How to treat psoriasis – all possible methodseffective treatment of psoriasis

Update: October 2018

Psoriasis is a well-known and widespread disease from
which affects about 3-7% of the world’s population. For your
a thousand-year history of the disease has not undergone significant
changes, the skin-related symptoms familiar to many
card of psoriasis, year after year persistently manifests itself in

Psoriasis treatment methods are improving every year. Get
patents new methods and drugs that psoriasis patients
willingly apply, hoping for complete healing from the disease. Single
perfect and 100% effective standard of psoriasis treatment
does not exist, and the point here is not only in the powerlessness of medicine before

It is well established that every patient with psoriasis
in its own way responds to the treatment, and if someone
one method helps, it does not mean at all that it will help another.
Probably an individualized treatment search that is truly
effectively in each case, a sort of biological
self-experiment is the only way to overcome psoriasis and
if not cured, then enter the stage of lasting remission.

The only thing all patients with psoriasis should remember is
the prevalence of common sense over the principle of “What if it helps?”
This is especially true of some unofficial and folk methods –
A life-threatening method, even the most effective,
definitely can not be applied because the price of their own lives
never be equal to the price, albeit unpleasant, but compatible with
life of the disease.

All the treatments listed below will be effective when
the presence of persistent motivation of the patient and his family to overcome
psoriasis. Of great importance is a positive attitude towards treatment, and
also satisfaction with even minor improvements.

It is not for nothing that there is such a phrase that “The disease feeds on negative
emotions, ”and to psoriasis, this statement has the most direct
an attitude.

Modern strategy for the treatment of psoriasis

The generally accepted complex of therapeutic measures used today,
It has several important goals:

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  • Achieving fairly rapid primary results.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the methods used and undesirable
    reactions to the treatment with the aim of correcting the therapeutic
  • Achievement by the patient of a stage of a resistant and long remission.

The treatment of psoriasis in each individual cannot fit into
standard scheme, the doctor always assigns it to the address, based

  • types of disease;
  • history of pathology;
  • prevalence and severity;
  • features of the affected skin;
  • the possibility of implementing therapeutic measures in a specific
  • age group and gender.

In any case, the doctor must justify every appointment
identifying the patient as likely positive and negative, incl.
побочные effects. Treatment never begins with the strong and the rich
�“Byproduct” of drugs – they are resorted to only in the absence of
effect of treatment, and that is not always.

Methods of treatment and their implementation

Internal drug therapy (drugs for treating

Relatively safe Heavy drugs with serious side effects
Groups Vitamin D3 preparations (rarely prescribed) Retinoids Immunosuppressants Steroids (pills or intramuscularly)
Titles Oksidevit, Minisan, Akvadetrim Soriatan, Accutane, Acitretin Methotrexate, Neoral, Cyclosporine Prednisone, Metipred, Betamethasone
Act Inhibition of proliferation of the epidermis; Induction
terminal differentiation of keratinocytes (surface cells
epidermis); Anti-inflammatory effect
Inhibition of proliferation of epithelial cells;
Normalization  ороговения; Stabilization of membrane structures
Suppression of cell mitosis and IL-2 production; Inhibition
T lymphocyte
Anti-inflammatory effect; Immunosuppressive effect;
Antiallergic action; Impact on metabolic processes
The most dangerous side effect Calcium deposition in soft tissues; Increased bone fragility;
Impaired function of the heart, liver and kidneys
Hepatitis; Bronchospasm; Cramps; Teratogenic effect (with
Soriatanum treatment is recommended to avoid pregnancy for 3
years old)
Toxic hepatitis; Kidney damage; Pancreatitis Skin atrophy; Osteoporosis; Immunosuppression


 Kinds  UVB radiation  Ultrasound therapy  PUVA (UV externally + ingestion of the photosensitizer inside)  Electrosleep
 Act  Photodynamic action Anti-inflammatory, absorbable, analgesic,
antipruritic effect
 Продление жизни поврежденных cell  Relieving emotional stress and irritability;
Leveling neurogenic disorders; Reduction
The most dangerous side effect Skin cancer; Aging skin; Eye damage Not. You can not affect the head, face Skin cancer; Aging skin; Eye damage Disruption of the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness

