How to treat periodontal disease. Symptoms, causes,treatment of parodotnoza at home

Update: December 2018

Пародонтоз – это невоспалительное заболевание tissue, окружающих
and holding the tooth, it always affects the entire oral cavity. Him
причиной является нарушение кровоснабжения tissue, вследствие чего
hypoxia develops, that is, lack of oxygen. With this
pathology hypoxia occurs not because of inflammation, but due to the general

What are the signs that periodontal disease is suspected in:

  • pale compacted gum
  • loss of gums in the direction of the root (regional recession)
  • при этом отсутствие патологической подвижности of teeth (легкая
    shape), good oral hygiene
  • no soreness, bleeding, suppuration from the gums
  • the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine systems,
    metabolism disorders
  • нередко сочетание с повышенной чувствительностью of teeth, разными
    defects of enamel (wedge-shaped, erosion), increased

Periodontal disease is not such a frequent disease as gingivitis and
periodontitis: it occurs only in 3-10% of people, does not develop beyond
one day, a month and even a year. For a clear clinical picture
it takes 10-15 and even 20 years, so its course is always
chronic. Periodontal disease is mild, moderate and severe.
The degree of severity can only be determined by a doctor by radiographic examination.
image and measurement of root outcrop.

The reasons

The reasons periodontal disease, в отличие от воспалительных заболеваний
tissue пародонта, в основном общего характера:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system:
    • vegeto-vascular dystonia
    • atherosclerosis (see how to lower cholesterol without drugs)
    • iron deficiency anemia (see iron preparations for anemia)
    • tachycardia, arrhythmia, angina
    • hypertonic disease
    • trophic disorders of the central and peripheral nervous
  • Metabolic disorders: a sharp delay in protein synthesis,
    systemic osteoporosis, impaired updating and building processes
    bone tissue.
  • Avitaminosis, gastrointestinal diseases: lack of vitamins, nutritional
    substances due to impaired digestion and absorption lead to
    metabolic disorders (see avitaminosis and hypovitaminosis).
  • Local causes: abnormal bite.
  • Hereditary factors: the presence of certain cells (so
    called high-risk monocyte macrophages), producing
    substances that dissolve the bone.

Despite the well-known belief that bacteria do not participate in
развитии periodontal disease, некоторые ученые всё же доказали роль
prostaglandin type E2 secreted through exposure
toxins of certain periodontopathogenic bacteria. Wherein
inflammation per se does not develop, but provokes destruction and
дистрофию костных tissue.


На ранних стадиях симптомы periodontal disease не проявляются, так как
Virtually no inconvenience.

Power What is bothering What periodontal disease looks like for a doctor
  • itching, burning, “aching” in the lower incisors area;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • кажущееся ощущение подвижности of teeth, когда они на самом деле
    are resistant
  • pale gum, gingival nipples smoothed
  • lack of gum pockets
  • отсутствие подвижности of teeth
  • exposure of the tooth root to a distance of 3 mm
  • on the radiograph: a decrease in the level of alveolar bone (atrophy)
    by one third
  • aesthetic dissatisfaction (increase in crown length
    tooth, increasing the gaps between the teeth)
  • значительное повышение чувствительности of teeth на химические,
    thermal, mechanical stimuli
  • gum pale, anemic, compacted
  • exposure of the tooth root at a distance of 3 to 5 mm
  • upper and lower incisors fanlikely diverge, but still
  • may have dense dental deposits, wedge-shaped
  • on the radiograph: reducing the bone level by half
  • aesthetic dissatisfaction (even greater increase in length
    коронки, значительное веерообразное расхождение of teeth, изменение
    местоположения отдельных of teeth)
  • подвижность всех или отдельных of teeth
  • выпадение некоторых of teeth
  • constant hypersensitivity to chemicals,
    mechanical, thermal stimuli
  • gum anemic, tight
  • exposure of the tooth root to a distance of more than 5 mm
  • may have dense, dark dental deposits
  • the teeth are mobile, some of them can be moved or completely
  • teeth affected by caries and non-carious defects
  • on radiograph: a decrease in bone level more than

With poor oral hygiene and reduced immunity in the late
stages of inflammation joins periodontitis: the gum becomes
red, edematous, observed suppuration. This is serious
осложнение, так как в таком случае потеря of teeth происходит гораздо


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The examination of a patient with periodontal disease has the following goals:

  • постановка точного diagnosis
  • выявление причины нарушения питания tissue пародонта
  • future forecast
  • risk assessment of inflammatory complications.

