How to treat polyps in the nose with folk remedieswithout surgery

Update: December 2018

With the formation of polyps in the nose, treatment with folk remedies, and
only they are ineffective, as all otolaryngologists believe. Neither
acupuncture, neither herbal medicine nor resonant homeopathy with
the presence of polyposis does not have high efficacy. And use
most medicinal herbs, homeopathic medicines, oils
various plants help only as a supportive,
anti-relapse therapy only after removal of nasal polyps
various microsurgical methods. Is it really?
Causes of pathological growth of the mucous membrane are directly related to
immunity disorders such as hypersensitivity to
various substances. Most popular treatment recipes are based on
on the use of medicinal herbs and plants for which
The patient just may be allergic. Therefore, before
use any folk remedy, you should clarify whether
allergic reaction to a particular medicinal plant, giving up
blood test for this allergen or by making this sample a sample of

With nasal polyps in persons with allergic rhinitis, pollinosis
(allergic to pollen), bronchial asthma in the background
pollinosis – any popular treatment may not be safe,
cause increased allergies and deterioration.

Treatment of celandine polyps, does celandine help

Celandine is a very strong medicinal plant that when
the absence of allergies, can have a very pronounced
antitumor effect (see celandine with oncology). BUT
because the polyps in the nose are benign tumors,
the use of various popular recipes for the use of celandine,
позволяет производить лечение полипов without surgery. However without
accurate dosage, cooking experience and juice use
celandine at home, its use is not safe.

The composition of this poisonous plant is a lot of alkaloids,
flavonoids, saponins, organic acids, essential oil.
BUTлкалоиды оказывают противогрибковое, противовоспалительное,
antimicrobial action. According to phytotherapists, if not
allergic reaction to celandine and the patient has a lot of patience and
a great desire to recover, then the celandine can help get rid of
nasal polyps, if treated for a year.

Read more about contraindications, benefits and treatment.

Recipes celandine celandine:

1 recipe – Juice of celandine from polyps in the nose. Collect fresh
grass celandine should only be in the period of its flowering from May to June,
at this time it has healing properties. Celandine needed
root up, wash and let dry to evaporate
moisture, then skip 2 times through a meat grinder. Strain the juice through
cloth and pour into a bottle of dark glass, close the lid. When
the juice will begin to ferment (after about 5-7 days), should be every day
open the lid and let the air out. A week later fermentation process
run out and juice is ready for use. Keep it necessary in
the fridge. In pure form, the juice of celandine can be displayed
warts, and for the treatment of polyps, pure juice can not be used.
It should be diluted with boiled water 1/1 and mix thoroughly.
It is necessary to dig this solution into your nose in the morning with 2 drops every day.
during the week, then a break of 10 days and again a repetition of the course.
After 5 courses of treatment, take a break in 1 month and repeat again.
courses of therapy.

Полипы в носу лечение народными средствами

2 recipe – Local use of infusion of celandine. To
prepare the infusion requires 1 teaspoon of chopped herbs and 300
ml. boiling water, after 20 minutes of settling, should be drained
solution. Make tampons or turunds from a cotton pad and soak
infusion, slightly squeeze, insert first in one bow for 10
minutes, then another. This procedure must be done every day.
within 7 days, then a week break, and repeat the course again,
and so 2 months, then a month break and repeat the course again, so
during the year.

Folk treatment

Folk methods are to instill in the nose various
decoctions, infusions of herbs, their oils, as well as washing
nasal passages with these solutions or the introduction of tampons:

  • St. John’s Wort with sea buckthorn juice

For такого лечения требуется достаточно большое количество
fresh Hypericum and sea buckthorn. Grinding St. John’s wort, it should
pound, add a little water and squeeze the resulting gruel through
the cloth. Sea buckthorn juice is squeezed easier. Mix in the same
пропорциях оба сока и храните смесь в the fridge. Bury it
4 drops 2 p / day in each nasal passage, the treatment is long, as
at least a year.

  • Burying oils

It is very effective to supplement therapy with instillation of thuja oil in the nose,
as well as wild rosemary, sea buckthorn and seals, of course, with
no intolerance to these plants.

  • Viburnum

Viburnum berries – truly the most useful for cleansing the blood,
enhance immunity, fortified berries with
anti-inflammatory action. It is desirable to use fresh
at least for months, eating 2 handfuls of berries a day.

  • Juice therapy

Among all the juices, the most useful are juices from vegetables,
growing on the territory where the person lives, that is, for us
These are carrot, beet, garlic and onion juices. Carrot juice
very tasty and you should drink it right away, but beetroot should be
stand for 3 hours in the fridge to get out of it
toxic substances have evaporated, you can add to such juices
some onion juice and garlic.

  • Nasal wash

In case of polyps, folk treatment necessarily includes washing
nasal seawater or solution of common table salt with
adding a drop of iodine or medicinal plants. For
preparation of the solution used 2 tsp of sea salt and
a few drops of iodine to 1 cup of warm water. If it turns out
to draw water in with your nose is good, but you can use
and device Dolphin. You can also add to the infusions of celandine or
horsetail as much iodine and salt, and also flush their nose.

  • Tampons with decoction of herbs

Broth, for example, the series is prepared from both fresh grass and
dry. One Art. a spoonful of grass is poured with boiling water, insist 20 minutes
filter broth and put swabs for 10 minutes in each nasal
move Can be used for tampons and hemlock tincture, such
tampons are laid first for 5 minutes and then, if possible, on
all night course 10 days. Hemlock, as well as celandine –
fairly poisonous plant, so it should be used
very careful. White lily tampons are used 3 r / day for 10
minutes during the month.

