How to treat infants diaper rash


  1. Causes
  2. Treatment
  3. Conclusion

Diaper rash in newborns, which parents do not always know, than to treat is a fairly common problem. Child nervous and whimpering, sleeps poorly, his skin is irritated.

Diaper rash in infants requiring specific treatment, there are three degrees, their occurrence occurs in different occasions.


  1. Excreta. Newborns are characterized by frequent bowel movements. Therefore, the contact of the skin of the child with feces and urine can become the main cause of trouble. Misuse disposable diapers, as well as the dubious quality of the product is not promotes clean skin. When the diaper is bad qualities, it quickly absorbs urine and skin of the baby during a long period of time remains wet – this leads to sad painting in the form of diaper rash, appearing in the groin of the baby.
  2. Improper care. Washing the baby with water using baby soap with every diaper change, parents provide healthy skin. If this is not possible, you can use wet wipes, then diaper rash in babies will not appear on the pope.
  3. Allergy also causes diaper rash. Rashes often cause odors used in disposable diapers or powders that are used to wash fabric diapers. Also, this condition is observed when the use of cosmetic products.
  4. Food can cause diaper rash. When is introduced artificial feeding of babies, reaction to a new product unpredictable.
  5. Lactase deficiency is often the cause. diseases. When a newborn doesn’t have enough lactase enzyme, which helps digest milk carbohydrates, may appear intertrigo. With the disease, feces are often liquid, it has an acidic reaction, which is harmful to the baby’s delicate skin.
  6. Overheating also leads to a similar reaction. When the temperature in the nursery is high enough or the baby is overly warmly wrapped in leather under the diaper does not breathe, overheats and sweats. Increased humidity causes diaper rash on the neck and underarm in the baby. Therefore, parents need to monitor indoor air temperature.
  7. Bacterial or fungal infection also visually resembles diaper rash. However, there is a difference. Thrush appears in babies whose mothers had thrush on nipples, genitals, or take antibiotics broad spectrum of action of a new generation during lactation.


Cleanliness and dryness will guarantee that diaper rash treatment baby will be successful. It is necessary to constantly change diapers. When the diaper is changing, it is recommended to hold the baby naked for a while so that the air can dry diaper rash and speed up the healing process.

When washing a newborn, it is necessary to use only warm water. If baby skin becomes wet, baby powder should be used, however, after some time, its remains must be removed with lotion or a cotton swab, and then wipe the skin dry and lubricate protective agent. This is the cream for diaper rash in children. After water procedures are not recommended to rub the skin, but only carefully blot it with a soft cloth from natural raw materials. Mom lubricates diaper rash creamWhen diapers led to the appearance of this problem, since they do not absorb moisture well – their should be replaced by better products. Possible for this purpose take cloth diapers, disposable.

In more serious manifestations, it is recommended to know how treat diaper rash in infants and use non-greasy products basis. It can be pharmacy solutions:

  • Lotions;
  • Emulsions;
  • Powders.

By such means, they gently cover the affected area, arranging a protective film that is subsequently prevented getting wet, and then suppuration of these inflamed areas. Any protective equipment should not be used if the place lesions are constantly getting wet.

According to medical recommendations for reliable drying of the skin can apply medical compresses, consisting of:

  • Silver nitrate;
  • Tannin;
  • Rivanol solution.

Learn how to detect and treat bloody babies, as well as how prevent it.

Undoubtedly mom will come in handy information, because of which on the pope red spots appear in the child.

Detailed advice on getting rid of pimples from baby.After quality drying of the affected skin use synthomycin or zinc ointment. When diaper rash too strong, treatment should preferably be done in hospital conditions.


When diaper rash appears, you do not need to postpone the problem until later. It is important not to start it, but to start treatment immediately. Take care their children and they will be healthy!

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