How to treat hemorrhoids at home

Update: October 2018

Hemorrhoids – a very common disease in the early
stages quite successfully treated. However, up to 80 percent of people
having hemorrhoids, experiencing discomfort and pain without
wish to consult a doctor because of the sensitivity of this topic. But,
At the first signs of hemorrhoids, an appeal to a specialist is simple.
necessary. Treatment of hemorrhoids at home without establishing
accurate diagnosis and examination by a doctor is dangerous because:

  • It is necessary to observe the effectiveness of treatment by a specialist.
    diseases in dynamics
  • When using medicinal herbs may occur
    allergic reactions
  • Unsystematic, uncontrolled drug treatment
  • Lack of medical control over the course of the disease
    contributes to the progression of hemorrhoids and may worsen the condition
    the patient.

Drug treatment of hemorrhoids

There are a number of drugs (see candles for hemorrhoids,
Hemorrhoid ointment, anal fissure treatment), which the doctor prescribes
for the treatment of hemorrhoids, among them:

  • Anestezol candles (price 60 rubles),
  • Anuzol, Neo-Anuzol – candles (70 rub)
  • Venoruton (gel, price 300 rubles, capsules, price 580-620 rubles)
  • Hepatrombin (ointment, price 100-200 rubles, candles 150-160 rubles)
  • Rods (ointment price 190-210 rubles)
  • Relief, Relief ultra (ointment and candles, the price is 280-300 rubles)
  • Venitan (cream and gel, price 200 rubles)
  • Methyluracil (candles, price 27-30 rub. Table., Price 130-140
  • Гепазолон (свечи 180 rub)
  • Прокто-гливенол (свечи 400 rub)
  • Проктоседил (свечи 350 rub)
  • Ультропрокт (свечи 500 rub)
  • Олестезин (свечи 110 rub)
  • Проктозан (свечи 270 rub)
  • Гепатромбин (свечи 170 rub)
  • Нигепан (свечи 200 rub)
  • Детралекс (табл. цена 750-1500 rub)
  • ATенорус (табл. 600-800 rub)

What can be done to alleviate the condition?

Honey, Onion Juice

To reduce itching and pain, reduce the swelling of hemorrhoidal
knots can simply be lubricated with onion juice, propolis,
birch tar, honey. Можно смачивать  несколько слоев
wide bandage in this treatment solution and apply to the anus.

Ice Candles

There are very effective remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids. One of
They are quite simple and extraordinary. Pharmaceutical chamomile broth
наполнить латексный напаличник ( из  хирургических перчаток),
freeze it in the freezer and put in such ice
candles for the night. It is simple to make a decoction of chamomile – one tablespoon
pharmaceutical chamomile pour a glass of boiling water for 30 minutes,
strain. This remedy relieves pain and reduces inflammation.


Treatment of hemorrhoids with potatoes

For this they make potato candles. They are no less popular than
other hemorrhoids and their preparation
simple. For this, candles are cut out of peeled potatoes –
oblong pieces and insert them into the rectum.

Propolis ointment, mummy

For the preparation of such ointments, it is necessary to mix sea buckthorn
oil with mummy, propolis or honey. If hemorrhoids are internal, then
such ointment makes gauze tampons and insert them overnight. If a
external hemorrhoids, it is enough to lubricate the nodes for 10

Treatment of hemorrhoids with herbs

Water microclysters are made on the basis of herbal decoctions
chamomile, celandine, also with propolis and mummy. Enema should not
exceed 50 ml and it is advisable to keep it throughout the night or
at least 2-3 hours.

  • Тысячелистник. Infusion of this medicinal herb
    must be taken orally 3 times a day during the week
    the glass. For the preparation of infusion need 2 tablespoons
    Yarrow pour a liter of boiling water, insist.
  • Microclysmosis It is also effective to use
    with sea buckthorn oil or undiluted
    potato juice.
  • Beets and carrots. On a fine grater rubbed
    carrots or red beets, wrapped in cheesecloth and kept on the nodes
    until the pain subsides.
  • Минеральные масла. Make it easier
    effectively eliminate itching when hemorrhoids ordinary mineral oil. On
    dry, clean skin, for example, you can apply glycerin, vaseline,

Diet for hemorrhoids

If a у вас геморрой, диета имеет очень важное значение,
as it is necessary to monitor stool frequency, avoid constipation. AT
the daily diet must be enough
plant food, fiber, vegetable oil, from nutrition
should be excluded: fatty, spicy foods, alcohol, seasonings (see
more diet with hemorrhoids). Very well help regular
bowel emptying: dried apricots, prunes, beets in any form,

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