How to treat sinusitis at home -how dangerous?

Update: November 2018

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Sinusitis – a disease that occurs for a lot of reasons, the most
common of which is a complication of the flu, chronic
tonsillitis with delayed treatment.

It also occurs due to year-round allergies.
rhinitis, curvature of the nasal septum, diseases
maxillary teeth, such as cysts, periodontitis, purulent
pulpitis, deformations of bone structures as a result of injury. Without knowing
the exact cause of the onset of inflammation in the maxillary sinuses, without setting
accurate diagnosis and condition in the nasal cavity, you can not start
any treatment.

Why in Russia today a person avoids going to doctors and
looking for information for self-treatment and asking how to treat sinusitis in
at home? Because the patient has to stand in the terrible
queues for a coupon to the doctor, then sit for a few more hours,
to the doctor gave him a few minutes of his working time.
The exception is paid clinics, but not everyone can imagine
allow to pay a lot of money for each visit to the doctor, for
every analysis and x-ray.

Sinusitis – the most serious disease that cannot be treated
on your own! Treatment of sinusitis should be prescribed only
a doctor after a preliminary diagnosis and monitoring results
treatment in dynamics, and folk remedies can only be used
after consulting with your doctor.

Treat antritis folk remedies can be, but it is very
risky, and often just DANGER! It is fraught with the fact that
As a result, you can get a sharp transition at best.
chronic, and in worst cases to inflammation of the facial nerve,
otitis, development of meningitis or arachnoiditis.

So, how to treat acute sinusitis?

The choice of the method of competent, effective treatment of sinusitis
depends on the reasons that caused the obstruction of mucus from the sinuses
the nose, it can only be determined by the doctor on the basis of test data
and x-rays.

Vasoconstrictor drugs

Vasoconstrictor drugs, такие как Галазолин, Санорин,
Naphthyzinum, Nazivin, Otilin, should not be used for more than 5 days, they
Of course, they ease breathing and reduce swelling of the mucous membranes, but with
prolonged use leads to abnormal growth
mucous membrane.


At high temperature and severe hyperthermia, any
antipyretic drugs.

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Treatment of antritis with antibiotics показано при остром гайморите с
severe intoxication, and if sinusitis is not allergic
nature, and also not caused by fungal agents. Using drops in
нос при гайморите с антибиотиком  можно добиться высокой
concentration of antimicrobial agents in the area of ​​inflammation – Isofra,
Polydex. However, local use of drops is effective in the very
the onset of the disease, if the inflammatory process fistula
so constricted and significantly overlapped by the overgrown mucous,
antibiotics will not be able to achieve their goal. Therefore use
systemic drugs: macrolides (azithromycin, clarithromycin),
fluoroquinolones, inhibitor-protected penicillins (amoxiclav).

Sinus lavage

You should be aware that washing the maxillary sinuses is done at
purulent sinusitis, if it is not excreted during inflammation, and
pus accumulates, often only treatment is enough
antibiotics. While maintaining normal openings among the maxillary
sinuses and other cavities of the nose, it is possible to use antibiotics with
simultaneous flushing with a safe, comfortable sinus catheter during
early initial stages of acute sinusitis give effective,
great results. Flushing should only do
a highly qualified doctor with solutions of either sodium chloride or
sea ​​salt.

Rinsing with antiseptics Dioxidine, Miramistin, Saline.
Dolphin, Aquamaris – expensive analogues of saline.

Other drugs

Homeopathy treatment Gelomirtol – a drug with
anti-inflammatory and weak antibacterial activity. Not
antibiotic Sinupret (drops, spray, tablets) – options for
pregnant women.



When the body temperature becomes normal, the doctor may
to recommend physiotherapy – UHF, Solux.

Notльзя! During acute sinusitis or
exacerbations of chronic categorically can not warm up the area
the maxillary sinuses with salt, hot egg and other folk
means. This will create additional conditions for the accumulation of pus.
and increased inflammation. Such methods may be used outside
period of exacerbation, and only after consulting a doctor.

Folk remedies

Any folk remedies can be used, but only outside
exacerbations of chronic sinusitis, moreover, when choosing one or
another method of treatment should take into account that any medicinal
herbs, especially chamomile, St. John’s wort, Sophora, Kalanchoe, cyclamen
(Sinuforte from antritis), honey, propolis – these are the strongest allergens
for sensitive people.

And today, almost everyone suffers from different
kind of allergic reactions and it is not known how mucous will react
nasopharynx in such trials. A lot of cases when cyclamen
or Sinuforte alone helped people perfectly in cleansing their sinuses, while
others caused severe edema, irritation, loss of smell
for a long time, than only aggravated the condition.

Bay leaf is also recommended as a decoction, among others.
folk remedies for the treatment of sinusitis, he really
contributes to the destruction of bacteria in the nasopharynx and it can
use as an aid but one bay
sheet in the acute process will not cope with massive accumulation
pathogenic microorganisms. Without antibiotics you still can not do
otherwise, acute sinusitis easily becomes chronic;
which is much more complicated and lengthy.

Treatment of chronic sinusitis

Home treatment of sinusitis, without inspection, X-ray, consultation
otolaryngologist, dentist, only with the help of folk remedies
increases the risk of complications and rarely leads to a cure, the most
harmless, which is possible at the same time – the transition of acute sinusitis in

Such methods of traditional medicine as instillation of garlic juice or
onions, chestnut tampons, cyclamen juice instillation,
overdose or misuse – can cause burns
mucous membranes, and home method of treating sinusitis from “safe”
may become dangerous.

К тому же любые medicinal травы, лечебные рецепты народной
medicine can lead to toxic poisoning and
unpredictable allergic reactions. Warming up hot eggs
and other means in the acute period of inflammation also leads to
complications in the form of spread of infection, causing frontal sinusitis.

First of all, the causes, factors that caused
inflammation in the maxillary sinus, usually nasal curvature
septa, odontogenic causes (bad teeth), adenoids,
chronic diseases of ENT organs.

Local vasoconstrictor in order to avoid atrophy
mucous, should not be used continuously, but only brief

Also, using a sinus catheter, the doctor performs sinus lavage.
с дезинфицирующими растворами и antibiotics. Rinsing first
is made with potassium permanganate or rivanol, furatsilinom, then in
The cavity is injected with antibiotic solutions.

Physiotherapy также эффективна для лечения хронического
antritis, only without aggravation – this is inhalation, phonophoresis,
UHF Also for people with chronic sinusitis is helpful.

At home, this speleotherapy can be carried out as
dry inhalation of hot sea salt as recommended
a doctor. To do this, grind in a mortar sea salt, heat it to
pan, spread in a small container, covered with a towel
and inhale the salt vapors for 10 minutes, again, such
the procedure cannot be done during an acute inflammatory process,
а только  как вспомогательное в период ремиссии.

If sinusitis is already wearing purulent polypous, caseous,
necrotic or cholesteatoma character – no treatment
Sinus tow truck or antibiotics are not effective. And any cold
or hypothermia leads to recurrence of sinusitis. Then
is produced maxillary sinusitis.

Today there are unique endoscopic
equipment that helps remove polyps (see
endoscopic removal of polyps in the nose), other obstacles
interfering with the exit of mucus from the maxillary sinuses, it is sparing and
as bloodless methods as possible.

If you have treated sinusitis with any folk remedies,
please leave your comments about your method and its

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