How to treat stomatitis at home in childrenand adults

Update: December 2018

Stomatitis is the generic name for any inflammatory process.
mucous membrane in the mouth. Therefore, before starting
treatment of stomatitis at home should first
determine the cause of its occurrence, the causative agent of stomatitis, otherwise
inadequate therapy can be either ineffective or even
worsen the condition.

Since the causative agents of this disease can be bacteria,
viruses or fungi that are controlled by various
means. And without a thorough examination of the dentist, and possibly without
laboratory diagnosis of herpes, candidiasis and bacterial culture
smear, it is impossible to determine how and how to treat
stomatitis. At home, you can follow all the recommendations.
doctor after examination and establish an accurate diagnosis. Depth
lesions of the epithelium stomatitis can be catarrhal when
only redness and swelling of the mucous membranes appear;
erosion and vesicles occur – aphthous stomatitis, and ulcers – ulcerative
stomatitis. For all kinds of characteristic burning, severe
болезненность в месте локализации стоматита, боль бывает
so strong that a child or adult literally cannot
take food, refuses to eat. Causes of stomatitis
maybe a lot:

  • The most banal is the trauma of the oral cavity – thermal
    or chemical, as well as bites, scratches solid food.
  • Reproduction of various bacteria, herpes virus or fungal
    agents in the mouth, which are activated by weakening the protective forces
  • Using toothpaste with lauric sodium sulfate,
    which dries the mucous membrane and provokes sluggish, chronic
  • Violation of the rules of personal hygiene, especially in children.
  • Concomitant diseases – bronchial asthma, sugar
    diabetes, anemia, hormonal disruptions and other diseases.

With proper treatment of the site of localization of stomatitis and
hygiene recovery occurs fairly quickly. If a
stomatitis becomes severe or intermittent
recurs, it indicates any kind of general serious
системное заболевание organism.

Drug and folk treatment of various types of stomatitis in
home conditions

To learn how different types of stomatitis look and how to treat
stomatitis in adults can be from our articles, as well as treatment
stomatitis in children.

Stomatitis of any origin must be treated without
only to reduce soreness, but also to reduce
duration of the disease, do not allow infection
spread deeper and over a larger area.

Overview of all the most popular drugs, ointments, sprays, solutions,
которые применяют для treatment стоматита в home conditions, в
our article Stomatitis ointment

Pain relievers for stomatitis

To reduce pain when stomatitis can be used
various antiseptic solutions and rinse or
applications. This is especially important for ulcerative stomatitis, it will help
Prevent rejection of food and keep your appetite.

  • The sores can be lubricated with Lidocaine, Benzocaine, Trimecain,
    combination medications with painkillers and
    антисептическим свойством — Лидокаин Асепт, Камистад, 
    Инстиллагель, Пародонтоцид. (Pain relievers with
    stomatitis). Детям можно использовать Лидохлор гель — это
    lidocaine with chlorhexidine.
  • Care should be taken with anesthetics as they are used.
    only for short-term treatment, with frequent recurrence
    stomatitis their prolonged use is unacceptable.

Preparations for the cleansing of sores

In case of ulcerative stomatitis, the healing of wounds interferes
bacterial plaque, so if you don’t clear stomatitis from this
layer, it acquires a recurrent, long sluggish

Effective means for cleaning ulcers from bacterial
plaque are various cleansing pastes, which include
hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, chlorhexidine

The use of antimicrobial agents is considered highly
aggressive treatment of inflammation of the oral mucosa and prolonged
their use may cause burns or stains.
teeth that pass quickly. Therefore, they are used in cases
when the sores are re-infected.

Folk remedies for stomatitis

Rinse your mouth. With simple catarrhal bacterial stomatitis
Rinse your mouth often enough, especially after eating.
You can rinse your mouth with strong tea or boiled warm water.

Many traditional medicine recipes contain cabbage and carrot.
juices as the basis for many procedures. So, you can rinse your mouth with these
juices mixed 1: 1 with hydrogen peroxide. Since peroxide
a very aggressive environment, the juices soften its action,
Vitaminize and help speedy epithelialization of tissues. Also
special restorative property has potato juice, folk
wisdom recommends applying raw peeled gruel
potatoes for sores.

Also среди народных средств есть такой рецепт для treatment
стоматита в home conditions: использовать для полоскания смесь
grated garlic, yogurt and tincture of propolis.

Mouth rinsing is best done with a pear,
syringes – tilt the baby upside down and irrigate,
so that he does not swallow the liquid.

Эффективно лечение стоматита в home conditions народными
means – Kalanchoe juice, aloe, which are part of these therapeutic
plants substances, and anesthetized, and covered with a protective film
eroded area in the mouth. Some prefer to chew the leaves
Aloe vera and Kalanchoe.

Medicinal herbs, plants in traditional medicine have
essential, provided they are not allergic. For
treatment стоматита самые подходящие лечебные травы — это аптечная
chamomile, St. John’s wort, calendula, eryngium planum, silverweed
erect, oak bark, etc.

To facilitate the preparation of infusions, you can use
ready-made fees, specially selected for the mouth
— Стоматофит (мята, кора дуба, ромашка, арника,
шалфей),  Ротокан- (ромашка, календула,
тысячелистник), Ингафитол или Эвкаром — (ромашка и

To create a protective film on the wounds of stomatitis, to prevent
their injury and infection use oils that contain
каротолин —  Масло шиповника, масло облепихи, Каротолин
(vitamin A), as well as Vinyline for stomatitis.

It is necessary to process not only the surface of the sores, but also
surrounding areas of the oral mucosa, this should be done
in good faith and at least 4 times a day.

Лечение герпетического стоматита в home conditions

When the causative agent of stomatitis is a virus, it is effective
use antiviral ointments, however, they should be used
only when prescribed by a doctor when an accurate diagnosis is made –
вирусный стоматит, герпетический stomatitis.

  • Apply Tebrofen, Interferon, Oxolinic ointment, ointment
    Bonafton, Acyclovir, Viru-merz-serol (antiviral ointments from
  • When the viral nature of stomatitis should be comprehensive
    treatment, since its appearance indicates a decrease in immunity.
    Children in such cases, the doctor may prescribe absorbable tablets.
    Imudon, ointment or candles Viferon, various means
  • Antibacterial, antiviral and analgesic effect
    проявляет гель Холисал, в его состав входит
    Tsetalkoniya chloride and choline salicylate.
  • With significant swelling, burning, antihistamine is also shown.
    therapy, it is best to use 3rd generation drugs that
    have a prolonged effect and do not cause a strong
    sleepiness – Tsetrin, Zyrtec, Zodak. For детей эти средства
    used in drops or syrup only from 2 years.

Treatment of fungal, bacterial stomatitis

Fungal stomatitis is most common in infants, therefore
the main condition for getting rid of thrush of the oral cavity is
processing of the mouth after each feeding, while the cotton wool is moistened in
2% soda solution. Also врач может рекомендовать различные
antifungal ointment – Candide, Clotrimazole.

Бактериальный стоматит — для его treatment используется большое
the number of different sprays convenient to use is
антибактериальные, антисептические средства —  Тантум Верде,
Hexoral Spray, Orasept, Dr. Theiss Sage, Propolis Spray,
Ингалипт и др. Also эти препараты выпускаются в виде рассасывающих
tablets, lozenges. You can use the oil solution
Хлорфиллипта или  Метиленовый синий краситель, который
called blue sign.

Preventing stomatitis of any etiology is a healthy way.
life, personal hygiene, oral care, to teach
child to this should be from an early age.

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