Important! Нельзя использовать гормональные fundsа самостоятельно,
without a doctor’s prescription. You can not use them for more than 3 weeks in a row,
you can not abruptly cancel the drug, you must first
dilute the dose with baby cream, then increase the interval

Separately, I want to say about the caution in the treatment of
псориаbehind гормональных funds. Creams and ointments are usually very
spectacular, faster, devoid of unpleasant smell, not
irritate the skin and do not leave marks on clothes.

But it is worth remembering that psoriasis is an incurable disease (you can only
increase the time of remission), and treatment can not begin with the most
strong and dangerous (with frequent use) drugs to which
относятся кортикосероидные fundsа.

They are prescribed only for severe exudative forms, when
прочие fundsа не оказывают Effectа. Hormonal ointments and creams
contribute to the development of addiction (all will be required soon
large doses), skin atrophy, faster recurrence
in the worst case, the suppression of immunity and the development of psoriatic


If their use is unavoidable, give preference to creams,
containing, in addition to hormones, also tar (Lokakorten Tar-flumethasone
+ деготь) или салициловую кислоту (Белосалик, Дипросалик,
Lorinden A).

External therapy

See detailed article Which psoriasis ointments are the most effective.
and safe?

Retinoids Radevit, Videstim, Retasol, Retinoic ointment
Grease based ointment Kartalin, Magnipsor, Cytopsor, Akrustal, Antipsor, Antipsoriasis,
Oil Based Ointment Лостерин,  Ихтиоло-нафталановая, Нафталановая мазь,
Neftesan, Naftaderm
Tar preparations Colloidin, Lesovaya liquid, Alfozil Lotion, Antipsorin,
Антрасульфоновая мазь, Антраминовая мазь
Keratolytic drugs Salicylic ointment, Belosalik (salicylic acid + betamethasone
(hormone), Lokasalen
Synthetic analogues of vitamin D3 Dayvoneks, Psorkutan
Corticosteroids such ointments wide selection, see the full list of hormonal ointments
in the table of psoriasis ointment


  • Natural solar investment
  • Swimming in sea water
  • Bathing in thermal springs
  • Act температуры и влажности воздуха

Alternative treatments

Method Act и Effectивность
Transcranial electrostimulation Improving trophism and microcirculation of the skin;
Normalization of the skin elasticity; Устранение боли и itching
Ozone therapy Anesthetic, cytostatic and immunomodulatory
Cryotherapy The elimination of pain; Reduction воспалительного отека; Weakening
кожного itching
Magnetic resonance therapy Stimulation of inhibitory processes in the central nervous system; Reduction кожного
  Hypnosis  Eliminating emotional stress; Normalization
emotional state

 Diet therapy

 see Nutrition, diet for psoriasis by Pagano

Normalization обраbehind жизни с достаточной физической активностью
and giving up bad habits

 Psoriasis treatment abroad

Many patients who did not receive the expected treatment from
domestic treatment, are sent abroad. Psoriasis treatment for
abroad is at a higher level, however, and it
Unfortunately, it does not guarantee one hundred percent cure for psoriasis.

Drug treatment

  • Если имеется псориаз на голове лечение весьма Effectивно
    carried by the American drug MG 217 medicated Tar
    Shampoo Лечение псориаbehind препараты

This therapeutic tar shampoo has a coal-tar
resin in the form of a 3% solution. It is also used to treat oily
seborrhea and dandruff. Issue price – from $ 10 for a bottle of 240
ml. Therapeutic shampoo is proven to help prevent
рецидивов псориаbehind, останавливает неприятные симптомы в виде itching,
growth and keratinization of the skin, as well as desquamation. Patients well
respond to this drug because it is easy to use
(as usual shampoo with conditioner at intervals of at least 2
once within 7 days), and after application remains fresh herbal
fragrance on the hair.

