How to treat sore throat during pregnancy


  1. Symptoms and signs
    1. First trimester
    2. Second and third trimester
  2. Treatment
    1. What to treat
    2. Follicular tonsillitis
    3. Herpes sore throat
  3. Effects
  4. Food
  5. Folk remedies
  6. Prevention

During the period of bearing a child, women think, first of all, about how to maintain the health of the future baby. To avoid unpleasant consequences of a sore throat overtaking you during pregnancy, you need Follow the tips below.

For nine long months a woman experiences all the charms Russian climate: and hot summer days when you want lemonade with ice, and severe frosts, and dank slush. Immunity women in the position is slightly reduced, so it’s quite easy to pick up some kind of infection. Acute tonsillitis, or tonsillitis, one of the most dangerous ones.

Symptoms and signs

Most often, tonsillitis begins with a condition similar to usual SARS: weakness, poor appetite, general malaise. However, after a few hours, more obvious symptoms appear:

  • Sore throat during pregnancyAcute sore throat;
  • Marked swelling of the neck and visible part of the larynx;
  • Unpleasant sensations during swallowing and talking;
  • High temperature (39-40C);
  • Gnawing voice;
  • Complicated breathing;
  • Enlarged and painful lymph nodes;
  • White plaque or purulent abscesses on the tonsils.

First trimester

Sore throat during pregnancyIn the early stages, angina causes severe toxicosis. In addition to possible complications for women, angina at this time is extremely dangerous for the fetus.

Firstly, on the emerging systems and organs of the child any discomfort of the mother is reflected, secondly, the temperature at angina can rise to 40 degrees, and this is fraught with hypoxia fetus, that is, its oxygen starvation. Which in turn, may cause miscarriage or intrauterine abnormalities.

Purulent sore throat is especially dangerous in the first trimester: bacteria can be carried by blood throughout the body, provoking a total septic poisoning, which is likely to lead to fading fetus or abortion.

Second and third trimester

It is generally accepted that sore throat, overtaking a pregnant woman after first trimester, no longer scary. After all, by the second trimester, everything organs and systems of the child are already formed. This opinion is erroneous, and in late pregnancy, tonsillitis also does not bode well good:

  • The risk of developing glomerulonephritis (an immuno-inflammatory disease) kidney)
  • Perhaps the development of heart failure;
  • Weak labor can be the result of purulent sore throats.


Sore throat during pregnancyIf a pregnant woman has detected signs of a sore throat, do not rely on the Russian “maybe”, hoping that she herself will pass, do not self-medicate and wait until sometimes irreversible consequences begin.

The first thing a pregnant woman needs to do is call an ambulance and call a doctor at home. No need to independently get to the hospital and come to method: tonsillitis – a viral disease transmitted airborne droplets, do not risk the health of strangers women sitting next to you in line at the antenatal clinic.

Only a competent specialist will be able to accurately determine the stage the development of the disease, assess the risks of fetal development and suggest proper treatment.

What to treat

Sore throat during pregnancyAngina is usually treated antibiotics prescribed for pregnant patients with caution. To recover from this disease as quickly as possible and without negative consequences for the baby, you must strictly observe all doctor’s prescription.

The main symptom of a sore throat is high body temperature. Not It is recommended to bring it down with antipyretic agents. Recommended:

  • Observe bed rest;
  • Eat balanced;
  • Isolate yourself from others, so as not to transmit the infection and not subsequently become infected again.

Follicular tonsillitis

Depending on which microorganisms have become pathogens infections, distinguish the following forms of purulent tonsillitis:

  1. Sore throat during pregnancyNecrotic Carrying Dying tonsil tissue;
  2. Lacunar, when a yellow film forms on the tonsils;
  3. The follicular, easiest and most common form of the disease, characterized by the presence of symptoms such as pustules on tonsils.

Due to the accumulation of pus in the follicles, in the home follicular tonsillitis commonly called purulent. On the third or fourth day ulcers open, leaving behind small, quick-healing sores.

Follicular tonsillitis lasts 5-7 days, after which the person recovers if received timely treatment, or tonsillitis goes into the stage of chronic tonsillitis, if the patient suffered a disease on the legs or self-medicated.

Herpes sore throat

Sore throat during pregnancyHerpes, or herpetic, tonsillitis occurs as a result of infection of a pregnant woman with viruses herpes, enteroviruses. Such a sore throat is transmitted due to non-compliance with a patient with angina or a carrier of the personal virus hygiene.

Often herpes sore throat get sick people who already have immunity weakened by herpes infection.

This type of sore throat is quickly diagnosed, because has a number of characteristic symptoms:

  • A sharp increase in temperature;
  • Inflammation throughout the body of the lymph nodes;
  • The appearance of red dots on the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat;
  • The appearance in place of points of translucent bubbles;
  • After two or three days, the bubbles burst, remain in their place painful erosion that interferes with swallowing food and water.


As already noted, tonsillitis during pregnancy is very dangerous if Do not take timely measures to eliminate it. The most dangerous for the fetus this disease if it arose before the organs formed. The placenta is not good enough at this time. protects the fetus from infections.

If you have had a sore throat, it is not necessary that the infection had an effect on the child. But you need to remember that the transferred sore throat in the first trimester of pregnancy – an indication for ultrasound examination at the twelfth to thirteenth week.

A running infection can lead to kidney disease, liver, heart, mother’s joints, and the baby is likely to have defects of various organs. There is a chance of a child developing deformities with herpes sore throat, miscarriage is also possible.


Between sleep and taking medications prescribed by your doctor, you can help your body cope faster and easier disease:

  1. Sore throat during pregnancyConsume a lot of warm liquids, herbal teas, decoctions and stewed fruit dried fruits;
  2. Eat enriched with various vitamins and proteins. food
  3. Food is preferred liquid and not hot, non-greasy meat and vegetable broths.

Folk remedies

Here, folk medicine can greatly help medicine traditional. For years, people have used her simple recipes. Here Some of the recommendations:

  • Sore throat during pregnancyGargle with soda.
  • Grind unpeeled lemons, add sugar. After an hour, you can take 1 teaspoon every three hours.
  • Stir the chopped onion and apple and 30 gram of honey. Consume as often as possible, after about 2-3 hours.
  • Boil unpeeled potatoes, add to a decoction of a small amount of turpentine. Breathe in hot steam 3 times per day.
  • We take 250 ml. warm water and 20 gr. salt and soda. Everything is mixed and a few drops are added. iodine. The resulting solution gargle throat every 2 hours.
  • 2 hours to insist in the hot water of marshmallow: 40 gr. mixture for half a liter of boiling water. Gargle, repeating the procedure after 50-60 minutes.


It’s no secret that it’s better not to treat the disease, but to take all measures, so as not to get sick. This is especially true during the gestation period. a child. Therefore, a woman needs to take care of herself and her baby, conducting timely prevention of tonsillitis:

  1. Sore throat during pregnancyDo not meet sick or recovering from tonsillitis;
  2. We get antibacterial soap and regularly use it for its intended purpose;
  3. We take special preparations of vitamins for expectant mothers;
  4. Do not be lazy to ventilate the room as much as possible more often;
  5. Use aromatic oils for disinfection air in the apartment (fir oil, eucalyptus oil are ideal for this and orange);
  6. In the cold season, use humidifiers air.

These simple measures can prevent such an insidious disease, like a sore throat. Do not neglect prevention, because small is at stake a life.

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