress, overwork, exacerbation
chronic diseases, and there will also be injury
слизистой  mouth, вирус может активизироваться и проявляться в
as a recurrent herpetic stomatitis, which is most often
formed on the cheeks, tongue and palate.

When herpetic stomatitis in adults is usually not acute.
body reactions, such as fever, symptoms
general intoxication, etc. Bubbles begin to form immediately
group, then they burst and merge, forming enough
painful erosion.

Herpetic stomatitis in adults

Herpetic stomatitis under the tongue

Therapy of all viral stomatitis, herpetic including,

  • Снятие болей с помощью анестезирующих средств  — Лидохлор,
    Lidocaine Asept, etc.
  • Removal of inflammation with local anti-inflammatory
    of means – Kholisal, Solkoseril, Karotolin (vitamin A), oil
    dog rose accelerating healing wounds with
    помощью Камистада.
  • The use of antihistamine drugs local and
  • Antiviral drugs (sprays, ointments, gels)
    возможно только по назначению врача —  Оксолин, Ацикловир,
    Zovirax, Viru Merz serol, Hyporamine (sea buckthorn extract, possessing
    pronounced antiviral effect). See how to quickly cure
    herpes on the lips and ointment for herpes.
  • Vitamin therapy is indicated to improve immunity, also
    may be used according to the recommendation of the attending physician
    immunomodulators – Cycloferon, Immunal, Polyoxidonium, etc.

Treatment of aphthous stomatitis in adults

To date, the exact causes have not yet been clarified.
the occurrence of this type of stomatitis, as well as its causative agent
some consider adenoviruses, staphylococci, others refer it to
viral diseases.

Stomatitis is considered by some doctors to be one of
options for the manifestation of a common herpes infection
mucous membranes, against the backdrop of a fall in immunity. With its chronic
rashes appear on the lips from time to time
single elements, and numerous bubbles.

Difference of it from simple herpetic stomatitis is
the appearance of rounded plaques, that is, aft, yellow or white with
red rim. Exacerbations can be quite common and
the disease can last for years. If within 1-2 weeks
ulcer healing does not occur, then stomatitis can proceed as
ulcer-necrotic. This is a very severe form of manifestation.
a disease that most often indicates serious problems with
adult health – immunodeficiency states, various types
leukemia, exposure or poisoning with heavy metal salts.

Афтозный стоматит

For aphthous stomatitis in adults, the treatment includes the following

  • Processing aft boric acid and chamomile. In a glass with a decoction
    pharmaceutical chamomile add 4 oz. boric acid and such solution
    rinse the mouth.
  • Weak potassium permanganate solution, hydrogen peroxide diluted 1: 1 with
    water, furatsilina tablets, dissolved in water is also suitable for
    antiseptic rinse.
  • Sea buckthorn oil can also be used for topical treatment.
    Peach oil or Kalanchoe juice.
  • Thiosulfate is used for desensitization and detoxification.
    sodium, it is administered daily intravenously or 2-3 grams for
    ingestion as a 10% aqueous solution.
  • To increase the body’s reactivity in conjunction with other
    drugs use Lysozyme, Prodigiosan,
  • A prerequisite for treatment is vitamin therapy,
    especially Vitamin C, B1, B6, riboflavin, nicotinic acid,
    folic acid.
  • Soothing and antihistamines are also indicated when
    афтозном stomatitis.
  • Physiotherapeutic methods can be used for treatment: UHF,
    magnetic therapy, Ultrasound.
  • The diet also has a special meaning, rude, spicy,
    sweet food, liquor, smoking.
  • The occurrence of aphthous stomatitis in adults is associated with
    various pathologies of the endocrine and nervous systems, as well as
    gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, prevention of recurrence while
    Stomatitis is the treatment of associated diseases.

Candida stomatitis in adults

This type of stomatitis is mostly only very weak.
people with diabetes mellitus during steroid therapy
hormones (Prednisolone, Dexamethasone), in HIV-infected, in
patients with tuberculosis. Since the causative agent of thrush mouth
is the fungus Candida, which is always present in the mouth
normal, but with provoking factors begins to actively

A distinctive feature of this stomatitis is that
mucous membrane first appears cheesy plaque, white
spots, which, when removed, form a swollen, reddened
inflammatory focus, if the fungal layers begin to accumulate, then
under the dense film painful erosions are formed. In addition to these
symptoms for fungal stomatitis are characterized by dry mouth,
buns, cracks in the corners of the mouth, burning and pain during eating.

Кандидозный стоматит

For candidal stomatitis in adults, the treatment includes the following
set of activities:

  • Применение  противогрибковых препаратов местно и
    orally – Fluconazole, Pimafucin, Nystatin, Clotrimazole, Levorin,
    Irunin from the fungus, etc. only on prescription.
  • Surface treatment with antifungal ointments,
    gels, solutions – Nystatin ointment, Levorin, Miconazole
  • Dentures and oral cavity are treated with soda solutions,
    2-4% раствор буры, solution Люголя, Люголь спреем, Йодинолом.
  • The dietary food excluding easily digestible carbohydrates –
    confectionery, flour, sweet dishes.

The causes of such a violation of the microflora of the oral cavity should
identify together with a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist.

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