  • Psoriasis treatment with MG 217 Medicated oils is actively used.
    Tar Ointment Psoriasis Treatment (American drug).
    Как лечить псориаз

This drug is a therapeutic moisturizing composition,
containing as active ingredient 2% coal
pitch. Apply against seborrhea. Issue price – from $ 15. behind
jar weighing 107 grams. Act препарата аналогично действию
shampoo plus natural moisturizing of the skin. Used by
наружно на места defeats 1-4 раз в день. Feature of the drug –
does not stain clothes.

  • Swiss drug Stelara

Для лечения средней и тяжелой степени псориаbehind, а также
псориатического артрита behind рубежом применяется швейцарский препарат
Стелара (активная основа – устекинумаб)Эффективные psoriasis treatment methods, предназначенный для
subcutaneous injection. Обладает высокой клинической Effectивностью.
Цена вопроса – около 30 000 у.е. behind годовое лечение.
Immunosuppressive drug that reduces proliferation and hyperplasia
cell epidermis. The peculiarity of the drug is a large interval between
4 weeks at first use and 12
weeks later. Due to the risk of side effects,
the most frequent of which are infectious processes of organs
respiration, and the most dangerous are malignant neoplasms,
the question of its use is decided individually, and in the absence
improvements within 5 months of treatment, the drug is canceled.

  • Infliximab Infliximab

As a starting treatment for severe psoriasis abroad
For many years, the drug Infliximab has been successfully used, which
registered in Russia since 2001. At the heart of the drug are
monoclonal antibodies. The clinical response is noted already at 2
treatment week, and maintenance therapy every 8 weeks
provides remission of the disease without any serious adverse
effects. The only thing that doctors say – over time
the effectiveness of the drug is reduced.

  • Synthetic hydroxyanthrone

Synthetic hydroxyanthrone, успешно применяемые в Европе и
США, оказывают  цитостатическое и цитотоксическое действие,
reducing hyperkeratosis and parakeratosis. These include Dithranol,
Mikanol, Tsignolina, Anthralin. The drugs are locally irritating.
action, but the treatment takes place without systemic side effects.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy, активно применяемая behind рубежом,  вызывают
photodermal (leading), as well as photochemical and photomechanical
effects. Various laser systems are used, which
eliminate tissue inflammation, pain discomfort and act strictly
on psoriatic plaque without affecting healthy skin. After
permission of psoriatic elements remains elastic skin, without
scar formation. Read more about the indications of laser therapy.

Treatment of psoriasis in the Dead Sea

The most pleasant way that helps to overcome psoriasis treatment
sea, especially the waters of the Dead Sea. Extremely high
salt concentration (about 300 g per 1 liter) and minerals has
therapeutic and soothing effect on the skin. Going fast
skin cleansing, remission if all doctor’s recommendations are followed
the average is 2 years. In addition to local action on
psoriatic formations, stay at the Dead Sea (at least 14
days) perfectly heals the whole body and calms the nervous
the system.

Innovative treatment techniques – new in the treatment of psoriasis

  • Surgical treatment of psoriasis

It has long been proven that with the diagnosis of skin psoriasis, treatment is only
external preparations does not give the desired result. Russian
For several years now, the surgeon V. Martynov has carried out a unique
surgery to repair the valve of the small intestine,
protecting this part of the intestine from pathogenic bacteria. After
the performed operation strengthens the protective capabilities of immunity,
heals the skin and there is a long-term remission.

  • Using narrow-band UVB therapy with a long wavelength 311

Recently practiced using this method as
monotherapy. In comparison with other UV exposure, this method
has minimal side effects, is well tolerated and is
short-acting procedure – a few minutes for 1 procedure, a course
treatment – 2.5 months. In such a short time comes the visible
clinical improvement and long-term remission up to 2 years.