Stages of examination:

  • Survey: as periodontal disease is often local
    manifestation of one of the common diseases, it is important to find out which
    exactly pathology provokes bone loss
  • External examination: helps to establish a possible cause
    periodontal disease
  • Examination of the oral cavity: the doctor sees a pale gum (due to a violation
    blood supply), the exposed surface of the roots, mobile teeth,
    non-carious enamel defects
  • X-ray image: plays a crucial role in the formulation
  • Periodontal rheography: determines the level of blood supply
  • Polarography: determines the level of hypoxia (lack of
  • Echoosteometry: determines bone density.

Periodontal disease should be distinguished from periodontitis, as periodontitis
is a consequence of local factors, but when
periodontal disease without consulting a therapeutic specialist
not enough.



How to treat periodontal disease correctly? For a good result you need
обратиться к врачу-стоматологу, так как лечение periodontal disease
provides for not only the correction of hygiene and sanitation of the oral cavity,
but also has several important directions:

  • normalization of tissue metabolism
  • improvement of redox processes
  • microcirculation normalization
  • symptomatic: elimination of tooth hypersensitivity,
    correction of malocclusion (in some cases

Knowing the direction of treatment, you can easily answer the question of how
treat periodontal disease with medication. Self-apply data
drugs can not be! The correct dose can only pick a doctor.

Preparations that normalize redox
processes and microcirculation

  • Trental: dilates blood vessels, improves microcirculation, increases
    насыщаемость tissue кислородом
  • Insadol: improves microcirculation, boosts immunity,
    promotes bone formation
  • Tykveol: prevents atherosclerosis
  • 15% solution of conclamin: administered intramuscularly, improves
  • Statins with high cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis
    (Simvastatin, Vasilip, Simlo, etc.)

Means for the normalization of metabolic processes

The best drugs that improve tissue metabolism,
considered, oddly enough, vitamins.Как выглядит пародонтоз

  • Vitamin P and C (askorutin): normalize the density and
    vascular permeability, improve
    redox processes
  • Vitamin A and E (aevit): reduce the fragility of microvessels,
    have an antioxidant effect
  • Vitamins of group B: relieve hypoxia, stimulate the synthesis

Simultaneously with drug therapy spend
symptomatic treatment:

  • Elimination of tooth sensitivity: remineralization
    enamels with calcium and phosphorus remineralizing solutions
  • Sealing non-carious defects
  • Training in careful oral hygiene
  • Treatment у стоматолога-ортодонта и ортопеда.

A few decades ago, not “symptoms and
лечение periodontal disease», а «пародонтита», потому что под понятием
�”Periodontitis” united the whole group of periodontal diseases.

What else can be treated periodontal gums? Come to the rescue
natural healing factors and physiotherapy, because the most important
combat this disease is to improve the work
сердечно-сосудистой, нервной systems и microcirculation в челюстной

  • Water: shared baths, showers, bathing, swimming. At low
    pressure water should be 20-23 degrees, increased – 33-37
    degrees, with neurocirculatory dystonia – a contrast shower,
    ending in cold water in the morning and warm in the evening.
  • With neuro-emotional stress, hypertension,
    Neurasthenia, menopause shows the currents of Darsonval and electrophoresis with
    vitamins.  Для лечения periodontal disease в домашних условиях
    darsonvalization use spherical and nasal nozzles and only
    after removal of dental plaque by the dentist. Procedure is underway
    every other day or every day in a course of 30 procedures, it is possible to repeat
    course in a month, in severe cases it may take up to 6
    courses. Darsonval procedure helps relieve inflammation, improves
    blood circulation in the gums.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – perfectly restores
    microcirculation tissue пародонта, улучшает иммунитет и питание
    tissue во всем организме, поэтому способствует более быстрому
  • Vacuum massage, vibratory massage, ultrasonic effect:
    механическая физиотерапия, местно улучшающая microcirculation.
  • Phonophoresis with ointments troksevazin, heparin (improve rheological
    blood properties).
  • Фототерапия (лазер): улучшает microcirculation.