Treatment of nasal polyps with homeopathy

If you are allergic to the listed herbal remedies,
There is an alternative method – homeopathic treatment. Since these
means practically do not cause allergic reactions,
A qualified homeopath can choose the best course. Many
doctors are skeptical about the effects of homeopathic remedies,
taking the view that homeopathy is like a religion, if you believe
that she will help, she will surely help. A lot of reviews
that after removal of polyps homeopathic treatment leads
to stable remission and is an excellent preventive
anti-relapse method:

  • Glycerin Teukrium – to engage in the nose, dilute 1
    part / 5 parts water, 4 p / day or pure, not diluted
    Essence Brush nasal polyps and sniff dry.
  • If mucous polyp can be used Kalkarea
    карбоника  — утром 2 капли в течении 6 дней или Кали
    bichromicum 3 and Sulfur 6 alternating alternately every other day
    2p / day
  • Если полип заостренный  — Туя 30
  • If fleshy polyp Kali bichromicum 3, Phosphorus 6, Silicea 6

Эффективно ли лечение without surgery?

Nasal polyps are the response of the nasal mucosa.
cavity for a long infectious-inflammatory process, or
allergic inflammation. To знать как лечить полипы
the nose should be clearly aware of the cause of this pathology in
each specific clinical case:

  • One of the most obvious causes of polyposis is
    complication of allergic rhinitis, which is caused by various
    allergens in the air – this is the pollen of flowering trees
    and herbs, and library, house dust, or rather mites in this dust,
    and animal hair, and fungal spores, etc. Pollinosis and food allergies
    can also be one of the trigger mechanisms
    bronchial asthma.
  • Another, no less frequent cause of polyps, is curvature
    nasal septum – this anomaly may be congenital or
  • Weakened general and local immunity in the nasal cavity,
    leading to the development of chronic infectious and inflammatory
    processes – frontal sinusitis, sinusitis, ethmoiditis – provokes
    pathological growth of tissues in the nasal cavity.

The danger of nasal polyps is that with prolonged
existence, apart from physical discomfort (absence of nasal
respiration, smell, taste changes, sleep disturbance and decrease
health) they can be malignant because
most benign tumors carry risks
oncological reincarnation. When полипы сильно снижают качество
life, apparently, of a different way than the prompt disposal of them,

Today, medicine offers several methods of removal.
nasal neoplasms, the most effective and less traumatic of
which is endoscopic removal and removal of polyps by laser
(not used for multiple polyposis, but only for
solitary), as well as polypotomy and removal of the polypous loop. These
methods do not cure the disease, do not eliminate the cause of
growths, and only reduce the manifestations of pathological processes
in the nasal mucosa. Therefore, so often after a radical
surgical physical disposal of neoplasms occur
relapses and new growth of polyps, even against the background of
anti-relapse therapy.

BUT что такое противорецидивная терапия — это использование
hormonal aerosols dosed for six months or a year (10
days every 2.5 months). Considering the reason the appearance of polyps in the background
allergies and reduced immunity, such treatment does not solve the problem,
since local corticosteroids (with prolonged use,
frequent and uncontrolled use) can lead to suppression
local immunity, lead to atrophy of the mucous membrane, to
perforation of the nasal septum, to the suppression of adrenal function and
other systemic side effects.

Of course, local hormonal sprays, such as Fliksonaze,
Polydex, Nazarel, Aldecine, Beclomethasone, Avamis, Benorin,
Насобек, Назонекс, BUTсманекс, Беконазе, Ринокленил, всасываются
in the blood in minimal doses, not dangerous for a healthy person. For
HEALTHY person. And those who suffer from polyps in the nose – to those
do not apply and how strong are the changes in immunity in
allergic, no one knows. Of course, after the operation such means
are really effective, but WHAT arises after their cancellation – more often
total return to the previous state, or even deterioration.

What do doctors offer to patients who are contraindicated
surgical removal (severe bronchial asthma, hypertension,
violation of blood clotting, ischemic heart disease and other heart
diseases)? For лечения полипов носа without surgery показаны
corticosteroids for oral administration or injection directly into
polyps. After a possible improvement, it almost always leads
to re-growth of tumors.

Modern treatment methods combine both therapeutic and 
surgical methods. After low-impact endoscopic
removal of polyps, the otolaryngologist doctor together with
an immunologist-allergist prescribes postoperative,
anti-relapse treatment. To know exactly what substances or
the products cause allergies in the patient, some skin tests are not
enough, then an allergist can refer a patient for tests
blood that set individual sensitivity to
specific allergens, knowing specific substances and products,
cause allergies, easier to deal with allergic manifestations.
Conservative treatment:

  • Acceptance of antihistamines – a list of the best pills from
    Allergies, Cetrin instructions
  • Immunotherapy
  • Rinsing with ready-made solutions of sea salt – Allergol
    Dr. Taisa, Aquamaris, Aqualore,
    Физиомер, BUTтривин-Море, Квикс,
    Долфин, Гудвада, Маример
  • Using the Buteyko breathing method, respiratory
    antiallergic gymnastics by Strelnikova, self-massage
    trigeminal nerve and reflexology
  • Homeopathic therapy – Polypan, Sanguinarine nitricum 6,
    Teukrium 6 – by appointment homeopath
  • Herbal medicine, in the absence of allergy
  • It would be ideal to eliminate the provoking factors causing
    allergy and eliminate the existing inflammatory infectious
  • It is also necessary to follow a diet, especially to exclude from the diet.
    foods that may cause a cross allergic reaction
    in pollinosis (tables of such products in the article allergic
    cough and allergy to poplar fluff).

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