  • Vectical ointment мазь Vectical

This American ointment contains
calcitriol and can even be applied on sensitive areas
skin for a long time. The best result is in the treatment of
mild forms of pathology.

Informal medicine – folk remedies and unconventional
psoriasis treatment methods

As practice shows, some methods and methods of folk
medicine gained the most confidence in patients and continues
to prove their effectiveness. These methods did not receive the world
recognition and official patents, but thanks to them, people
suffering from psoriasis, significantly improve their health, and
some lucky ones forget the problem forever.

The essence of the technique Duration Result
Table Vinegar and Iodine
used for mild psoriasis with a small amount
elements on the body, legs
1 week – applying with fixation to a psoriatic plaque
cloth dipped in vinegar (9%) for 24 hours. the cloth
periodically should be wetted in vinegar. 2 week – all the same,
only the tissue is wetted in ordinary iodine
2 weeks. If necessary, the procedure is repeated in a month.
  • cleansing the skin of the psoriatic element (do not be afraid
    pink shiny skin in place of the plaque);
  • gradual epithelial regeneration
Horsetail  Baths – 200 grams of grass brewed 1 liter of boiling water and
two or three times a day, locally make baths for 15-20 minutes. Tea –
a handful of herbs in a glass of boiling water. Take a glass a day for
some time before eating
 2-3 months
  • elimination of itching;
  •  removing redness of the skin;
  • bowel cleansing
Propolis  Inside – daily 1-2 grams of pure propolis outside reception
food.Outside – tampons with propolis ointment 10% (500 grams of cream
oils boil with 50 gr crushed propolis) in place
 2-3 months
  • gradual resolution of psoriatic elements;
  • immunity enhancement
Egg oil  Eggs of domestic chickens (necessarily fertilized)
boiled hard-boiled and taken out the yolks. Cut the yolks in half and
stir fry on low heat without oil until it starts to stand out
reddish colored oil. Lubricate affected oil
skin patches twice or thrice a day
 2-3 months
  • elimination of itching;
  • removing redness of the skin;
  • gradual resolution of psoriatic elements
Carrot juice Daily on an empty stomach 1 glass of fresh carrot is taken.
(fresh juice)
 3 months
  •  gradual resolution of psoriatic elements;
  • skin healing
Tar soap  В behindвисимости от локалиbehindции на места defeats наносится
foam of soap or psoriatic plaques rubbed small. Time
exposure – 10-15 minutes.
 Until significant improvement  gradual resolution of psoriatic elements
Kalanchoe officinalis  Freshly cooked gruel from the leaves of the plant
impose on psoriatic plaques 1-2 times a day
 2-3 months
  •  gradual resolution of psoriatic elements;
  • skin hydration and regeneration
Sea salt 500-1000 grams of salt per standard bath volume (only warm
water). A bath is taken about 20 minutes twice a week. After
baths do not dry out and rinse
  • elimination of itching;
  • removing redness of the skin;
  • gradual resolution of psoriatic elements;
  • calm the nervous system
Copper sulfate 100 grams of copper sulphate and 3 tbsp. potassium permanganate solution
add 1.5 liters of water. Cotton swab dipped in this solution
neatly placed strictly on the psoriatic plaque for 4 hours
10 days cleansing the skin of the psoriatic element
Blue clay Blue clay и столовый уксус разводится в соотношении 1:3 и
add salt (large sea) to the consistency of thick cream.
Кашица наносится на очаги defeats на 6 часов
2 weeks
  • gradual resolution of psoriatic elements;
  • removal of toxins through the skin
  • skin regeneration
Cream “Dawn”

According to reviews of patients with psoriasis, veterinary cream helps well.
with floralisin (for treating udder cracks in cows), includes
petrolatum, floralisin, sorbic acid, pentol, aviation
kerosene (price 60 rubles in any veterinary pharmacy)
4 weeks
  • heals any skin damage
  • helps with dermatitis, dry skin, peeling
  • heals cracks in the arms, legs.

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