When attaching periodontal inflammation, treatment
you need to start with their cupping:

  • anti-inflammatory drugs
  • antihistamines (see allergy pills)
  • removal of strongly mobile teeth, splinting of weakly mobile
    of teeth
  • antiseptic treatment
  • antibiotic use

Treatment periodontal disease в домашних условиях

To treat this disease only at home is meaningless and
even dangerous. Of course, the Internet is replete with treatment information.
разных заболеваний дома, в том числе и periodontal disease, но, к
Unfortunately, in many cases, such articles are not useful.

  • Во-первых, самолечение periodontal disease может ухудшить состояние
    десен и привести к более быстрой потере of teeth.
  • Во-вторых, наличие periodontal disease говорит о серьезной неполадке в
    in the body whole

It is proved that people with periodontal disease die earlier, more often they get sick
oncological diseases. That is why this pathology
requires medical examination and qualified treatment.

But what can you do yourself? In addition to
doctors recommend herbal medicine for drug treatment.
Medicinal plants have a positive integrated
effects on the entire body: normalize the activity of the nervous
systems that prevent or have a beneficial effect when
atherosclerosis and hypertension, reduce education
blood clots.

Такая терапия поможет более эффективно наладить microcirculation
and the work of all internal organs, improve the body that
will also have a beneficial effect in the oral cavity, because periodontal disease is only
manifestation of systemic pathologies.

You can not use herbal medicine without a doctor’s recommendation, as
some medicinal plants can cause individual
intolerance, allergic reaction.

Nervous System Stimulants Ginseng, Chinese Schizandra, Eleutherococcus, Aralia
Manchu, Rhodiola rosea, moral root (Leuzea
NA stimulants are used in primary forms of atherosclerosis,
exhaustion of the nervous system, hypotension, overwork, arrhythmias.
They are contraindicated for increased irritability, insomnia,
Sedatives Valerian, evading peony, Baikal skullcap, passionflower
incarnate, oregano, black chocolate, motherwort, mint
Sedative plants are used for increased excitability,
insomnia, intestinal spasms, vegetative-vascular dystonia,
increased nervous tension, in the early stages of hypertension, for
improve the activity of the heart and blood vessels.
Plants used in atherosclerosis and hypertensive
Field bindweed, woolly-colored astragalus, spiny hawthorn,
sowing flax, Nippon dioscory, black chokeberry, cyanosis
blue, field horsetail, mullein scepter, mountain arnica.
Treatment periodontal disease, который появился в результате
атеросклероза и гипертонической diseases, должно сочетаться с
a diet that involves limiting salty, sweet, fatty,
inclusion in the diet of black currants, strawberries, cabbage, garlic,
onions, raspberries, corn, eggplant.
Thrombus Reducing Plants Chamomile flowers, horse chestnut, licorice root, sweet clover,
creeper, St. John’s wort, field harder, train, coriander fruits
Apitherapy Особое место во вспомогательной терапии periodontal disease занимает
Apitherapy – the use of pollen and royal jelly. Their
drugs resist atherosclerosis, improve metabolism,
the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Профилактика periodontal disease дома

Не в качестве лечения, а для профилактики periodontal disease и
periodontitis can be produced:

  • Rinsing the mouth with special solutions for prevention
    periodontal disease — «Лесной бальзам», «Весна», а также отварами
    medicinal herbs – calendula, chamomile, oak bark or solution
    propolis. This allows you to clean the mouth of food debris and
    from bacteria.
  • Baths – made from pharmacy chamomile, St. John’s wort or dogrose
    decoction and for 10 minutes should keep the plant solution in
    mouth Baths can be made every day for a month, then
    take a break.
  • Use Toothpaste or Mouthwash
    Parodontaks, which include herbal extracts,
    также способствует профилактике пародонтита и periodontal disease.

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